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Chief Minister calls for nominations for Lifetime achievement awards

johnboy 14 November 2005 11

Jon Stanhope is encouraging us to nominate old bastards older individuals “for the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Awards.”

Who would be sponsoring this but Radio Wrinkly Talk Radio 2CC?

In any event, if you want to nominate someone the page is supposedly here (not that I can see hide nor hair of it). The especially keen can drop into the home of vicious old bastards of the air Talk Radio 2CC in Mitchell to pick up a form.

If we all got to be Canberran of the Year in 2003 (still waiting for my certificate Chief Minister) why can’t we all have a lifetime achievment award I ask?

What’s Your opinion?

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Chief Minister calls for nominations for Lifetime achievement awards
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midnitecalla 7:56 pm 05 Dec 05

Well Blow Me over with a feather some twits still listen to 2CC? havent listened since the FM channels came to life in 1987….and now tend to listen to my Ipod delicious that no pollies no commercials selling crap … so behind the times those old pharts arnt they? do they still call them selves “life Station?” im old but hip….

so who cares if they rattle thier sabres sammy? get a life you leach.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 12:28 am 20 Nov 05

The application form is on the Office for Ageing website as an 872kb word document here and on the 2CC website as a 363kb PDF file here

johnboy 6:56 pm 15 Nov 05

Email me if you want details.

As the issue was the innapropriate disclosure of a third party’s personal information (one of the “norms of society” sam chooses not to subscribe to) I don’t care to rehash the issue in public.

b2 5:54 pm 15 Nov 05

what was that above…why does sam think that Johnboy might ‘delete and alter this comment’?

Chalker 1:27 pm 15 Nov 05

You are all special and valued individuals. Just like everybody else.

Thumper 8:33 am 15 Nov 05

I always find it interesting when there are nominations for this sort of thing.

We do have the Australian Honours and Awards system and I for one would much rather an order of Australia than a piece of paper signed by Mr Stanhope.

johnboy 7:05 am 15 Nov 05

I think you will find that you just managed to alienate a lot of your older readers, and a lot of your 2CC listening readers.

That’s not exactly going to keep me awake at night.

Anyway no-one gets banned for their opinions here. (Even if revealing personal info about other readers, that has no bearing on the subject at hand, will get comments deleted. Much as it pains me to do that)

b2 9:58 pm 14 Nov 05

sam, I think you are a right twat. 2CC is shite and you need to understand this

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 8:47 pm 14 Nov 05

On re-reading my comment, it should have said “some of them read this site and are probably mildly annoyed by now”.

gingermick 8:33 pm 14 Nov 05

Stick it to him, Sam!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 8:17 pm 14 Nov 05

They sponsored it last year as well, but in all fairness ActewAGL are the naming rights sponsor as all the ads I’ve heard call it the “ActewAGL Lifetime Achievement Awards”.

Personally I found the insinuations in this article quite offensive. I respect your right to an opinion Johnboy (and your right to delete and alter this comment), but I think you will find that you just managed to alienate a lot of your older readers, and a lot of your 2CC listening readers.

Maybe I’m just over sensitive because I know a few people who work for 2CC, but you should know that some of them read this site and are mildly annoyed by now. (Actually, the vast majority of 2CC employees are under 40…)

I’m probably heading in the direction of being banned from this site, and I don’t particularly care any more.

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