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Check out my awesome Southern Cross Tattoo!!! (Counter Protest)

By Jim Jones - 18 August 2011 26

Word coming from Australian Youth Climate Coalition about a counter-protest against the ”True Australians™ democratic blockade of the  latte-sipping, chardonay-swilling, chattering class, shiny-bum, mung-bean munching, green extremists who will destroy this great nation and everything it stands for AND MAKE US STARVE IN THE DARK”

Yes, apparently there’s a counter protest:

Don’t be taken for a ride bike ride

Act against the Liberal-National Parties’ anti carbon tax truckies blockade of Canberra on Monday
Support Real Action On Climate Change.
The main organiser of the truckies is a leading member of the QLD Liberal-National Party

Meet at the rear of Old Parliament House

Bring a light carboard placard with your favorite climate slogan appropriate for the day.
Abbott lies. There is no carbon tax on desiel. Riding for a safe future.  Don’t be taken for a ride by Tony Abbott. Truckies are being taken for a ride by Abbott.

This action is supported by Leigh Hughes, Climate Action Canberra, Geoff Lazarus, Climate Active Australia, Bob Douglas SEE-Change
For further information 0419 369 206

UPDATE: [Johnboy here] For those who have to work the World Famous Rat Patrol will be convoying by bicycle down Northbourne Avenue in the morning.

Meet 8am at the Dickson Motor Registry. Bring banners along the lines of “Tax me if you can”.

All welcome as long as your ride is pedalled.

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Check out my awesome Southern Cross Tattoo!!! (Counter Protest)
kakosi 1:38 am 19 Aug 11

I’d like to put large signs up at every entry and exit to Canberra that day that say: “Take your crappy politicians home with you when you leave!”

Jethro 8:26 pm 18 Aug 11

EvanJames said :

this is more like it! I wonder if there’ll be fights?

My money is on the truckies.

Skidbladnir 7:24 pm 18 Aug 11

So, who is taking along the [citation needed] signs to slip in front of their signage whenever they are part of a photo-op?

Good luck though, it’s difficult to get somebody to understand a topic when their income depends largely on not understanding or ignoring it, and this convoy has been (in large part) organised and paid for by the National Road Freighters Association.

Waiting For Godot 5:35 pm 18 Aug 11

“There is no carbon tax on desiel (sic)”
– For the first two years then it kicks in.

“The main organiser of the truckies is a leading member of the Qld Liberal-National Party”
– Oh, terrible! Members of the Youth Climate Change Coalition are members of GetUp!, a front for The Greens financed by trade unions.

Let’s hope the truckies put these starry-eyed little idiots well and truly in their place.

phil m 5:33 pm 18 Aug 11

It’s just a pro-Abbott/anti-Abbott rally is it?

EvanJames 4:58 pm 18 Aug 11

I guess the Hayseeds are this angry for a reason. Real Australians drink Nescafe. Imagine how nasty you’d feel after a lifetime of that. They’re furious about lattes because they can’t have them.

Mister Evil Breakfas 4:44 pm 18 Aug 11

Those slogans sure are catchy.

chewy14 4:43 pm 18 Aug 11

Nuking the site from orbit is looking better and better.

Either that or a game of chicken between the bikes and trucks on Commonwealth Ave.

Jungle Jim 4:37 pm 18 Aug 11

Good lord. I’d best be getting to work around 6:30 on Monday morning.

shadow boxer 4:33 pm 18 Aug 11

Northbourne avenue !!, really, haven’t I taught you guys anything ?

p1 4:27 pm 18 Aug 11

I might come, if I can install a latte holder on my bike in time.

Classified 4:27 pm 18 Aug 11

Sounds like a show – for those going, please take pictures!

EvanJames 4:26 pm 18 Aug 11

this is more like it! I wonder if there’ll be fights?

Jim Jones 4:20 pm 18 Aug 11

YEAH for the Rat Patrol!!!

I’ll be there … with a milky coffee.

Erg0 4:18 pm 18 Aug 11

Do the organisers have a web forum? I can’t find enough information in the above post to properly ridicule them.

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