Canberra’s Martyn Yang v. Hasbro. A new sort of nerf war

johnboy 24 April 2012 5

Crikey have a great piece on the travails of Canberra public servant Martyn Yang after his nerf gun fan site got onto the wrong radars and the big guns of Baker & McKenzie and their fields operatives.

things took a nasty turn when Hasbro decided to send in the big guns. On Sunday, Yang was told by his neighbours that some creepy people were hanging around his apartment. He confronted them, one of whom called herself “Christine”. They wanted to tape the conversation. Yang told Crikey he was ” so taken aback/shocked by the ambushing technique that I talked to them.”

“My neighbours were freaked out by the sight of the Baker & McKenzie ‘representatives’ lurking around our apartment building on a Sunday afternoon. Apparently they’d been hanging around all day waiting for me! I’ve asked around and been told that the people were probably private investigators engaged by Bakers and not Baker & McKenzie themself but I don’t think that that lets Hasbro or the law firm off the hook?—?ultimately they are responsible for making sure that the tactics that they use are reasonable.”

Very foolish to be hating on their fans like that.

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5 Responses to Canberra’s Martyn Yang v. Hasbro. A new sort of nerf war
noma noma 4:29 pm 26 Apr 12

great move by Hasbro marketing – shutting down a fan’s website which promotes Hasbro Nerf gun products.

farnarkler farnarkler 6:46 pm 25 Apr 12

Too scared to feel the pain of paintball?

SnapperJack SnapperJack 4:45 pm 25 Apr 12

This is a very boring story about very boring people and very boring products. The only upside is that I now know that Nerf is still around and producing things other than those foam rubber footballs I played with in the 1960s.

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 5:22 pm 24 Apr 12

Could I be the first to suggest “Yang Guns” for this matter!?!

Pretty disgusting tactics from Hasbro and their legal representation… especially against someone who supports their products.

Erg0 Erg0 4:15 pm 24 Apr 12

between this and the Battleship movie, my esteem for Hasbro is in sharp decline.

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