Canberra’s gay beats

johnboy 31 October 2006 104 (definitely not safe for work) have compiled lists of gay beats from all over the world. In the interests of helping RA’s own gay community, while giving the rest of us a better idea where to avoid, here’s their list (can’t link to the search but here’s a pdf) of Canberra venues for gay cruising:

First of all the toilets:

Grace Bros. Level 2 [ED – In ANY of the Myer stores?]
Charnwood Public Toilets
University of Canberra [ED – the whole uni?]
Black Mountain Lookout Toilets
Hughes Shops Public Toilet
Toilets behind Kippax Fair
Dickson Shops Public Toilet
Chifley Library – ANU
Copland Building – ANU
Woden Interchange
Mawson Shops
Kambah Village Shopping Centre
Maryborough St Fyshwick

Then there’s the gyms:

Oasis Leisure Centre Pool
Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre (CISAC)
Deakin Health Spa
Belconnen Community Centre

Only two parks are favoured:

Black Mountain Peninsula
Fyshwick Wetlands

And of Canberra’s very limited beach areas it seems Kambah Pool is favoured.

So now you know.

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104 Responses to Canberra’s gay beats
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Classified Classified 4:00 pm 27 Oct 11

Why are so many of the gay beats toilets?

TheDancingDjinn TheDancingDjinn 3:56 pm 27 Oct 11

TheDancingDjinn said :

RandomGit said :

Woody, I had that exact experience at middle head in Sydney once, exploring around the old artillery site then down to the beach below. Swarm upon swarm of rock spiders.

You’re aware that the term “Rock Spider” is for people with a sexual attraction to children ? I’m pretty sure being gay isn’t the same thing as being a Pedo…

awwwww i hate when i am tricked into thinking that it’s a new thread i’m commenting on!!!

TheDancingDjinn TheDancingDjinn 3:54 pm 27 Oct 11

RandomGit said :

Woody, I had that exact experience at middle head in Sydney once, exploring around the old artillery site then down to the beach below. Swarm upon swarm of rock spiders.

You’re aware that the term “Rock Spider” is for people with a sexual attraction to children ? I’m pretty sure being gay isn’t the same thing as being a Pedo…

RKLT RKLT 2:57 pm 27 Oct 11

johnboy – you didnt know what you started did you?

I work in St Kilda (Melbourne) now & frankly see & run into the working girls, and boys, and trannies, regularly. They are commercial and mostly legal. Seeing boys meeting in a Public Toilet hardly seems news. And the reason these places are mostly off the track (the beaten path indeed) and patronised at odd hours is precisely so it doesnt interfere or offend the wider population.

Canberra used to be more broad-minded

steve0054 steve0054 1:48 pm 07 Apr 11

the best beat is at diddams close , diddams park , belconnen

Danman Danman 4:19 pm 02 Jul 07

thooper and thankth for athking

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 3:07 pm 02 Jul 07

Every time I see something like that expressed, the words “methinks he doth protest too much” spring to mind…

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:33 pm 02 Jul 07

hehe big gay dave

Danman Danman 1:57 pm 02 Jul 07

“big” dave eh ?

With a name like that its just invitimg homosexual activity.

Whats with the homophobia on such an old thread ?

BigDave BigDave 1:03 pm 02 Jul 07

If any of those fags ever come near me they’ll regret it.

adam45 adam45 3:20 pm 16 Jan 07

If gay people weren’t forced to hide their feelings, if they didn’t get bashed up by heterosexuals for kissing each other in public, then they would not resort to these kinds of underground, hidden activites in undesirable places, would they? i’m not blaming the entire heterosexual population for the behaviour of gay men, but it’s a pretty logical observation to make. why don’t you all just fuck off and be glad you can live your lives without worrying about being bashed up all the time, like some of us have to!?

