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Chief Minister Tries to Steal RiotACTs Idea

By che - 31 August 2005 49

John Stanhope and TransACT are trying to steal RiotACTs thunder by starting up their own totally local television channel focusing entirely on local content and issues to be broadcast on TransACT. So get out those digital video cameras boys and girls becuase I’m sure they’ll be looking for content to fill up all that time.

The Chief Ministers Media Release is below (I’m sure they’ll get it up on the web sometime this year)


Chief Minister Jon Stanhope will on Thursday launch Channelvision, a new Canberra television channel that will be broadcast on TransACT’s Channel One.

Channelvision is believed to be a first for any city in Australia – a totally local television channel focusing entirely on local content and issues and employing only local staff and presenters.

When: 10:30am Thursday 1 September
Where: Canberra Business Promotion Centre
Regatta Point, Commonwealth Park, Acton

Anyone going to the launch we’d love to hear about it.

What’s Your opinion?

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49 Responses to
Chief Minister Tries to Steal RiotACTs Idea
el 1:59 pm 31 Aug 05

Channelvision? CHANNELVISION? Who’s the silly cnut that came up with that name?

Mr Evil 1:55 pm 31 Aug 05

Shit, is Gallagher preggers? Why would anyone want to breed with her? I wonder if she conceived in a Torana or a Monaro.

Absent Diane 1:35 pm 31 Aug 05

maybe a localised soap based on hair dresses-cum-hookers – my name for this show would be ‘RearEnders’…hehe

em 1:27 pm 31 Aug 05

I hope someone does a gardening show with plants that will actually grow in Canberra, cos most of the stuff on commercial TV is for Sydney.

em 1:26 pm 31 Aug 05

Mr Evil, you have a thing about seeing a pregnant woman take her clothes off? Become a midwife!

Could be a good thing, provided the government doesn’t get too involved in content vetting. But how is it a first? Doesn’t Channel 31 in Melbourne do local content – or do they also have imported stuff?

Absent Diane 12:59 pm 31 Aug 05

mmm waynes world perhaps….. A lot of people have told me about blokes world….., mostly because I started scripting a tv show which people suggested was very similar to it, it sounds good but

Mr Evil 12:56 pm 31 Aug 05

Yep, another mouth-piece for Stanhope is all we need. All ‘sanitised’ news brought to the people in Stan-o-vision!

I hope they have an ACT ‘naked news’ segment hosted by Katy Gallagher and Deb Foskey.

At this rate maybe we will see a 100 metre high Stanhope up on Mt Ainslie after all???

Ralph 12:47 pm 31 Aug 05

Bonfire, that sounds alot like Blokesworld. No complaints from me though, I could watch that show (Blokesworld) everyday.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 12:46 pm 31 Aug 05

Does this mean that Simon will be banned from posting here on Stanhope TV’s competition.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 12:45 pm 31 Aug 05

I saw an ad for it in the City Ads last week…seems interesting. Maybe I could run “Samuel’s Opera Hour”. My boss has described my opear as wolves crying.


bonfire 12:40 pm 31 Aug 05

ive got this idea for a show which i can do out of my basement. it will be about heavy metal, babes and demonstrations of new products like the flowbee.

Chris 11:47 am 31 Aug 05

Shouldn’t it be called Tunnelvision ?

Kerces 11:40 am 31 Aug 05

I might go depending on how the morning’s going. And if I do, will attempt to take a camera (because we all really want Stanhope’s mug on the riot front page don’t we?)

ssanta 11:30 am 31 Aug 05

I shall be there. Will provide more details. I ownder if this will be similar to the community telly jobbies that exist in Sydney and Melbvegas.

Ralph 11:12 am 31 Aug 05

I wonder if the London Circuit Soviets will have a hand in vetting what content gets shown on there?

Stanhope would love his own state media outlet – just like the one Kim Jong-il has.

Ultimately I think this will end up being an outlet for people with far too much spare time – i.e. retired left wing public servants with an axe to grind about Iraq, roads through O’Connor ridge, gay whales etc

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