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Lake Burley Griffin’s first inflatable water park takes shape for Saturday launch

Dominic Giannini 6 November 2019 125
inflatable water park

A section of the water park set up this week. Photos: Supplied.

Lake Burley Griffin’s first inflatable water park is set to make a splash this weekend when it officially opens on Saturday off Black Mountain Peninsula at 10am.

The park has been taking shape this week with the operators inflating sections and fixing them in place on the water.

Park manager David Watts says the climate over summer makes the inflatable park the perfect attraction for Canberrans looking to experience something different and get out on the lake to beat the heat.

“We are very hopeful that Canberra will respond to the aqua park as it’s generating a lot of interest on social media and we hope that will translate to people coming out and having fun on the lake,” Mr Watts says.

While algae and water quality have been points of contention for locals, Mr Watts says that there is no risk to the public.

“We’re not concerned about algae. The water is tested every week by the National Capital Authority (NCA) and we’re guided by the Government,” he says. “If there is an issue, and water quality is deemed not safe, then the park will be closed.”

The park has sessions every hour between 10am and 4pm, with a maximum of 100 people per session. The aqua park is expecting 500-600 people on its opening day this Saturday, with six lifeguards employed to ensure the safety of patrons.

Day 3 done. Still a bit to go but we will be ready for our grand opening on Saturday. Get on board at

Posted by Canberra Aqua Park on Tuesday, 5 November 2019

“There will be a minimum of three lifeguards at any time, and that will be ramped up to six when the park is at full capacity,” Mr Watts says. “All participants have to wear a supplied life jacket for their own safety.”

The Canberra Aqua Park hasn’t been without controversy, with the NCA approving it back in August, despite considerable opposition.

Out of 123 written submissions, 65 opposed the water park and 34 wanted the park in a different location. Submissions from Radford College, Rowing ACT and Triathlon ACT all flagged the possibility of the park interrupting their activities on the lake.

The key concerns raised against the application included poor water quality, insufficient parking and amenities, as well as potential clashes with events such as triathlons.

The NCA denied that the park would interrupt other activities.

“The aqua park will occupy a small portion of the of the water surface area within the buoyed swimming beach (approximately 37 per cent) which leaves the majority of space (63 per cent) open to public use, including access to the additional fenced children’s area,” the consultation report said.

“The proposal is unlikely to impact on the nearby rowing sheds, sited approximately 135 metres away from the closest shed.”

The consultation report said that the NCA believed the swim leg of the triathlon and rowing regattas were located outside the swimming beach buoy line.

“The NCA considers that multiple events can occur concurrently at Black Mountain Peninsula, and a large component of the buoyed swimming area remains accessible to the public and for event use,” the report says.

“Therefore, the NCA does not expect any conflicts between scheduled events and the aqua park operation.”

The aqua park is set to run from November through until April, with NCA chief Sally Barnes welcoming additional summer activity on Lake Burley Griffin.

“The NCA is keen to see more community use of Lake Burley Griffin and this trial along with the hopeful reactivation of the pedal boats on the lake in the future, will continue to activate the lake for locals and visitors to our fabulous national capital,” she said back in August.

“This is a trial and we recognise the community’s views and we will continue to work with the Canberra community and stakeholders that utilise this part of the lake for sporting and recreational purposes to ensure that this site is managed for multi-use.”

A wetsuit might be advised, with the Bureau forecasting a partly cloudy day with a minimum of 1C and maximum of just 17C.

Prices start at $20 for a 50-minute Aqua Park session (plus a 10-minute safety briefing). The Aqua Park is located at Lake Burley Griffin, Black Mountain Peninsula, Garryowen Drive, Acton.

To learn more, visit Canberra Aqua Park.

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125 Responses to Lake Burley Griffin’s first inflatable water park takes shape for Saturday launch
John Hynes John Hynes 12:54 pm 07 Nov 19

Was it constructed and erected in a sustainable manner?

