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Lake Burley Griffin’s first inflatable water park takes shape for Saturday launch

Dominic Giannini 6 November 2019 125
inflatable water park

A section of the water park set up this week. Photos: Supplied.

Lake Burley Griffin’s first inflatable water park is set to make a splash this weekend when it officially opens on Saturday off Black Mountain Peninsula at 10am.

The park has been taking shape this week with the operators inflating sections and fixing them in place on the water.

Park manager David Watts says the climate over summer makes the inflatable park the perfect attraction for Canberrans looking to experience something different and get out on the lake to beat the heat.

“We are very hopeful that Canberra will respond to the aqua park as it’s generating a lot of interest on social media and we hope that will translate to people coming out and having fun on the lake,” Mr Watts says.

While algae and water quality have been points of contention for locals, Mr Watts says that there is no risk to the public.

“We’re not concerned about algae. The water is tested every week by the National Capital Authority (NCA) and we’re guided by the Government,” he says. “If there is an issue, and water quality is deemed not safe, then the park will be closed.”

The park has sessions every hour between 10am and 4pm, with a maximum of 100 people per session. The aqua park is expecting 500-600 people on its opening day this Saturday, with six lifeguards employed to ensure the safety of patrons.

Day 3 done. Still a bit to go but we will be ready for our grand opening on Saturday. Get on board at

Posted by Canberra Aqua Park on Tuesday, 5 November 2019

“There will be a minimum of three lifeguards at any time, and that will be ramped up to six when the park is at full capacity,” Mr Watts says. “All participants have to wear a supplied life jacket for their own safety.”

The Canberra Aqua Park hasn’t been without controversy, with the NCA approving it back in August, despite considerable opposition.

Out of 123 written submissions, 65 opposed the water park and 34 wanted the park in a different location. Submissions from Radford College, Rowing ACT and Triathlon ACT all flagged the possibility of the park interrupting their activities on the lake.

The key concerns raised against the application included poor water quality, insufficient parking and amenities, as well as potential clashes with events such as triathlons.

The NCA denied that the park would interrupt other activities.

“The aqua park will occupy a small portion of the of the water surface area within the buoyed swimming beach (approximately 37 per cent) which leaves the majority of space (63 per cent) open to public use, including access to the additional fenced children’s area,” the consultation report said.

“The proposal is unlikely to impact on the nearby rowing sheds, sited approximately 135 metres away from the closest shed.”

The consultation report said that the NCA believed the swim leg of the triathlon and rowing regattas were located outside the swimming beach buoy line.

“The NCA considers that multiple events can occur concurrently at Black Mountain Peninsula, and a large component of the buoyed swimming area remains accessible to the public and for event use,” the report says.

“Therefore, the NCA does not expect any conflicts between scheduled events and the aqua park operation.”

The aqua park is set to run from November through until April, with NCA chief Sally Barnes welcoming additional summer activity on Lake Burley Griffin.

“The NCA is keen to see more community use of Lake Burley Griffin and this trial along with the hopeful reactivation of the pedal boats on the lake in the future, will continue to activate the lake for locals and visitors to our fabulous national capital,” she said back in August.

“This is a trial and we recognise the community’s views and we will continue to work with the Canberra community and stakeholders that utilise this part of the lake for sporting and recreational purposes to ensure that this site is managed for multi-use.”

A wetsuit might be advised, with the Bureau forecasting a partly cloudy day with a minimum of 1C and maximum of just 17C.

Prices start at $20 for a 50-minute Aqua Park session (plus a 10-minute safety briefing). The Aqua Park is located at Lake Burley Griffin, Black Mountain Peninsula, Garryowen Drive, Acton.

To learn more, visit Canberra Aqua Park.

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125 Responses to Lake Burley Griffin’s first inflatable water park takes shape for Saturday launch
Robina O'Neill Kefford Robina O'Neill Kefford 7:31 pm 06 Nov 19

Swimming in the algae sound great!!!

    Karen Burns-Jansen Karen Burns-Jansen 8:32 pm 08 Nov 19

    Robina O'Neill Kefford and swan poo and heavy metals 😱

One-Race Moore One-Race Moore 7:24 pm 06 Nov 19

My mate Giacomo Bones Hargreaves falls in all the time. We have noticed a slight decrease in intelligence, but other than that he’s been fine. Water is safe

    Giacomo Bones Hargreaves Giacomo Bones Hargreaves 7:48 pm 06 Nov 19

    One-Race Moore na I ain’t heard that

Susie Campbell Susie Campbell 7:09 pm 06 Nov 19

I’m all for this but cmon Canberra surely you can do better than that. This is the one we went to in Melbourne it catered for the large numbers that this will no doubt attract!!!!!

