Car Detailing in Canberra – any recommendations?

Lilli 23 December 2009 18

I have decided to get my car detailed for the first time since it has been in my possession. I’ve never had a car detailed in Canberra before and am after some first hand recommendations – I believe these speak more highly than a large flashy advertisement in the Yellow Pages.

I am after a detail that would include a cut & polish, clean of engine bay and all interior plastics/upholstery (leather). So, fellow Canberrans, are there any businesses that stand above the rest?

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18 Responses to Car Detailing in Canberra – any recommendations?
Boss290gt Boss290gt 7:22 pm 16 Mar 17

You should give Brant at MACH1 at try, they’re reasonably priced for the quality and they’re mobile. They’re in a few states but he deals with all customers personally and he is based himself in Canberra. Their website is

sammyg sammyg 2:51 pm 18 May 12

Ive been using Mach1 Detailing Specialists. they do the lot and are very good at what they do and plus they will come to you. worth giving them a call .

grundy grundy 3:39 pm 18 Oct 10

Thanks for the update CWB, I’m about to get a new (used) car and one at the top of the list wasn’t even cleaned for the inspection/test drive when we had a look!

Ace it is!

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 2:51 pm 24 Sep 10

Quick bump for this old thread – I got my car detailed at Ace Detailing a few days ago and the result is absolutely outstanding. The car is only 12 months old and looks better now than it did when I picked it up from the dealer. $250 got me a full detail, including leather car and engine bay.

bugmenot bugmenot 9:42 pm 25 Dec 09

I will second Damian at Final Inspection (in Melbourne)… Wish I could find somebody here that paid the attention to detail that Damian does.

My advice for selecting a detailer here would be to inspect their work thoroughly in various lighting conditions. There’s far too many “professionally detailed” cars running around here that have massive amounts of swirls and holograms in the finish.

Educate yourself about what a real detail involves and specifically about the faults that appear due to a less than satisfactory detail job.

Lilli Lilli 9:17 am 24 Dec 09

Thanks to everyone for your feedback. I think I might try Ace at Queanbeyan early in the New Year and then someone different the next time it’s due. Will let you all know how it goes in case anyone is planning on following my lead!

Cartisan also sound promising – I have one too many swirls in the black duco from brush washes and a few stone chips in the bonnet from highway driving. It would be interesting to see what they offer, as the alternative is getting a re-spray which will be much more costly.

WalkTheTalk WalkTheTalk 8:42 am 24 Dec 09

I haven’t used them personally, but have had Cartisan Paint Repair Systems 2/17 Walder Belconnen 6253 0704 recommended to me by a work mate (usually great tips from this bloke) after a post failed to give way to me after one too many night shifts (grazed the paint).

Recommended on the basis of fixing paint damage specifically – noticed you mentioned cut & polish.

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 8:11 pm 23 Dec 09

daddy said :

Advanced Car Detailing Services in Curtin behind the Shell servo.

6285 4145

nooooooooo. they just did my car (smash repairs sent it there) they didnt do the windscreen, the side windows or the front grill…still full of bug crap. they even forgot the clean around the rear handle of the boot, the toyota sign is still encrusted with dirt.

Ace is the way to go. like sigma said, they own the business, so they actually care.

dr phil dr phil 5:51 pm 23 Dec 09

I’ll do it on my lawn for you. $150.00, I have a hose, bucket, car wash stuff and an industrial truck mount steam cleaner that I use on the weekend to steam clean carpets. Ohh and the stuff that makes it smell nice.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 3:33 pm 23 Dec 09

Damian at Final Inspection.

Only trouble is, he is in Melbourne. 😛

But you wouldn’t be the first person to travel interstate for his services.

pptvb pptvb 2:57 pm 23 Dec 09

I’ve used VIP ( not a franchise) in Fyshwick.
Great job….around $120

Sigma Sigma 1:19 pm 23 Dec 09

fnaah said :

Out of wild curiosity, how much (ballpark figure) would such a tratment normally cost?

About $250 for a full detail

daddy daddy 1:05 pm 23 Dec 09

Advanced Car Detailing Services in Curtin behind the Shell servo.

6285 4145

Chipmonkey Chipmonkey 12:59 pm 23 Dec 09

I have used Ace Detailing in Queanbeyan a number of times. They have a pick up and delivery service, which is very helpful for me because I need a clean car for my business, but don’t have the time to take it to Queanbeyan. They do a great job every time.

PBO PBO 12:34 pm 23 Dec 09

Try C&J Car Detailing – (02) 6254 4525?. Good bloke, good prices, great job.

Malcolm_Powder Malcolm_Powder 12:13 pm 23 Dec 09

Go and speak with the guys at Commonwealth motors at Tuggeranong. Great blokes and they do a great job.

fnaah fnaah 12:06 pm 23 Dec 09

Out of wild curiosity, how much (ballpark figure) would such a tratment normally cost?

Sigma Sigma 11:46 am 23 Dec 09

I have had my car detailed by Ace Detailing in Queanbeyan a number of times a top rate job. I have had my car cleaned by others they have young teenagers cleaning cars that seem to don’t give a hoot about your car. Ace have only two people working there and they own the business. I have had great dealing with these guys.

That’s My two cents

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