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Canberra’s Liberal candidates: underdogs or quiet achievers?

Genevieve Jacobs 14 May 2019 74

The ACT’s federal Liberal candidates. from left: Ed Cocks, Leanne Castley, Senator Zed Seselja, Mina Zaki and Robert Gunning. Photo: Supplied.

Judging by voter reactions, electoral confusion reigns. Redistribution, retirements and a whole new electorate mean many Canberrans are uncertain what seat they’re in, much less who’s standing in it.

I’ve spoken to Liberal, Labor and Green candidates, asking what motivates them; what the major issues for Canberra voters are; are local and federal issues confused; does Canberra suffer from having safe seats and where they sit politically inside their party?

On that, you’ll be relieved (or cynical) to hear that every would-be politician claims they’re factionally independent and on excellent terms with everyone inside their parties.

Conversations were by phone or at venues of the candidates’ choice. For two Liberal candidates, this turned out to be the new Cotter Rd McDonalds.

Mina Zaki is standing for Canberra. Born in Kabul, she’s a copywriter who’s a Liberal “because I know what it’s like to live without individual rights, freedoms and opportunities”.

Zaki moved to Canberra in 2016 and nominated because she didn’t like what she saw happening. “People are struggling to pay rates, to find an affordable place to rent. Canberrans can’t afford more taxes on top of the rates they already pay.”

Doorknocking, Zaki says Canberrans constantly raise “the retiree tax” (all three Liberals repeated this: I clarified they’re referring to franking credit proposals), increasing rates and lack of local maintenance.

“I’m worried about income tax on top of rates. Families won’t be able to afford higher taxes. If this is what they’re doing locally then we can’t afford it federally.”

Zaki resists factional labels, saying “I’m a person of faith and I’m guided by those ideals. If I was to tell you where I was on the spectrum, it depends on the issue at hand.”

A believer in small government,  Zaki says Canberra needs a lower house advocate. “I didn’t have the privilege of being born in Canberra…I chose Canberra because its the best place to raise a young family.”

Fourth generation Canberran Ed Cocks is standing in Bean.

He says 20 years of Labor in Tuggeranong means voters feel taken for granted. “I think Labor hasn’t had to fight for this electorate for a long time… we’ve got the better plan, we need to keep the economy strong, we need to make sure we’re supporting people to get up and have a go and not holding them back when they do so,” he says.

On Canberra issues Cocks nominates bureaucratic barriers for business, referencing the Solarshare project which he calls “something great, that’s spent so long having to fight red tape.”

He links rates with Labor tax plans, saying landlords passing on costs will hurt vulnerable renters. The “retiree tax” gets a nod: Cocks says he’s met “a lady in Isaacs who gets $300 in franking credits that keep her car on the road, another who gets $800 that just helps out”.

He defends federal/local confusion, calling out the lack of suburban infrastructure investment. “Zed’s lobbied hard to upgrade the Monaro Highway, but I didn’t see this area being treated the same way as a marginal seat.

“Labor makes a fuss over public sector jobs, but…we were looking down the barrel of 14,500 job cuts under the last Labor government. I didn’t feel a Labor representative had the traction in the party to properly represent this area.”

Regarding allegiance, Cocks calls the ACT Liberals “a very democratic party…the things that bind us on freedom of choice and speech are so much stronger than the things that divide”.

IT project manager and musician Leanne Castley is standing in Fenner. She grew up in Charnwood, saying “I’m all about jobs and family. That’s the cornerstone of a good community and building a strong economy.

“People like me know what it’s like to fight through traffic, work all day, feed the kids, clean the house and get to weekend sport. The government’s there to guarantee essential services but then let us get on with it.”

On voter issues, it’s rates and Gungahlin infrastructure. “We’re hoping the government will get the roads done, not just a quick band-aid…even though we’ve got the tram, it’s not working.”

She believes voters are “thrilled we’re doubling health funding and offering record funding for education”. On franking credits, Castley refers to her own mother, a single mum and nurse, but wants to focus on grassroots, not “fearmongering”.

“When I talk about federal, it doesn’t mean anything. They want to know, can you fix my footpath? I haven’t met Andrew Leigh until recently. I don’t really see him in the electorate, or other Labor MLA’s…it would be good to have a shake-up.”

What’s the take-home message? Despite energetic prodding, candidates prioritised local government issues, gave little policy detail and toed the line from franking credits to factions. They’re representative locals who’ve had careers and lives outside politics. History suggests victory is unlikely for them, but kudos to each one for having a crack at something they believe in.

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74 Responses to Canberra’s Liberal candidates: underdogs or quiet achievers?
Matt Bray Matt Bray 5:12 pm 13 May 19

Hope you interview some of the independent candidates too like Jamie Christie - Independent Candidate for Bean. It’s a pretty interesting story, to go from emergency department doctor to independent candidate and he seems to be getting a lot of traction on the Southside

Bill Jackson Bill Jackson 4:45 pm 13 May 19

No thanks.

