Canberra’s Best and Worst Bands

tap 19 April 2008 83

As long as we are talking about the best and worst of things, how about bands? Any bands you love? Any you hate? Is the scene good or bad? Im sure a lot of us have a conflict of interest or two when it comes to this subject so if you are going to say that your band is the best, it might be worthwhile to mention if you are in it.

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83 Responses to Canberra’s Best and Worst Bands
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tap tap 12:52 pm 21 Apr 08

So often a musician will have ambition, motivation, a good work ethic, the right look and the right idea, but be lacking seriously in the talent department. That or they have talent, but none of the other things. 😉

Tixylix Tixylix 12:52 pm 21 Apr 08

I remember Retroflex. They were pretty awesome for dudes their age, and funky as all get-out.

I’ll usually show up for a gig with Pod People or Alchemist or Looking Glass, though Hancock Basement sounds interesting. Do they do electro-funk?

Meconium Meconium 12:07 pm 21 Apr 08

btw I’d say Konrad Lenz is EASILY the worst wannabe aging pseudo-poet-musician this town has ever or will ever possess.

he’s got the right attitude I suppose, but tragically, he doesn’t realise how completely shite he is!

Meconium Meconium 12:04 pm 21 Apr 08

Konrad Lenz the best? Are you serious?

Alchemist, Vorn Doolette (One Night Jam), Dahahoo, Hancock Basement, and some of Canberra’s trance/house DJs are pretty good, some pretty internationally recognised too, e.g. Vance Musgrove and Mikah Freeman.

BattleKath BattleKath 10:22 am 21 Apr 08

Best Canberra bands… Barrel of Monkeys, Spoil, Blacklist, Tonk, Inflatable Ingrid, Variodivers.

haven’t really ranked the bands i don’t get into.

RandomGit RandomGit 8:53 am 21 Apr 08

The best I’ve seen is Konrad Lenz and The Spirits of the Dead.

Worst I’ve seen is The Ashburys.

But I haven’t seen as much as I should.

Nickamc Nickamc 9:13 pm 20 Apr 08

“Alchemist for me stands heads and shoulders above everyone else IMHO.”

Oh fuck yeah, completely forgot about Alchemist.

Traitorsgate Traitorsgate 8:57 pm 20 Apr 08

Alchemist for me stands heads and shoulders above everyone else IMHO.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 5:48 pm 20 Apr 08

Looking Glass make some of the best recordings I’ve ever heard from a local band, but live, they can be a bit all over the place (when the guitarist/singer shows up, that is).

Dahahoo, Cas P and Los Caps own the party scene, although I’ve gotta say I sometimes get a bit bored of the whole joy, happy, bounce-around thing.

With interesting/weird/f-ked up sh-t, it’s a toss up between Super Best Friends and Inflatable Ingrid. Hip hop – I’ll give the trophy to Omar Bin Musa, but only because I haven’t heard much of the local hip-hop scene. Big Dave MC is also interesting.

Worst bands – ummm, where do I start? I tend not to remember names if they were noticeably awful. Some of the pop-punk-emo bands in this town are tight, but that’s just polishing a turd. Cool Weapon has a good bass-player, but the singer couldn’t rap his way out of a bag.

kermit kermit 5:37 pm 20 Apr 08

TONK is definately my fave Canbera band.

The Andi & George Band are great too.

swamiOFswank swamiOFswank 5:27 pm 20 Apr 08

suspect mushrooms…and…way hip antelopes

they both really sucked

Thumper Thumper 4:16 pm 20 Apr 08

Hard to say but I once saw some angst ridden teenage punk emo metal band at the Pot Belly last year and they were truly, truly terrible…..

But generally bands are good.

CanberraResident CanberraResident 11:05 am 20 Apr 08

Fluges said :

Um, when I think about it, what does rhyme with “orange”?

haha, nothing rhymes with orange. Purple is another one … I think.

Don’t get out enough to suggest any other bands, sorry folks.

Nickamc Nickamc 10:32 am 20 Apr 08

Hrm.. the worst bands part could cause some contention… best bands I’ve ever seen strut a Canberra stage would be Dahahoo, Australian Kingswood Factory, The Ellis Collective, mightyfew, 4 Dead, Hard Luck, Brisk, Penguin, Super Best Friends, The Henchmen…

Worst bands… can’t say I see much point in pointing out bad local bands though… however Zero Degrees & Falling are really really bad… along with all these whiny teenage metalcore acts that all the kids love so much nowadays. It’s cool to hate.

OpenYourMind2 OpenYourMind2 9:05 am 20 Apr 08

Young & Restless gets my vote. They are a Canberra band and won the 2006 Triple-J unearthed compeitition. They are very much hardcore rock with an amazing amount of energy. The lead singer is a petite sexy asian chick who screams her lungs out and even crowd surfs while she’s singing.
They played at Trackside and while their music wasn’t my style, their live performance was very impressive.

tap tap 10:20 pm 19 Apr 08

Anyone remember the band retroflex? They kicked the arse.

VicePope VicePope 10:07 pm 19 Apr 08

Backbeat Drivers for those with a taste for the blues.

Danman Danman 10:05 pm 19 Apr 08

Best Aussie Folk band in Canberra – The Ellis Collective – Hardcore band 4Dead – a sweet weird funk/metal outfit from the mid 90’s were called aforafro (A for Afro) and another band called salio ku6io (kusixeo)

Bring back the gyp(sy) bar – that place rocked.

Worst band ever was my band – we never got out of my mates garage and he had to learn drums to be our drummer and he was still fairly ordinary. Bass player brought a bass to be in teh band, but he could not play it either.

We were called Pez and had one song we called sh*t

Was my idea because I always had a dream of getting on stage and saying Hi we’re pez and this song is sh*t

I kid you not… I was 16 at the time 🙂

Worst. Band. Ever.

Fluges Fluges 9:35 pm 19 Apr 08

Um, when I think about it, what does rhyme with “orange”?

CanberraResident CanberraResident 6:40 pm 19 Apr 08

Saw a band years ago called “Rhymes with Orange”. Changed their name to “The Hit Mechanics”, and now they’re back to their original name from what I’ve heard on radio.

Great covers band. We haven’t seen them for a while, but they sounded great. Oh, and I’ve been asked to say they look great too (that’s the wife’s input).

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