Changes to RiotACT?

Jazz 13 January 2008 41

Over the coming weeks you may notice a few changes to At first these shouldn’t make too much difference to the way you use this site. In fact, shouldn’t make any difference to most of you at all. What you may notice is subtle changes, like the reorganisation of categories which we started work on last night.

Ultimately this is all for a purpose, and like any successful club, or singer its important to occasionally reinvent yourself to remain fresh and interesting. In this instance the changes you may notice are to prepare our database for the release a whole new site in a few weeks time. Its a little behind schedule but it had to have all the stuff that we wanted to include, look and function the way we were hoping, and get a modicum of testing so that you buggers don’t break it within the first hour of its release.

stay tuned.

UPDATE – There will be more RiotACT hacking underway this evening. I’ll attempt to keep any disruptions to a minimum – apologies in advance for any of the small hiccups the site will inevitably experience this evening.
Kramer (Site Admin)

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41 Responses to Changes to RiotACT?
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Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:59 am 06 Jan 08

I only hope you are getting rid of wordpress!

ant ant 10:47 am 06 Jan 08

Yeah, WordPress is a slightly weird interface.

Going to make it break-proof, eh? Ha! We’ll see.

Jazz Jazz 11:19 am 06 Jan 08

what’s wrong with wordpress?

ant ant 12:30 pm 06 Jan 08

It’s weird. You’re not ever quite sure what it’s up to.

boomacat boomacat 1:24 pm 06 Jan 08

I hope you won’t be discouraging freak from visiting us regularly and posting their rants, it brings us such joy and so many laughs.

Jazz Jazz 1:45 pm 06 Jan 08

There will be no change to the content or focus on Riot.

What we’ve been working on is to make it easier to find stories that will interest you, skip over the ones that don’t and give our regular readers a few extra features whilst making it easier for new readers to get involved and have a say.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 2:06 pm 06 Jan 08

Basically Jazz, wordpress works fine as a blog with a few people replying to the bloggers topic.

When scaled up to say the strength of this site – which is really more than a blog now, it’s got to be Canberra’s number 1 forum – it is hard to reply and quote, use other features, track threaded comments, do complex searches and so on.

Check out the offerings from phpBB or vBulletin for example… pick a random forum on the net and I reckon they will use one of these two!

Anyway, good onya for doing what you are doing.

Jazz Jazz 2:43 pm 06 Jan 08

lol thanks for the advice vic.

yes we’ve looked at those and have a couple of other things on the back burner for future installments. The main reason we haven’t gone down the pat of of the shelf bulletin board software in the past has been the penchant for govt firewalls to block them, but are looking into some custom development that will mimic those features you mention.

thanks for the feedback

utah utah 3:31 pm 06 Jan 08

VB’s got a point about search and threaded comments, but there are plugins for WordPress that’ll fix both those problems, and it’ll save you trying to migrate all the back-end data into a new application.

astrojax astrojax 8:56 pm 06 Jan 08

i’d also like to see something thatr enables current threads to be kept to the fore, rather than have to delve back into histiry to find topics that we keep wanting to post to, even though other stories might come and go meantime.

is this too much to ask?

kudos to keeping govt firewalls from blocking oir access to meaningful dialogue!!

Jazz Jazz 9:43 pm 06 Jan 08

patience grasshoppers. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:57 pm 06 Jan 08


I believe you mean ‘patience’; not ‘patients’. Unless this is the RiotACT emergency hospital!!! 🙂

See what I mean about how hard to quote and track??!!!!! 🙂

Jazz Jazz 10:07 pm 06 Jan 08

haha, one of the benefits of admin access is no more spelling mistakes. However, I am definately including a spell checker. Haven’t quite got the quote feature working with another plugin we are also including so it may not make it into the first release.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 10:38 pm 06 Jan 08

Post editing?

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 11:14 pm 06 Jan 08

So we can rewrite history perhaps?

Swaggie Swaggie 11:18 pm 06 Jan 08

“get a modicum of testing so that you buggers don’t break it within the first hour of its release”

He he, anyone up for the challenge 🙂

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:55 pm 07 Jan 08

minor quibble: Has anyone else noticed that a lot of posts are coming through without spaces between snetences recently?
I noticed it on the Deathcap article, and i know I was putting in spaces. 😐

Jazz Jazz 4:05 pm 07 Jan 08

no idea what’s happening there Skidbladnir, but i will keep an eye on it.

lol swaggie, i’ll make sure i release it at midnight when nobody is on for the first hour 🙂

Kramer Kramer 9:45 pm 13 Jan 08

Sorry for the slightly longer than expected “small hiccup” this evening. Hope everything is still working OK… Let us know if you see any funny things, or any problems with the site.

test test 10:17 pm 13 Jan 08

Now when you submit a story, you need to click on the button “Submit for Review”. This will stop those nasty admins from publishing your story before the masterpiece is completed.

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