Canberra’s best Sushi- Mee’s Sushi

lenny 17 June 2008 22

For as long as I can remember I have always considered Sizzle Bento to be the best place in Canberra to get good takeaway sushi- how wrong I was.

As a work colleague would not stop raving about the sushi at a place in Manuka called Mee’s Sushi, I decided this weekend I would head out and see what the hype was all about.

Mee’s sushi is located around the corner from Verve, next to Kismet Turkish. If sushi isn’t your thing they have a good menu selection with all the Japanese favourites such as bento boxes, udon soups, teriyaki, and tempura at reasonable prices. But I did not try any of these as this visit was all about the famed sushi.

After some tough choices I ordered 4 hand rolls, as I was starving and it was dinner, I ended up getting teriyaki chicken, grilled eel, salmon avocado and cooked tuna.

I can confidently say this was the best sushi I have had in a long time. The rolls were jam packed full of filling and much larger than your regular hand roll.

Each hand roll was $3- an absolute bargain. Two rolls would be more then enough for lunch.

Unfortunately as I work in Woden, Sizzle Bento will have to do for most of the time, but if you haven’t tried it already, I can highly recommend Mee’s sushi.

Mee’s Sushi
Shop4/ 1 Flinders Way Griffith 2603
(02) 6295 7442
Open Mon- Sat 9.30 am – 9.30 pm

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22 Responses to Canberra’s best Sushi- Mee’s Sushi
Granny Granny 5:57 pm 29 Mar 09

Obviously a case of mistaken identity, but I won’t be going there in case I look like somebody who raped her uncle’s cat.

What a psycho!

go3zone go3zone 5:37 pm 29 Mar 09

I was just in Sizzle Bento in Garema Place and had the most awful dining experience and it had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the food! When I went to pay for what I had eaten the manager their started abusing me and yelling at me in front of the other customers and saying I had shortchanged her a few months ago when I was in there cause I was very drunk! I was so upset and embarrassed and absolutely mystified by this because not only was I living and working in Sydney at that time (and no where near Canberra) but she said I was in their with a child and I don’t even have a child! Not to mention the fact that I don’t even drink and have never short changed anyone in my life.

Needless to say I will be going elsewhere for my sushi from now on.

Katie Katie 2:16 pm 23 Oct 08

Today I tried the new sushi place, sushi sushi, in the Canberra centre opposite Supabarn. A bit of a line had formed front but fast, friendly service meant I was at the front in no time at all.

I had the chicken teriyaki and the avocado with cucumber hand rolls. I’ve had mee’s sushi and in my opinion this tops that easy. Fresh, ripe avocado in both the veg and the chicken option. Chicken cooked to perfection with no nasty bits (like sizzle bento often has). Priced at $2.20 each, slightly smaller than the sizzle bento rolls but worth it a hundred times over for the quality of ingredients. I got take away but they also have an eat in option and the place was packed. Highly recommended!

ladylethal ladylethal 2:15 pm 21 Jun 08

I work across the road from Mee’s and love the sushi. Definitely the best for the price. Btw Wasabi does do takeaway, sushi as well, way nicer than Mee’s but way more expensive too.

croakes croakes 5:32 pm 18 Jun 08

I can’t wait until yellow fin tuna fishing season starts again. Straight out of the ocean and onto a plate. Sunset Fireworks

Kramer Kramer 1:25 pm 17 Jun 08

I usually eat sushi as a fast food (hence why SB makes my list – also I’ve never had bad sushi from them), so I won’t go for the fancy eat in Japanese restaurants, but I’ll have to give Iori a go next time.

I had ramen at Wagamama’s last week – nothing too special there. Next time I’m going for noodles…

zagons zagons 12:43 pm 17 Jun 08

I had ramen at Mees and I got two minute noodles! The udon is great at Iori, but I hate to say it….Wagamama’s Salmon Ramen is more than edible!!!

Queenie Queenie 9:14 pm 16 Jun 08

Very important question – Does Mee’s serve ramen?

We ate at Tasuke’s a little while ago, we had soba and yakitori. I wasn’t impressed, frankly. The soba noodles were doughy and unpleasant and the chicken was abslutely feral. I couldn’t eat it. I like good Japanese food, but that wasn’t it. Maybe I chose the wrong dish though!

astrojax astrojax 7:59 pm 16 Jun 08

yes, tasuke does takeaway – a fabulous idea for a swank party nibbles option. s’nice.

RuffnReady RuffnReady 7:35 pm 16 Jun 08

I spent two year in Japan and Iyori is definitely the most authentic Japanese in Canberra.

What I miss is Japanese ramen – I’m yet to find a place that makes a decent spicy miso ramen with piri-kara and cha-shu.

grundy grundy 5:14 pm 16 Jun 08

“Hate to be rude, but if you think Sizzle Bento is one of the best in town…you have problems!! Iori and Tasuke are definitely the best.”

I was thinking the same thing.

After having spent all of April in Japan, even Iori seemed a bit dull!

But to say Sizzle Bento was the best??? I can’t eat sushi from anywhere but Iori anymore!

el el 3:40 pm 16 Jun 08

Aurelius: It’s gotta be the RiotACT for sure.

Iori gets my vote for sushi, I had one of the best lunches ever there.

Aurelius Aurelius 3:20 pm 16 Jun 08

When are we going to get the “Best website in Canberra for ‘Best ______ in Canberra’ lists” thread?

zagons zagons 3:14 pm 16 Jun 08

Iori does takeaway

lenny lenny 3:12 pm 16 Jun 08

I was only reviewing takeaway sushi, Iori and Wasabi in my opinion are the best japanese in canberra, but I doubt either do takeaway?

zagons zagons 2:55 pm 16 Jun 08

Hate to be rude, but if you think Sizzle Bento is one of the best in town…you have problems!! Iori and Tasuke are definitely the best. Mees is great, except for the two minute noodles in their udons.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 1:50 pm 16 Jun 08

I do agree that Mees is the best sushi in Canberra. Large, tasty and all served with a friendly smile. I am one of the regular strollers that wander from Barton across to Manuka daily for my fill of sushi.

Kramer Kramer 1:14 pm 16 Jun 08

I reckon my favourites are Sizzle Bento and Hahn Sushi – although I reckon the sushi and sashimi always tastes better when you are eating it off a train, conveyor belt, or naked woman.

lenny lenny 1:07 pm 16 Jun 08

I have dined there a few times, for sushi I would put Mee’s in front, do they do takeaway sushi at Tasuke?

astrojax astrojax 12:58 pm 16 Jun 08

so, not been to tasuke, in the civic interchange, then? easily best nippon tucker in town.

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