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fairytale 14 July 2008 26


Does anyone know where I can find cheap and reasonable price for alterations? It seems alterations everywhere is expensive in Canberra.



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26 Responses to Cheap alterations
canbal canbal 11:26 pm 22 Oct 20

Anyone knows of a cheap place to do pants shortening alterations in Canberra CBD or Gungahlin area?

batmantrilogy batmantrilogy 12:42 pm 02 Nov 15

+1 for TT Fashions at Baileys.

zllauh zllauh 10:54 pm 29 Mar 15

I used to get it done by my grandma.
i will ask her if she can do it for you as well 😛 haha

pug206gti pug206gti 8:00 pm 15 Jul 08

Alterations to what? Clothes? House? Gender…?

I recommend Chenille’s institute de Beaut-ay and house of hair removal. As put my Chenille (paraphrasing):

“My team of Vietnamese Seamstresses will chop, nip and tuck all those unsightly bits of genitalia… Just look for the pair of legs with the question mark between them”

Meanwhile – back waxing – there’s a mad old polish woman on Duffy St in Ainslie I’d recommend. Just don’t mention the war. Or homeless people. Or the drought. She gets feisty.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:25 pm 15 Jul 08

Yeah, she’s too busy doing clothing alterations now!

Ari Ari 12:17 pm 15 Jul 08

Mr Evil said :

I need a back waxing: any recommendations?

Has your mum stopped doing it for you then?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:04 pm 15 Jul 08

I need a back waxing: any recommendations?

Thumper Thumper 9:09 am 15 Jul 08

Where can I get a coffee?

barking toad barking toad 7:35 am 15 Jul 08


NoAddedMSG NoAddedMSG 10:32 pm 14 Jul 08

As someone who does alterations for friends and family (no, I am not offering to do yours sorry) I can tell you $20 to replace a zip is totally reasonable (they are evil to do) and jeans are a pain unless you have a machine which can handle the thickness of the side seams, and $15 is probably about right for that.

bigfeet bigfeet 10:09 pm 14 Jul 08

Mr Kim at Gungahlin takes up jeans for $10, suit trousers for $14 which is about the best I’ve been able to find.

My wife has had some alterations done on some girly clothes there as well and said that they were a good price.

ant ant 10:06 pm 14 Jul 08

From this, I take it Mr and Mrs Tran have shut down? They were legendary.

The Jas The Jas 9:27 pm 14 Jul 08

I should mention also one point of difference is that tguyen (prob not spelt right) always remembers my name also, I hadn’t been in there for about a year I reckon and he still remembers everytime.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 9:08 pm 14 Jul 08

There’s a small shop in the Gungahlin Marketplace near the video store run by an Asian couple. Not sure about their prices, never actually had any alterations done by them, did get a quote once from them of $20 to replace a zip.

The Jas The Jas 8:59 pm 14 Jul 08

I use TT also, have done on and off for about 10 years. They are cheap, if you are getting shirts slimmed though be careful he doesn’t put darts in the back of the shirt instead of taking it in through the seems, the cleaner but more time consuming way. Otherwise great though, I have a suit there getting done at present.

The one in the Canberra centre next to JB used to be good, but the guy who owns it, Rabi took a job at the franchises head office helping to open other shops and moved back to Sydney and it went downhill quick smart, the Asian lady in charge now is hopeless so I won’t go back anytime soon.

toriness toriness 8:04 pm 14 Jul 08

i think the vietnamese place on moore st (around the corner from the pide house) is about $15 for pants being altered – their price list is on the door though, you won’t even have to go inside to ask!

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 6:53 pm 14 Jul 08

Another vote for TT Fashions at Baileys.

Morgan Morgan 5:13 pm 14 Jul 08

You wont get it for less than $10-, TT Fashions upstairs in the Baileys arcade is the cheapest around, he is great, many clothing retailers in Civic use him too.

fairytale fairytale 5:10 pm 14 Jul 08

okay. no worries. i was just wondering if anyone knows the good deal for everything in terms of price, quality and service. less than $ 10 perhaps?

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 5:08 pm 14 Jul 08

Sorry Fairytale – I was kidding. I really need to stop my sarcasm sometimes 😉 It is true about her being good at taking up jeans and darning though.

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