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Experts in Wills, Trusts
& Estate Planning – Tuggy Power Station meeting

By Joe Canberran - 30 April 2008 53

In what appears to be it’s first real post (id#3 but it seems to be the only one up at the moment) the new Canberra website,, a site that intends to “attempt to document (on the public record) issues of concern to the community in the lead up to the ACT Election in 2008”, has posted video footage (here) of “the Tuggeranong Community Council held a special public meeting to discuss the proposed development of a Major Utility Installation and Communications Facility at Block 1671 Tuggeranong District (Mugga Lane, Opposite the Mugga Landfill site). The project proposed ActewAGL, Technical Real Estate and Galileo Connect” held two days ago on April 28. The footage is of the first half hour of the meeting so I suspect it’s only for the really keen but I’m interested in the concept.

The site also states: “As this site evolves, commenting will be enabled. However unlike most other blog sites which allow anonymous commenting, all registered commenters on the site will need to be verified and will be identified by name and suburb when they lodge a comment. The rationale behind this is that opinions are important, but individuals must be prepared to stand on the public record behind the opinions they have expressed.”

The flamewars and vitriol of RiotACT to much for them perhaps?

What’s Your opinion?

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53 Responses to – Tuggy Power Station meeting
CanberraMan 4:25 pm 02 May 08
Spideydog 3:34 pm 02 May 08

Can any of you people that are happy for it to be placed at/near Macarthur, please tell us why? Why would you support something that could be placed somewhere in an “real” industrial area and not upset anyone (well, almost no one)

I’m not saying you are wrong, I was interested in the opinions?

NathanaelB 2:58 pm 02 May 08

Nicely articulated

Woody Mann-Caruso 2:50 pm 02 May 08

Care to explain?

Sure. You automatically characterised a person who disagreed with you – well, let’s be more accurate here, a person who posted a silly parody – as wealthy, and somehow unqualified to comment because you imagine them living away from the station (as I understand you do).

In doing so, you adopted a number of extreme positions, including that:

– people who support the plant are ‘ridiculous’; and
– that Yarralumla is peopled by elitists and parasites.

These views have no foundation in reality, are stated as absolute and axiomatic truths, and were espoused to further a political or philosophical viewpoint. Therefore, you are an extremist: one who is disposed to go to the extreme, or who holds extreme opinions, a person who has a tendency to be extreme, or a disposition to go to extremes.

Or perhaps you think you need to be wearing a burka and carrying an AK47 to be an extremist? But of course you don’t – you just need have a mindless zeal, a talent for spewing dogma, the ability TO USE THE CAPS LOCK KEY, a propensity for saying things like “I’m no expert, but…” and a mindset that lets you insist that things hundreds of metres apart and on opposite sides of a hill are “right next to” each other.

CanberraMan 2:21 pm 02 May 08

Natural gas… if I’m not mistaken it is the same stuff we cook with and the stuff they are using in Action buses now to reduce the emmissions from burning petrol or diesal.

Mælinar 1:21 pm 02 May 08

I reiterate, if they put it 600m from my house, nobody but the hippies down at Strathnairn would hear it, and they’re all… well, not listening anyway…


Happy Zig et-al ?

zig 1:03 pm 02 May 08


Extremist? How are my views extremist? Care to explain?

The power plant is clearly needed and the co-location of the data centre makes sense.

I am not against the power plant itself just it’s location!

I’ll say it again just so your thick head can fathom what I am saying.


It belongs in an industrial zone. Geeze it seems you are just out to fan the flames with that ridiculous power ranger song(yes it was mildly amusing).

Woody Mann-Caruso 12:06 pm 02 May 08

Oh, for sure. I mean, I disagree with your extremist, ill-informed views, so I must live far away from the power station site and be fabulously wealthy.

Or I could live in one of the suburbs adjacent to Macarthur, think that something that can provide baseload power and is cleaner than coal is a good idea even if it’s not perfect, and know enough about physics and chemistry to know spastic scaremongering when I see it.

zig 10:53 am 02 May 08

haha Woody.

You must be one of those urban elitist parasites from Yarralumla.

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:09 am 02 May 08

./~ Go go, Power Station!
Mighty Macarthur Power Station!
Stronger than before!
Powered up for more!
Macarthur at the core!
Shift into turbo!
Mighty engines roar!
Turbo charged for more!
NO2 for all!

zig 9:32 am 02 May 08

I think it’s ridiculous that people are in favour of this site for the power plant.

It’s obvious that they don’t live in Macarthur.

I wonder if their attitude would be different if the power plant was going to be 600 metres from their homes.

Pandy 8:31 am 02 May 08

Noise Levels: The worst effected residents (not the treatment facility) at Macarthur will recieve around 32dbA of noise at their boundaries. That is like placing a Fujitsu airconditioner outdoor unit like the AST7LMACW around 2 metres from the boundary. That drone will occur all night.

josephbloggsjr 8:11 am 02 May 08

As I was having difficulty finding all the information & “facts” I needed about this power station, I put up links to all the important documentation at:

Hope this helps.

Pandy 8:00 am 02 May 08

Oh I should ask anyone know where Hargreaves lives? Not listed. Would like to see a few Falun Gong like protesters set-up camp outside his home, blasting through a speaker in the quiet of the night the sort of noise levels (scientifically calibrated) that would be heard by the affected residents of Macarrthur.

Pandy 7:51 am 02 May 08

El, Yes.

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