    Matty Evans Matty Evans 8:44 pm 06 Nov 19

    Susie Campbell too many snowflakes with broken bones stopped that in the capital

    Laura Bew Laura Bew 10:15 pm 06 Nov 19

    Susie Campbell it’s only partly setup. It will be the same.

    Shevy Nova Shevy Nova 11:05 pm 06 Nov 19

    We have to compete with the draw of Batemans Bay though 🤣

    Susie Campbell Susie Campbell 12:45 am 07 Nov 19

    Laura Bew then it will be amaze balls the kids had so much fun!

    Susie Campbell Susie Campbell 9:38 pm 09 Nov 19

    Laura Bew unfortunately had a sticky beak today it’s not even close 😒 still looks fun but won’t be able to cater for a large number of peeps

Cary Elliot Johnson Cary Elliot Johnson 6:39 pm 06 Nov 19

It'll last one weekend after someone falls off, sustains a minor injury and organizers go into damage mode due to exorbitant insurance liabilities.

Loftie Croftie Loftie Croftie 6:37 pm 06 Nov 19

Isn’t that water full of algae?

    Ranj Agarwal Ranj Agarwal 7:15 pm 06 Nov 19

    Loftie Croftie just don't fall in the water

    Ranj Agarwal Ranj Agarwal 9:03 pm 06 Nov 19

    Loftie Croftie that can be arranged 🍺🍻🍺

    Emma Chan Emma Chan 3:03 pm 07 Nov 19

    Not full of algae yet. That happens, oh, about when it gets warm enough to swim.

Andy Irons Andy Irons 6:28 pm 06 Nov 19

Samantha Jayne Irons Alex Irons lets do this!!

Kyla Morris Kyla Morris 6:26 pm 06 Nov 19

Emily Mary-Jane would the kids be interested in this?

    Emily Liddicoat Emily Liddicoat 8:06 pm 06 Nov 19

    Kyla Morris i wanna do this! 🤸‍♀️

    Mary-Jane Liddicoat Mary-Jane Liddicoat 4:51 pm 08 Nov 19

    Kyla Morris kids for sure. Last time I tried one of these it was soooooo funny .. enough laughs for a lifetime

Kristy Greenwood Kristy Greenwood 5:55 pm 06 Nov 19

Krista Wood Noah and I thought this sounded fun

Liyana Tai Liyana Tai 5:50 pm 06 Nov 19

Tiara Perdana Sari Joms? Hahaha

Kimberley Lloyd Kimberley Lloyd 5:42 pm 06 Nov 19

Why do I feel though I was still tickets will be too crowded and not much fun

Matt Burley Matt Burley 5:40 pm 06 Nov 19

Tammy ~ This is one place we’re not going 🧒🏼🧒🏼🧒🏼🤬🤬🤬

    Toni Frost Toni Frost 9:51 am 07 Nov 19

    Matt Burley chicken!!! 🤣

    Tammy Fitzgerald Tammy Fitzgerald 10:49 am 07 Nov 19

    Toni ~ no Frosty we just don’t like kids ! 😜

    Matt Burley Matt Burley 10:53 am 07 Nov 19

    Toni ~ Scared of kids 😱 yes, unashamedly...

    Toni Frost Toni Frost 11:11 am 07 Nov 19

    Matt Burley haha! That’s what I meant .. big chicken scared of kids!! 🤣🤣

Chris Caruana Chris Caruana 5:36 pm 06 Nov 19

Noah Cairnduff before surgery?

Paula Ogilvie Paula Ogilvie 5:30 pm 06 Nov 19

Melinda Ogilvie Matt Ogilvie - look what you just missed out on!

Nick Fekete Nick Fekete 5:30 pm 06 Nov 19

Simon Mead Simon Mead 5:19 pm 06 Nov 19

Bily-ana end of work function

Nicole Herberts Nicole Herberts 5:16 pm 06 Nov 19

Linda Wright, this could be something the boys would enjoy?

Kristina Chami Kristina Chami 5:16 pm 06 Nov 19

Dan - I forgot to ask you if you are going to go on this?

Jake O'connell Jake O'connell 5:08 pm 06 Nov 19

Ashley Stirling still don’t know if I’d get in that water tbh

Karen Milsom Karen Milsom 4:50 pm 06 Nov 19

Natalie Silver try this ?

    Natalie Silver Natalie Silver 5:46 pm 06 Nov 19

    Karen Milsom we’ll come and watch you guys!

Josh Bianchini Josh Bianchini 4:49 pm 06 Nov 19

Bella Tammaro I’ll push you in the water 🤮

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