Canberra’s Little Girls 3 v. Abductors 0

johnboy 5 April 2009 74

[First filed: April 03, 2009 @ 17:08]

[First filed: April 03, 2009 @ 12:23]

ACT Policing warns us of a third abduction attempt in the last week:

    ACT Policing is investigating an attempted abduction from Knoke Avenue, Gordon around 9.10am today (April 3).

    A 10-year-old girl was walking to school when she was approached by a male who offered to give her a lift. The victim refused and was then grabbed by the wrist and dragged toward a vehicle by the male who is described as approximately 5’9” (175cm) tall, with black hair, dark skin and driving a light blue vehicle similar to a Mitsubishi Mirage.

    The victim escaped by kicking the offender in the shins and running to her school.

    This is the third incident where a young person has been grabbed by a stranger in Canberra this week.

    Police would urge members of the public to be vigilant and report all suspicious behavior to police, on 131-444 or if not urgent contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

    A face-fit of the offender will be prepared and distributed as soon as possible.

UPDATED: The media unit has announced the release of a facefit but not actually included the facefit in their announcement (as of 17:09).

666 radio reports are suggesting this one could be related to the original Conder incident, which at least means only the one predator down south rather than two.

Further Update: The facefit is finally online.

For those of you wittering “what is the world coming to” I’d suggest this:

The world has come to a place where 12 year old girls are empowered enough to stand up for themselves and kick these bastards in the shins. In the so-called “good old days” they just disapeared. For those of you critical of my headline here’s the point. This isn’t a one off lucky escape, this is a winning streak. Now we just need an arrest, a prosecution, and a healthy sentence.

It kicks the arse out of the old “ignorance is bliss and suffer in silence” era.

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74 Responses to Canberra’s Little Girls 3 v. Abductors 0
Granny Granny 11:13 pm 03 Apr 09

Oi! What’s Batman done?

Sleaz274 Sleaz274 11:10 pm 03 Apr 09

I never said it was one guy they will all fall under this umbrella in each case. The one thing that would be scary is if they aren’t caught and haven’t been scared out of it then they are gaining something which will make them dangerous…experience.

Oh they will also be young and be intimidated by adult females.

I condone vigilantes in all circumstances. Unless they beat the wrong person to death then you’re in trouble…I’m talking to you…Batman

TP 3000 TP 3000 11:03 pm 03 Apr 09

Back in the last week term 2 or 3 2004 at Kambah High School, we had a ******************************* who was bashing & robbing Kambah High, Urambi Primary & Mt Neighbour Primary School students. During this week, we had Police driving up & down the bike paths, K9 unit walking through the bushes. On the last day of term, Year 10 Kambah High students ended up finding them culprits & ganging up & bashing them up.

I am sure I am not alone when I say if I see something like that when I am driving I’ll either run the culprit down or call the Police & follow the culprit & do whatever I have to to catch up.

But I do not condone any vigilantly groups yet.

sepi sepi 10:56 pm 03 Apr 09

I dunno – I still find it petrifying. If it is one loner type person, where is he getting all these different cars. And if the cars belong to family and friends why hasn’t someone clicked yet.

Sleaz274 Sleaz274 10:51 pm 03 Apr 09

I think the success of the kids in these cases is fairly typical of this sort of offense. First you have the criminology of the attempted abduction which is incredibly unsophisticated, against a victim of minute proportions and the attempt is given up very easily. It’s kind of like a shark taking a bite of a surfer and discovering surfboards don’t taste like seals so they let it alone. These crimes would be committed by a loner, coward with no experience with children (except in their head) who is merely trying out the first stage of the fantasy. Then you have the victims who are tiny but fight with a fair bit of gusto enough usually to surprise the offender enough to make them unsure what to do next hence giving a little kid the chance to get away. For a child that young survival instincts really kicks into fight or flight before the higher brain is activated. So you have a stupid cowardly inexperienced criminal opposing a surprisingly gutsy, quick reacting target who quickly dispels this crime of fantasy and opportunity.

The cops will be out trawling for a low level dumb single known nuisance who has started to graduate his fantasies either through loss of control through drugs or alcohol or something has happened like he recently got fired or kicked out of his rental or similar.

Anyone interested in why these snatches rarely come off should read “mindhunter” or
“anatomy of motive” by John Douglas it’ll help you educate your kids.

Punter Punter 10:22 pm 03 Apr 09

Johnboy, Here are your lost face fits, the lastest attempt, 3 April here
And the earlier one, 30 March here

Sir Robert Peel is seen by many as the fore father of modern policing and he had, amoung many, one memorable principle “The police are the public, and the public are the police”. We all need to keep an eye out for these lowlifes, they are preying on our young. Report what you see and know to crimestoppers or directly to Police 131444. Remember 000 is for an emergency and if you see an abduction attempt get on the phone. No frenzy required farq, John Laws or otherwise but pay attention. Look for information that Police can identify these goons, registration plates, car makes, models, standout features (stickers, logos etc).