And if heterosexual males could go to a place where they could get some quick, easy, free, anonymous and exciting sex with a girl, i don’t know, call me crazy, but somehow I think they would do it. i think u are all a bit jealous. I have been going to beats since I was a 14 yr old confused young guy and in 13 years, have never caused any kids or hetero’s any harm. If there are kids around, you just don’t do it – almost all gay men who use beats would agree with this. It IS hard to meet other guys. Contrary to some of the posts above, we only have one gay club and one gay sex venue in Canberra, and they have their own problems and are not favourite places of a lot of gay men. Considering the fucked up way that gay people are treated a lot of the time, in school, at work etc, it’s hard to feel guilty about what i do. i don’t want to meet people online for many reasons, mostly they are often dishonest or creepy or not what you expect. Unlike most people, unless I want to go to Cube, the one club which is always full of the same awful people, I have nowhere to pick up, unlike straight people who have every single club or pub in the city as an option. and at least it’s being done behind a closed door, unlike the straight couple who were clearly fucking right next to me and heaps of little kids in the river at the Cotter on the weekend! They were really going for it under the water, i was like, wow…is she really….yes, she is! look at his face! etc etc i guess there are probably some men who leave the places filthy – i agree that’s crap behaviour – (although most public toilets are hard to make dirtier than they already are). anyway – if there are kids around, if a straight guy is waiting to use the stall i’m in, then i get the fuck outta there. but if it aint’ hurting anyone else, if no one else is around, then really, why the fuck do any of you care?

As for that Squirt list – there are really only 3 or maybe 4 places on there which are regular, established beats. Don’t worry guys – not every guy in your local public toilet is out to get you.

Indi Indi 3:44 pm 06 Nov 06

hancock library, david jones and 12 Mort St – why???

Danman Danman 4:50 pm 03 Nov 06 or whatever got a bad wrap a few months back because one of teh toilets in its list was used to rape and murder a young girl in a shopping mall. The 2 incidents are totally unrelated but still a stigma huh. I try and remember a unwound paper clip and a lighter when using public toilets – heat unwound paperclip with lighter and poke through hole on seeing an eyeball.

May go to Blakc Mountain Peninsula tonight with my 300mm zoom a tripod and a sun gun – see what I can see from the security of the far carpark – anyone wanna be my bodyguard ?

PS Re that list – may as well just list every damn public toilet in canberra – dirty people*

*not a generalisation on homosexuals – a generalisation on people – both sexes – who prefer public toilet sex.

Like I said in an earlier post – I have gay friends who are in a stable relationship – they call the toillet trollers the “Queer as folk” generation of homosexuals.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 2:07 pm 03 Nov 06

A mate told me about going into the Copland Blg gents at ANU, and seeing a maintinence guy putting up a steel-clad wall between the cubicles. Apparently he said “If they can poke a hold in this, good luck to ’em”.

el el 1:37 pm 03 Nov 06

Well, as someone who has to use “ANU Canberra Gents toilets” on a daily basis, labelling the whole campus is probably a bit of a stretch.

simto simto 1:24 pm 03 Nov 06

It’s unlikely to be “18 males with no connection to one another cause affray”. It is, however, very likely to be “bulldogs cause affray” (to pick an utterly hypothetical football team – I’m sure absolutely no teams by that name have ever done anything even remotely wrong). While you’re still generalising (one member of the team may have been back at the hotel room, praying and organising food collections for the poor), you’re at least generalising based on the behaviour of a fairly representative sample.

Maybe I’m willfully ignorant, but I don’t see any evidence that the toilet pokers are a representative sample of all homosexuals.

On other matters – I’ve been to at least two places on that list a couple of times (Tuggernong Public Library and Deakin Health Spa) and nobody’s ever hit on me once. I don’t know whether to be offended or relieved…

snahon snahon 1:09 pm 03 Nov 06

Maybe “Adam and Eve” should rename themselves to “Adam and Adam”.

terubo terubo 11:28 am 03 Nov 06

I’d put my top journalarst on the job…

bonfire bonfire 11:22 am 03 Nov 06

this sounds like a job for SGS and his investigative unit. after that expose on black and gold labelling, this is just the sort of thing hes ready for.

is he ready to put his arse on the line for journalism ?

Absent Diane Absent Diane 11:03 am 03 Nov 06

now there is a doco in the making.. 38 encounters of a public kind.

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