Rhonda Berry Rhonda Berry 4:35 pm 13 May 19

Put Zed and Liberals last

Andrea Lloyd Andrea Lloyd 4:03 pm 13 May 19

Policy free zone still. And they can’t distinguish between local and Federal issues. What a group of twits! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Gerry Satrapa Gerry Satrapa 3:09 pm 13 May 19

“Achievers”? What the hell has the author been smoking? Zed - far from achieving - has voted against the interests and against the wishes of the constituents of the ACT.

Zed - and the Liberals - do not deserve anyone’s vote, based on their performance during this last government.

Neica Hall Neica Hall 3:08 pm 13 May 19

Canberra votes are too smart to vote liberal.

    Jackie White Jackie White 3:31 pm 13 May 19

    Obviously some are not, or that "Zed" character wouldn't be in the Senate.

    Neica Hall Neica Hall 3:35 pm 13 May 19

    Jackie White true, no community is prefect but believe me I have been doing pre polling for Labor here in Queensland and in comparison Canberra is extremely civilized. This is red neck central.

    Shayne Borger Shayne Borger 5:19 pm 13 May 19

    Neica Hall Labor destroys this country and takes away civil liberties and free speech. You can't vote for anyone at the moment. Need to have integrity and future generations investment brought back to politics.

    Lyndon Zoukowski Lyndon Zoukowski 7:52 pm 13 May 19

    I feel a change coming 😁🚩

    Neica Hall Neica Hall 8:14 pm 13 May 19

    Shayne Borger If you are concerned about future generations you can't vote lnp because they refuse to believe in climate change. As far as freedom of speach goes lnp and other right wing parties go on and on about freedom of speech until someone says anything about them they don't like and then they are up in arms about being vilified. The right wing is full of christian nut jobs and I don't want to be governed by do gooders who live in the 1950s. The liberals have no integrity which is proven by their relationship with hanson and palmer who are both totally immoral.

Janette Condon Janette Condon 2:43 pm 13 May 19

Put Zed last.

Shane Westmore Shane Westmore 2:41 pm 13 May 19

Someone needs to put a call out to former UK MP Ed Balls to meet Ed Cocks. The headline would write itself

Anthony Grice Anthony Grice 2:15 pm 13 May 19

Are they all reading from the Zed script. The notion that the tram, is not working??? Once again these candidates have no clue

Greg Miller Greg Miller 2:01 pm 13 May 19

If you use the word "achievers" in relation to the ACT Liberals, you run the risk of setting up a potentially fatal cognisant dissonance

Tim Cole Tim Cole 1:30 pm 13 May 19

Please tell me that Cocks is running for Bean!

Daniel Van de Zandt Daniel Van de Zandt 1:23 pm 13 May 19

Zed is dangerous to have in. He is religiously motivated in his views. They are not for the everyday people.

    Jack Hearps Jack Hearps 3:42 pm 13 May 19

    Daniel Van de Zandt you are correct ... who is really behind Zed? In the local Liberal arena ... a bunch of aggressive out of touch sociopathetics bringing in old scores to settle from 1945... not happy to live and let live just pushing a far right agenda thats divisive ...

Cary Elliot Johnson Cary Elliot Johnson 1:22 pm 13 May 19

Without being too pre-emptive, I do hope that they haven't given up their day jobs.

Mark Bowell Mark Bowell 1:19 pm 13 May 19

Neither! jobless very soon

Michael Langridge Michael Langridge 1:10 pm 13 May 19

Quiet achievers have achievements ...

What has zed done other than lose at the local level and scrape into the senate?

Jared James Jared James 1:06 pm 13 May 19

Their the Liberals = enough said!

Russell Nankervis Russell Nankervis 1:05 pm 13 May 19

They refuse to ban gay conversion torture because the community should deal with it... or the ACCC

Janet Mulgrue Janet Mulgrue 12:54 pm 13 May 19

Wouldn’t vote for them. If they were the only candidates I would pay a fine for not voting

Brenton Higgins Brenton Higgins 12:54 pm 13 May 19

Or diametrically opposed to the views of the vast majority of the ACT?

Zed opposed The rights of the ACT, is anti worker, anti public service and forced horrific values on the people of the ACT.

Time to go.

Mark Monterosso Mark Monterosso 12:50 pm 13 May 19

Quiet achievers or underdogs? Is there another option? I can think of a few if you want.

    Nikki White Nikki White 1:07 pm 13 May 19

    Mark Monterosso agree

    Garvin Francis Garvin Francis 6:28 pm 13 May 19

    Mark Monterosso I just saw the ad on TV for the 400 time they're hardly quiet achievers

    Stu Cook Stu Cook 9:57 pm 13 May 19

    Mark Monterosso Loud dogs?

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