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johnboy 10 April 2011 35
horses loose

Owen’s sent this in with this note:

The mind boggles as to how a couple of horses got to the corner of Tillyard and Ginninderra. But there they were with the constabulary in attendance.

The police get to deal with all sorts of oddities, this would be a bit of a change from dealing with drunks, druggies and dangerous drivers.

But the real question is what caption would you put on this photo?

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35 Responses to Caption contest…
MrPC MrPC 3:53 pm 10 Apr 11

Cop: We can’t let you outperform the TAMS lawnmowing service. Move along.
Horse: Munch.. Munch..

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 4:13 pm 10 Apr 11

Cop on left: “…well that’s not the story your friend told us. You know what I think? I think you two were over in the playground eating all that long grass by the fence…”

I-filed I-filed 5:03 pm 10 Apr 11

(Cop on left): Now look here youse. Just because you think Black Caviar is going to win every single race anywhere in the world for the next ten years doesn’t mean you can just put yourselves out to pasture like this …

Wily_Bear Wily_Bear 5:18 pm 10 Apr 11

Well fellas, whaddya think about the new pursuit vehicles we got from the mounted police unit ?

drewbytes drewbytes 5:25 pm 10 Apr 11

cop: “I know you’re upset about the disbanding of the mounted police, but this is not the right place to protest about it.”

fgzk fgzk 5:36 pm 10 Apr 11

“Comon, it’s just grass man.”

Davo111 Davo111 5:39 pm 10 Apr 11

“this is your final warning, you’ve been given a move-on notice once today”

mr sludge mr sludge 5:56 pm 10 Apr 11

cobb&co to break Action drivers blocade

Not Not 7:20 pm 10 Apr 11

We look like a couple of prized clowns.

Primal Primal 7:35 pm 10 Apr 11

…and that’s how Canberra got a second “Horse Park Drive”.

Sammy Sammy 8:01 pm 10 Apr 11

Cop on left: “I’ve finally worked out what law this horse is breaking and written the ticket, but now, where to put it?”

urchin urchin 8:08 pm 10 Apr 11

“ACT Sniffer Horses Hot on the Trail of Copper Thieves”

urchin urchin 8:09 pm 10 Apr 11


“Horses Mourn Latest Joel Monaghan Victim”

inlymbo inlymbo 8:12 pm 10 Apr 11

Horse ‘I wusnt doin nothin, just mindin me own business’ Police ‘Well how do you explain this grass lying all over the place’ Horse ‘not mine sumon musta left it here cauz they wuz runnin away from ya’

screaming banshee screaming banshee 9:36 pm 10 Apr 11

mr sludge said :

cobb&co to break Action drivers blocade

Service improves, car drivers find public transport causes less s*** on our roads

harley harley 9:39 pm 10 Apr 11

If we let the mounted units horses run free, will anyone notice?

gooterz gooterz 1:12 am 11 Apr 11

RAPID caught 2 unlicenced drivers this weekend!

Grail Grail 4:36 am 11 Apr 11

Saddled with neigh-borhood horseplay, this pair grass to the Feds. “With any luck, we’ll have their night-mares sorted,” said Constable Trotter.

Special G Special G 8:35 am 11 Apr 11

Cop – High on grass. That’s gunna cost ya.
Horse – No waaaay maaaan, I got the munchies soooo bad.

Holepunch Holepunch 8:56 am 11 Apr 11

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