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Caravan park disaster over

By johnboy - 8 August 2006 37

The ABC is reporting that Josip Zivco and Koomarri have done very well out of the rest of us with the Government bankrolling a deal to let the Narrabundah Long Stay caravan park stay where it is.

I’d say the park residents have, in the end, done quite well, except now they shall languish in the care of Housing ACT.

Jon Stanhope has put out a media release celebrating the news.

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37 Responses to
Caravan park disaster over
Roland GRNS 9:46 am 09 Aug 06

We’re still wondering why Koomarri isn’t repaying all its ill gotten gains to the ACT government.

simto 9:08 am 09 Aug 06

On the plus side, charitable organisations that aren’t Koomarri should hopefully be getting a better piece of the donation pie…

Thumper 8:55 am 09 Aug 06

Geez, Indi,

I was going to attempt to NOT bag Stanhope in anyway and now you’ve ruined it!

Yes, heard the Hedgehog this morning on the radio and it seems as if there is a lot of undisclosed backroom dealings that have a lot of unfinished details to look at.

It is not a done deal at this stage and it wouldn’t surprise me if this leapt back up in a year or so time.

However, the residents have not been booted out.

That is good. I’ll pay Sonic that one.

Indi 8:48 am 09 Aug 06

Too much political connection between certain ppl at Koomarri and a former ACT MLA.

I wouldn’t be popping the passion pop out at the Park until the ink is dry and the whole racket has been sewn up.

I smell a well orchestrated spin campaign – govt looks good, developer most likely gets a better parcel of land + some further $$ incentives and the residents can remain on site relishing in the lifestyle of choice.

Thumper 8:37 am 09 Aug 06

Without doubt a good result and moreso, its good to see the Hedgehog doing what he should be doing, namely looking after the people in the Territory.

Well done Sonic.

Koomarri, you can get stuffed and I am never donating a thing to your charity ever again.

Special G 8:18 am 09 Aug 06

Don’t know about your title there JB ‘Disaster’ puts me in the mind of a tsunami/fire going through the park with half the residents killed. I would have thought Fiasco would be more appropriate.

publius 6:57 am 09 Aug 06

An interesting saga. Ended well for the residents. Not much was ever said by the Government about Koomarri’s actions (I think we can hazard a guess as to why). They cashed in big time on what was basically an asset provided gratis to them. The Government made much of the Liberals giving it to Koomarri for nothing.I’m just a little suspicious. Senior Koomarri executives got through that exercise pretty well unscathed. If it didn’t suit Koomarri surely they should have handed it back to the Government/Canberra public and try to do a deal on costs?

johnboy 11:01 pm 08 Aug 06

3000th since we moved over to wordpress last year, another 5000+ on the old site.

30,000 comments on this site coming up though.

Ari 10:51 pm 08 Aug 06

Hey … is this the 3000th post on the-riotact?

The page ID seems to suggest it!

Pandy 6:37 pm 08 Aug 06

Oh Mr Evil, you are cruel.

I bet there are am lot of defaulters cheering that ACT Housing is taking over the running, because they know they will not be chucked-out when they default again.

Mr Evil 3:19 pm 08 Aug 06

So does this mean that all outstanding rents will now remain uncollected?

peeved 2:17 pm 08 Aug 06

Sorry if I’m a bit dense Johnboy, but how have the residents “done quite well”? We’ve had nearly a year of uncertainty about our future, and if you have a good look at Stanhope’s press release, the agreement will be signed by Friday the 11th, but the land swap could take up to 18 months to be finalised, and there’s a fantastic get-out clause which I quote: “In the event the swap does not take place, ownership of the park will remain with Consolidated Builders.”
The land swap is definitely a huge step forward for us, it gives us a much firmer base to go forward from, but that’s all. We are just at the beginning of a process which can only be considered over when there is legislation in place in the ACT, in line with most other states and territories, that prevents this scenario from ever happening again.

The only people who have done well out of this fiasco are Koomarri and Consolidated Builders. And, as you rightly point out, the entire Canberra community has had significant financial penalties imposed on it.

James-T-Kirk 1:54 pm 08 Aug 06

Which of them owns shares in the companies that got rich out of this?

seepi 1:50 pm 08 Aug 06

I’m glad this debacle is over and the residents can stay in their homes.
Simon Corbell could have prevented this whole drama and instead failed to act until the deal was done. Perhaps it was this that led Jon S to take some of Simon’s portfolios away from him.

simto 1:11 pm 08 Aug 06

Languishing? Haven’t we established that Housing ACT are the best landlords anybody could ask for?

Or was Deb Foskey living in a slum the whole time?

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