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Chief Minister goes mental

johnboy 7 March 2007 64

The Canberra Times reports on an astonishing outburst in the Legislative Assembly:

During an emotionally charged outburst yesterday, Mr Stanhope told the Legislative Assembly Mr Smyth was a “despicable little man” with a “dirty mind” who belonged in the gutter.

“He likes it there, down with the cigarette butts and the dog turds and the wasted life,” he said, after calling the MLA “Mr Slimeball from Tuggeranong”.

Aside from wondering what the people of Tuggeranong will make of some of the possible interpretations of the outburst let’s go back to what caused it.

While Leader of the Opposition Brendan was disappointingly soft on the fire issues. one question he did pursue was where the Chief Minister was the night before the fires when, as acting Minister for Emergency Services, he was unavailable for contact from his emergency services chief, Mike Castle.

Many people would think this was an entirely reasonable question to ask about the night before Duffy went up in flames. But our Chief Minister has for the last four years strenuously insisted it’s nobody’s business but his own.

In his outburst yesterday the Chief Minister seems to be alleging that Brendan Smyth has been insinuating that the unavailability was caused by some sort of extra-marital dalliance.

The Chief Minister has now set the record straight saying he was dining with no less than Magistrate Grant Lawler, and the Catholic priest Dermid McDermott.

Bill Stefaniak has asked with a sly innocence: “Why on earth wouldn’t he say that four years ago? I find it extraordinary that he didn’t just say what he was doing at the time”

I don’t suppose anyone caught the outburst on the Assembly’s web stream?

(Note to commenters: Please think long and hard about potential defamation suits, conducted against you as likely as us, before posting any new information on this matter)

UPDATED: Thanks to “captainwhorebags” for pointing out that the Liberals now have an image [Canberra Times] for their campaign posters.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Apparently Our Brave Leader has apologised to the people of Tuggeranong this morning on radio 666. And yet to date his website lacks any statement making such an apology (12.50pm).

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64 Responses to Chief Minister goes mental
Pandy Pandy 4:10 pm 07 Mar 07

I think CM said he had turned his phone off. Well wouldn’t you when you are at a dinner? well OK he is CM but fair is fair.

Pandy Pandy 4:08 pm 07 Mar 07

Well kiwi, the Libs had 4 years to drag out a name of the woman he was having an affair with. Did they? They could have used parliamentary privelage if they had any proof at all. And Sonic denies any affair or him going OS with his wife. It should have ended sooner but the Libs persisted with the FOI. It was just muck raking and undeserved intrusion into his family affairs.

If you are unable to understand that then you are a sad little loser.

As for slimeball, I lost all credibility in him when he refused to fess-up on the Alex Sloane show.

johnboy johnboy 4:03 pm 07 Mar 07

So Castle lied when he said he tried to contact the CM?

The CM has a particularly bad phone?

You believe this?

astrojax astrojax 3:59 pm 07 Mar 07

JB wrote: “The reason he should have accounted for his whereabout is because he left his post without being first relieved.”

On the number of the beast this morning, CM stated that he DID have his phone with him, it WAS on and that no-one from his office had been contacted to try to contact him…

Take that denial as you will, but it was all pretty earnest and open to Alex Sloan and all of us listeners… And he raised the matters, not Alex (well, not directly)

Where is the allegation that he was ‘uncontactable’ and that he ‘left his post’? (on a Friday night, everyone goes home and about their business, yeah?)

The man was living his principles, according to the man. Are we to question this?

(and no-one has railed against CM’s assualt on the ‘slimeball’. Interestingly!)

GreenTrees GreenTrees 3:34 pm 07 Mar 07

If Chairman Stanhope was with the Priest and the Judge, why not have said this years ago and taken the issue off the agenda?

His rantings seemed to mirroe that of his counterpart in North Korea.

Maelinar Maelinar 3:16 pm 07 Mar 07

err mucked up hyperlinking…

I have an interest in knowing who went with him on an overseas junket, What he does with his own money though, is his business.

barking toad barking toad 3:12 pm 07 Mar 07

Questions about his sexual affairs wouldn’t have arisen if he’d disclosed 4 years ago what he has now. Stress is all self imposed.

LG LG 3:12 pm 07 Mar 07

Pandy said: But he was sticking to his principles that politicans are never questioned about their sexual affairs.

He wasn’t asked about his sexual affairs. He was asked where he was that night and why he wasn’t contactable. Fair questions given the circumstances.

What did Stanhope expect when he refused to answer where he was on such an critical night for Canberra? That people would say “oh well, he’s a good fellow, let’s not worry about it” or is it more logical to ask “what’s he hiding?”?

Yes I am completely ignoring any possible/likely back room rumour spreading as I don’t see it as the primary issue – although I do not approve of it – and all parties do it.

kiwi61 kiwi61 3:04 pm 07 Mar 07

Ewwwww. Scary Pandy.
How do you think Howard’s kids handle the way everyone speaks about him. Same Iemma. Same Beattie.
Grow a brain dipshit.

johnboy johnboy 2:54 pm 07 Mar 07

The Carnell rumours were most enthusiastically spread by those in the ALP in my own experience.

Most other people didn’t give a damn, just like I don’t give a damn where Stanhope was that night, I give a great big damn that he turned his phone off.

And wait a minute, how old are his “kids”?

bonfire bonfire 2:48 pm 07 Mar 07

yeah im with pandy.

those carnell rumours never came from the alp.

its part of the game of politics.

Pandy Pandy 2:48 pm 07 Mar 07

Well barking toad, sonic did say something to the effect that he was stubbornly refusing to answer. Yes he was a smart arse. But he was sticking to his principles that politicans are never questioned about their sexual affairs.

barking toad barking toad 2:47 pm 07 Mar 07

‘arse coverer’

Gorebal Warmening affecting spelling side of brain.

Pandy Pandy 2:46 pm 07 Mar 07

Well kiwi care to give us your real name then? I want to spread about you and your sexual preferences involving minors. You can’t handle it? Then piss off from RA turd because you dont know anything about how this situation can have an effect on his wife leading to a potential marriage break-up..

It is one thing to hound the politician over his policies: it is another to involve the wife over a 4 year campaign with not a shred of proof/name so far. Even his kids are being asked about the rumours.

barking toad barking toad 2:46 pm 07 Mar 07

There would have been no stress for nohope or his missus had he ‘fessed up 4 years ago instead of trying to be a smartarse (or an ares coverer)

kiwi61 kiwi61 2:35 pm 07 Mar 07

Sorry Pandy but if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.
Many Canberrans have had a gutful of the Stanhopeless govt as well. What about the stress the average family is being put under with the massive cuts to anything and everything the govt can get thier hands on.
The sooner he steps down the better.

Thumper Thumper 2:33 pm 07 Mar 07


bit rough to involve the spouse if that is the case.

Ms Sonic should be left completely out of it. It is totally unfair on her to be dragged into this sort of mire.

Pandy Pandy 2:08 pm 07 Mar 07

Sonic was almost going to cry like a baby on the radio.

But I sympthasise with him. He accuses th Libs for spreading the rumour (which I have heard within the Department of Immigration and Citizenship at high levels.) and that he has been hounded on who actually went OS with him via a Lib FOI request. His missus has had a gutful of politics: expect our brave leader to step down.

I thought that Symth response was pretty piss poor. Lay off.

bonfire bonfire 1:33 pm 07 Mar 07

boo hoo.

if he cant handle the life, maybe he should resign.

Thumper Thumper 1:11 pm 07 Mar 07

SMH have jumped on the band wagon and also have another classic photo.

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