Ben Barber Ben Barber 11:57 am 07 Nov 19

Caitlin Kenyon-Slade perfect timing

Andrew Brien Andrew Brien 7:10 am 07 Nov 19

free middle ear infection with every ticket 😂

    George Taz George Taz 8:08 am 07 Nov 19

    Andrew Brien looking forward to days off work, count me in

Tara Davison Tara Davison 12:25 am 07 Nov 19

Daniel Wood Cahira will LOVE this

Halcyon Window Halcyon Window 11:17 pm 06 Nov 19

It’s still winter in cbr

    Jill Brown Jill Brown 6:26 am 07 Nov 19

    Halcyon Window im a bit sceptical about the water quality? Oh and the temperature ❄

Jenna James Jenna James 10:35 pm 06 Nov 19

Daniel shame the water is full of carp and their poo! 🤢🤮🤮

    Daniel Zagar Daniel Zagar 7:19 am 07 Nov 19

    Jenna James I'd be more worried about blue green algae

    Jenna James Jenna James 7:12 pm 07 Nov 19

    Daniel Zagar they said they test it each week so no drama lol

    Rob Brown Rob Brown 11:59 pm 09 Nov 19

    Haven't seen anyone mention the arsenic buildup further up near the causeway?

Laylz Francesca Laylz Francesca 10:10 pm 06 Nov 19

Rebecca Courtney Max Hayes-Burnett Brigette Weir Zebedee Job-Bliss whomst in??? ?!?!?!?!

Talulah Gaunt Talulah Gaunt 9:39 pm 06 Nov 19

Katrina Rolls Nikki van Ruiten Sara No H Davey Sarah Babington day our ?

Martin Kilpatrick Martin Kilpatrick 9:24 pm 06 Nov 19

Looks great but I think the algae will ruin it

    Debbie Thomsen Debbie Thomsen 6:49 pm 07 Nov 19

    Martin Kilpatrick what algae? It doesn't bloom in the winter and ALOT of work has gone on recently to minimise its return. My guess is you don't actually see the lake much.

    Martin Kilpatrick Martin Kilpatrick 7:36 pm 07 Nov 19

    Debbie Thomsen We'll see

Bernadette Kuljanac Bernadette Kuljanac 9:01 pm 06 Nov 19

Nick Topić you excited?! 🤮

    Nick Topić Nick Topić 9:04 pm 06 Nov 19

    Bernadette Kuljanac it's only a little bit of blue-green algae

    Bernadette Kuljanac Bernadette Kuljanac 9:05 pm 06 Nov 19

    Nick Topić just a little bit too much! ☠

    Nick Topić Nick Topić 9:07 pm 06 Nov 19

    Bernadette Kuljanac look I get it you qlders are better than us, so you think

Melinda Gonczarek Melinda Gonczarek 8:56 pm 06 Nov 19

Elise - wonder if our older kids would like this 🤔

Pen e Lope Pen e Lope 8:51 pm 06 Nov 19

Does that mean people have stopped using chemicals on their lawns?

Jeremiah Beatty Jeremiah Beatty 8:50 pm 06 Nov 19

Please leave a 1.5 meter gap while passing

Annette Lee Annette Lee 8:46 pm 06 Nov 19

Is it plastic? Is it recyclable?

Michael Caruana Michael Caruana 8:42 pm 06 Nov 19

Luke Bicket looks interesting

Karina Curwain Karina Curwain 8:41 pm 06 Nov 19

It does state in article that if there were risks in regards to algae they'd close the park. I have to try this! Beth Mansfield

Jo Madsen Jo Madsen 8:28 pm 06 Nov 19

🤔.... first waterpark?? I swear many moons ago ( in the 80’s) there was a big inflatable worm/ caterpillar that sat on Lake Burley Griffin. Inside there were things to bop, crawl under, jump over etc.

Georgia Colbertaldo Georgia Colbertaldo 8:04 pm 06 Nov 19

Let's go and pretend to be kids again :)))))) Chiara Passari

Klaudia Osztrenkovics Klaudia Osztrenkovics 7:43 pm 06 Nov 19

Bec Lynch lets try it haha

Patty Antony Patty Antony 7:43 pm 06 Nov 19

Jon Stumbles might be a bit cold this weekend

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