I live down in the valley myself and I can’t stand knowing there are people in our community that are capable of this. I will be always looking out for these guys.

farq farq 9:12 pm 03 Apr 09

TAD said :

I would not get overexcited and get into a John Laws audience type frenzy.

but the drama. the masses need their drama.

if it was not pedophiles, they would find something else 🙂

TAD TAD 9:01 pm 03 Apr 09

I would not get overexcited and get into a John Laws audience type frenzy.

These are all BS.

Ruby Wednesday Ruby Wednesday 7:30 pm 03 Apr 09

nutso, if your assertion that the thread should be renamed was serious, then you’re a little nutso. Statistically, children are probably more likely to be harmed by traffic on the way to school than someone snatching them. It’s worrying, but let’s not all run around like Henny Penny.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 7:28 pm 03 Apr 09

Timberwolf65 said :

old canberran said :

The world is sick and twisted place.

My wife says this and I always coirrect her, “No, the world is a wonderful place with a few sick and twisted people in it spoiling it for others”

Timberwolf65 Timberwolf65 7:01 pm 03 Apr 09

old canberran said :

Rapists should be sentenced to a weeks internment in a women’s prison. Actually 24 hours would probably do the job.

I like the sound of that, I reckon it would work quite nicely!

I take my 8 year old son to school and he scooters straight home in the afternoons, we live 5 minutes away from school, some days I will be there to walk home with him.

I have showed him the identikit photo from the last attempted abduction, and I talk about strangers and what to do all the time.

The world is sick and twisted place.

54-11 54-11 6:56 pm 03 Apr 09

BerraBoy68, reinvigorating Safety House and NW programs is fine, but they have fallen by the wayside largely because of community apathy.

I was involved with NW for many years, and moved on as I felt it was time for younger people to get involved. They never did.

It needs commitment from all generations for community programs such as these to be effective.

old canberran old canberran 6:25 pm 03 Apr 09

Rapists should be sentenced to a weeks internment in a women’s prison. Actually 24 hours would probably do the job.

Just what do some people expect the Government to do in these anti social cases. Kids are their parents responsibility, not the Government. No amount of legislation is going to stop these predators so if you are worried about your child’s safety, take them to school and pick them up later or arrange for someone else to do it.

Whatsup Whatsup 4:39 pm 03 Apr 09

Granny said :

The walking school buses are a great idea. People can do something positive by getting involved with these programs or starting one for your school.

We have one at our school and its brilliant. Click here for more information on the Walking School Bus Program. The YWCA runs in here in Canberra but needs volunteers to roll it out at the local schools.

Nutso Nutso 4:33 pm 03 Apr 09

I dont think that we should address this page as
Canberra’s Little Girls 3 v. Abductors 0
This might provoke some further stupid action from these sikos to even the scores
do u get me?

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 3:57 pm 03 Apr 09

Not sure what the government can do but I think a reinvigoration of the ‘safe house’ initiative or even neighborhood watch would be a good thing. As a father of little kids I’d like to think they could go to the nearest house if in trouble rather than having to running to the school. I’d also like to think other adults would come to their aid if they saw an attempted abduction taking place or even heard a kid yelling for help. Actually I think most people would help anyway. My son hurt himself falling off his bike at a park recently and before I could get to him several other adults came out of their homes to assist as he was crying pretty hard.

Basically, I’m arming my kids by trying to be a good dad, taking them to and from school, the park etc. teaching them about stranger danger (including what to do if they are approached) and teaching them who to go to if lost, hurt etc… I’m also putting some faith in the broader community to look after our kids if they see something bad happening.

I was very pleased to hear about the motorist who stopped recently when they saw an attempted abduction of a young women. When they honked their horn the offender ran off. I hate to use the phrase but being ‘alert not alarmed’ sure helps.

peterh peterh 3:57 pm 03 Apr 09

deezagood said :

I’m torn between thinking the trackers are a great safety idea and wondering if that would make me a weird/paranoid/overly-protective parent … certainly worth thinking about in any case

I am the latter…

deezagood deezagood 3:51 pm 03 Apr 09

I’m torn between thinking the trackers are a great safety idea and wondering if that would make me a weird/paranoid/overly-protective parent … certainly worth thinking about in any case

Doctor Evil Doctor Evil 3:44 pm 03 Apr 09

Rather than rely on the govt to track the predators, you could use the same technology to track the prey (i.e. your kid/s).—personal-tracker.aspx

Similar units are always available on Ebay.

Not perfect by any means, but they work and are getting cheaper all the time.

Granny Granny 3:38 pm 03 Apr 09

They sure are! They give the kids exercise and build community, in addition to keeping the children safe from cars and predators. The link is here.

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