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Canberra’s gay beats

By johnboy - 31 October 2006 104 (definitely not safe for work) have compiled lists of gay beats from all over the world. In the interests of helping RA’s own gay community, while giving the rest of us a better idea where to avoid, here’s their list (can’t link to the search but here’s a pdf) of Canberra venues for gay cruising:

First of all the toilets:

Grace Bros. Level 2 [ED – In ANY of the Myer stores?]
Charnwood Public Toilets
University of Canberra [ED – the whole uni?]
Black Mountain Lookout Toilets
Hughes Shops Public Toilet
Toilets behind Kippax Fair
Dickson Shops Public Toilet
Chifley Library – ANU
Copland Building – ANU
Woden Interchange
Mawson Shops
Kambah Village Shopping Centre
Maryborough St Fyshwick

Then there’s the gyms:

Oasis Leisure Centre Pool
Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre (CISAC)
Deakin Health Spa
Belconnen Community Centre

Only two parks are favoured:

Black Mountain Peninsula
Fyshwick Wetlands

And of Canberra’s very limited beach areas it seems Kambah Pool is favoured.

So now you know.

What’s Your opinion?

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104 Responses to
Canberra’s gay beats
FC 2:32 pm 31 Oct 06

“There are at least two cruising lounges (f*ck clubs) in Canberra where the beat experience can be had without offending others, there’s no need for the whole public toilet routine. ”
What, at fyshwick??
Do you mean like off “Studio 54” Where ppl are just going for it at the night club?

smokey2 12:51 pm 31 Oct 06

My wife born in Kazakstan had a similar experience to absent Diane when she first visited Aust. She was staying with a group of Russian tourists in the hotel opposite Bondi beach the day after the mardi gra. Beach was wall to wall blue boys as the Russians call them. They tend to stay in the closet over there. All added up to a big cultural shock.

barking toad 12:13 pm 31 Oct 06

I love how they pick the public toilets in Maryborough St right next to the child care centre

Absent Diane of the 12:12 pm 31 Oct 06

the funniest place for a beat I ever saw was port melbourne beach (the ass end – pun intended).. one half of the beach was taken up by muslims the other half by gays … there was tiny little ant infested patch of beach in between the two for us hetro whitey’s. it was pretty funny stuff being the minority… not sure how there was never any fights either..

bonfire 12:08 pm 31 Oct 06

der spiegel as an article on toilet ladies:,1518,410935,00.html

jimbocool 12:02 pm 31 Oct 06

Apparently Truckstop 31 at Marulan is a ‘famous’ truckie beat.

One of the annoying things about some of our gay brethren is their tendency to turn non-sexual places into beats. There was this fabulous nude beach just south of Byron Bay (yes, nude beaches are probably an anathema to RiotACTers, but it makes sense in Byron Bay) that ended up being closed (or clothed) by the authorities because it turned into a beat with active and open m2m sexual activity going on. No doubt the nude area at Kambah Pool has the same problem.

There are at least two cruising lounges (f*ck clubs) in Canberra where the beat experience can be had without offending others, there’s no need for the whole public toilet routine.

RandomGit 12:01 pm 31 Oct 06

Woody, I had that exact experience at middle head in Sydney once, exploring around the old artillery site then down to the beach below. Swarm upon swarm of rock spiders.

bonfire 11:59 am 31 Oct 06

yeah they sit near the door and keep it clean and provide cologne etc – and keep perverts away.

it costs a euro which you drop on a plate. i dont think its compulsory but they glare if you dont. almost all cafes and dept stores etc have them.

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:59 am 31 Oct 06

Happened to a few geocachers over the years. Hunting for a cache in an out-of-the-way place, and the next thing you know some bloke has jumped from behind a bush with his dick in his hand and suggestively wiggling eyebrows.

Gay? Yay! I think you should be able to marry, adopt, whatever. I also think you should restrict the actual sex bit of the relationship to private premises.

Kerces 11:55 am 31 Oct 06

Toilet ladies, bonfire?

johnboy 11:51 am 31 Oct 06

you think they’ll go much better hitting on blokes in the pub?

bonfire 11:46 am 31 Oct 06

cant they just go to pubs like everyone else ?

i recall a nasty incident in a gym changing room (melb city baths) where a homosexual propositioned a young asian man and it did not go well – the asian guy told him to fuck off – loudly – and it descended from there into violence.

and i dont enjoy being propositioned by homosexuals while im taking a piss (happened several times).

perhaps we need to have toilet ladies like they do in europe.

johnboy 11:38 am 31 Oct 06

you can come to the cricket day and ask my girlfriend if you like.

terubo 11:28 am 31 Oct 06

I come to RiotACT to meet my gay friends.

Ari 11:26 am 31 Oct 06

First JB compares himself to Alan Jones … and now this?

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