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Canberra’s best iced/hot chocolate

By Jazz 13 February 2008 37

I dont drink coffee.

I’ve never really aquired a taste for it and am always amused when i get invited out for a coffee as inevtiably i’ll order a hot chocolate instead. Lucky for me that most coffee shops also sell hot chocolates (funny how we call them that, coffee shops almost invariably sell far more than coffee). I suppose that like coffee, there is a great deal of variability in what makes a good hot/iced chocolate such as things like powdered or real chocolate, how bitter it is, how much froth and that sort of thing.

The best hot chocolate i’ve had in canberra was a belgian hot chocolate from Koko Black. I really enjoyed that you could stand a spoon up in it, but then the richness of theirs is not for everyone (if you havent had one its kind of like a mousse only not quite as set). Strangely enough the worst Iced chocolate i’ve had, was also from the same place. It was far too bitter.

In your opinion what makes up a great iced/hot chocolate and where do you go to get one?

What’s Your opinion?

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Canberra’s best iced/hot chocolate
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peterthomas 5:23 pm 18 Feb 08

I have never try hot chocolate from The Cook & Grocer (Gungahlin) but I had a flat white the other day, it was horrible and worse in gungahlin but most expensive too. $3.50 for a regular cup……

Danman 10:36 pm 15 Feb 08

$4 is reasonable – but not for a thimble of liquid as is the case at current cafe…

caf 6:30 pm 15 Feb 08

MyCafe in Manuka (not sure about the new one in Civic) do a bang-up range of smoothies, including banana. And yeah, $4 is cheap…

el ......VNBerlinaV8 5:35 pm 15 Feb 08

I’ll suss ’em out Danman (I’m there several times a week anyway) – $4 is *cheap* by today’s standards, sadly enough. Cheers.

Danman 5:31 pm 15 Feb 08

el – I think you will find that the smoothies at My Coffee Cup in mort street are very good.

At 4 bucks a pop though you do not wanna skull em.

Skidbladnir 4:06 pm 15 Feb 08

If thats the case, I can name four drains that are in immediate need of some attention from TAMS, I shall have to set about developing a sufficiently whingey post to get them cleaned.

One of them had a dead baby pig in its blocked-up rubbish about a fortnight ago.

ETA: whenever I can be bothered to take a camera when out and about.

Jazz 3:58 pm 15 Feb 08

could be just a changing demographic of submissions Skid, You’ve got to remember that JB was also managing this as a full time gig. The remainder of us have to fit it in between our day jobs and families.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 11:08 pm 14 Feb 08

What about smoothies? Hard to get a consistently good, cold banana smoothie I’ve found.

Proud Local 11:05 pm 14 Feb 08

Being a self-confessed iced-chocolate/coffee connoisseur, the best iced chocolate I have had in Canberra is at Gus’s cafe.

Have not been to Koko Black yet but keep meaning to. Only time I tried it was completely full. Everyone seems to rave about the place though.

Does anyone else hate it when they put in large chunks of ICE instead of ice cream? A travesty I say and never go back if they do this.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 6:50 pm 14 Feb 08

No, the font’s different!

Skidbladnir 5:08 pm 14 Feb 08

Does anyone else find it strange\disheartening that RiotACT has gone from being all
“Where is the worst case of TAMS dropping the ball in terms of cleaning drains\ACT Housing rorts\local courts coverage” under Johnboy to
“Help, the poor chickenman will never see a profit again!” or “Where is a good place for hot chocolate\pies\pizza”?

JD114 1:46 pm 14 Feb 08

Eh, you want the besta hotta chocolate inna Canberra? Easy… but you gotta wait for a hot day. Go to the chocolate shop in Centrepoint opposite the merry go round and get about 8 of their rich dark handmade liqueur truffles, then trot over the way to the Oven Door and pick up a 600ml of milk. Trot over to Barstucks and purchase a drink in hot chocolate in a china mug. Tip their chocolate out and leave the mug filled with the chocolates as well as the milk in the sun for half an hour. Once the chocolates have melted in the mug tip in your solar heated milk and bob’s your uncle. Delish! If it’s not hot enough, you can hit on one of the hot chicks in the Oven Door to heat it in their microwave to add that little more zest.

Special G 12:19 pm 14 Feb 08

All depends on who you get making it – I havn’t ever found a consistant place for coffee/chocolate hot or iced.

Mrs G reckons 1.5 lindt balls in a mug of hot milk is the go.

s-s-a 10:54 am 14 Feb 08

Italian Hot Chocolate at the deli in Fyshwick Markets – it’s like a cup of soft fudge and waaaaay too much for one person (IMO).

Koko Black iced chocolate is super rich and creamy and not at all like Cottees topping and milk.

Don’t ask for a hot chocolate at Dobinsons unless you want Cottees topping and warm milk – YUK!

It used to $hit me to tears when I lived in Perth that all the coffee shops there make iced chocolate with topping, milk and ice. You don’t get ice cream and/or cream unless you ask/beg for it and even then they usually charged me extra!!

la mente torbida 9:50 am 14 Feb 08

Off topic….how good are Koko Black’s Chilli Truffles? Maybe more addictive than ice

la mente torbida 9:48 am 14 Feb 08

Simply, Koko Black is on the outside of the new shopping centre in Bunda Street….diagonally opposite Gus’s

Holden Caulfield 11:36 pm 13 Feb 08


Koko Black is on Bunda Street in Civic, just near the escalator up to Dendy.

More info here:

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