Chief Minister Tries to Steal RiotACTs Idea

che 31 August 2005 49

John Stanhope and TransACT are trying to steal RiotACTs thunder by starting up their own totally local television channel focusing entirely on local content and issues to be broadcast on TransACT. So get out those digital video cameras boys and girls becuase I’m sure they’ll be looking for content to fill up all that time.

The Chief Ministers Media Release is below (I’m sure they’ll get it up on the web sometime this year)


Chief Minister Jon Stanhope will on Thursday launch Channelvision, a new Canberra television channel that will be broadcast on TransACT’s Channel One.

Channelvision is believed to be a first for any city in Australia – a totally local television channel focusing entirely on local content and issues and employing only local staff and presenters.

When: 10:30am Thursday 1 September
Where: Canberra Business Promotion Centre
Regatta Point, Commonwealth Park, Acton

Anyone going to the launch we’d love to hear about it.

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49 Responses to Chief Minister Tries to Steal RiotACTs Idea
terubo terubo 3:56 pm 07 Sep 05

Dear Mr Eye,
You get on and make the stuff – we’ll be the judge. First rule of tv production.

Maelinar Maelinar 3:53 pm 07 Sep 05

Approach us for some live content then since you obviously work there Mr Eye.

Start with replaying past episodes of IB, and then we’ll talk about current affairs of the day pertaining to Canberra at the Durham Arms every Friday live.

It’ll be a hoot and a holler, a little in the vein of Waynes World, hip, cool, superfantastic and of course, you’ll all get to see me in my first presentation as I plan to eventually conquer the world and known universe. It’ll be historical, infact you must do it, as you’ll be making history.

Kerces Kerces 3:49 pm 07 Sep 05

Interesting feedback Eye. But worth remembering the line things noticed and my impressions from the launch this morning. That’s all they were, my impressions.

I only saw pretty young thngs doing the presenting (and one of them is well known to me), so that’s what I said. It felt to me like they were all talking slowly and carefully, as in being careful not to let nerves get the better of them and make them rush, so that’s what I said.

However I will say I have no television experience myself yet.


Thumper Thumper 3:29 pm 07 Sep 05

Thank you for the paid advertisement.

The Eye The Eye 3:09 pm 07 Sep 05

ChannelVision is in fact a first for Australian TV. Indeed, there has been community television stations set up before in other cities, but ChannelVision is not community television. It is a fully commercial pay TV channel focussing specifically on the ACT and surrounding areas.
As for being a mouthpiece for the Stanhope government, what a joke! Just because Stanhope officially launched the channel does not mean he actually has anything to do with it. As Chief Minister, Jon Stanhope officially opens dozens of different things every month. Are these all his mouthpieces too?
ChannelVision is not ‘a heap of ads pretending to be stories’ either. The channel will produce high quality feature stories that will be of interest to Canberrans. However, there will be the opportunity for local businesses to promote themselves on the channel.
I would also like to point out that all the presenters are not ‘pretty young things.’ All the presenters are of varying ages ranging from about 20-55. And to say that they are all ‘talking very carefully,’ what is this based on?
The reason that the launch presentation showed all the presenters on the same set background, was because they were the pilots for each show and as such were all filmed on one set. Once the Channel becomes fully established there will be many sets and each show will be able to establish its own identity.
All in all, ChannelVision will be great for Canberra and a great launch vehicle for local talent!

homebrewed homebrewed 8:10 am 02 Sep 05

terubo… you are right… channelvision will be awesome for local filmmakers to get their stuff screened…

the comment was in relation to the fact that any content of quality has an economic value… one that is open to distortion when it can be shown on the “TV”

no connection to any film festival

terubo terubo 3:27 pm 01 Sep 05

Yeah, I’d say it definitely has its advantages for the local filmmakers. Like others though, I don’t have TransACT…

Kerces Kerces 2:41 pm 01 Sep 05

Ok I’m told the presenters get fully paid (on a casual basis) for their work on the station and it works out at about 10-20 hours per week. Nice job for an aspiring journalism/media student…

Kerces Kerces 2:33 pm 01 Sep 05

Have a look at their website, terubo. There’s not one but TWO programs in the current bunch about Canberra’s film industry and short film presence. I guess it’s easy for the Channelvision people to get the contacts…

terubo terubo 2:11 pm 01 Sep 05

Don’t know if you’re connected to the short film festival in your name, homebrewed, but it seems to me Channelvision would be good for local filmmakers to get their product out?

Kerces Kerces 1:54 pm 01 Sep 05

Thanks for that homebrewed. Like I said, I jsut turned up with the info given in the original story here and did my best based on what I could scribble down at the time.

Bonfire, I hear it might be on the cards. But I don’t know much.


bonfire bonfire 1:28 pm 01 Sep 05

what about an ‘insatiable banalities’ show ? local music, drunken chat etc.

transact are dogs. i tried numerous times to get it at my place, and they have the damn cables in the backyard, but no. so i went with foxtel.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 1:28 pm 01 Sep 05

I heard that NRS got their start by writing ad jingles….

em em 1:28 pm 01 Sep 05

Nothing wrong with TransACT being a pay TV provider. They also give me better broadband cable access than Telstra could, and cheaper local phone calls.

homebrewed homebrewed 1:20 pm 01 Sep 05

THE NRS Group is the ACT’s biggest and most successfull tv/film/media production group. Graham Patrick runs the show. He is an astute business man and a respected film producer who has convinced the powers-that-be Canberra needs and can commercially sustain a community tv station… though the generosity of TransACT, his investment in infrastructure is minimal and for cheap content he can a) use the NRS back catalogue and b) content from aspiring local screen industry types who automatically hear “TV” and are willing to provide content and their time for peanuts or nothing. In addition he has attracted sponsorship from Tourism ACT.

Mr Patrick is a genius… he has effectively convinced the government to underwrite his business!

Thumper Thumper 1:08 pm 01 Sep 05

I forgot to add ‘bleeding heart’ to the second segment.

And now we will return you to our regular programming….

Thumper Thumper 1:08 pm 01 Sep 05


i’ll give you a regular spot of thumpersworld. you can do the ‘Right Wing Stuff all you Lefties I hope you burn in Hell’ segment.

Which will be followed up by the ‘Left Wing hand wringing bottom lips biting Black Armband view of History we’re all bastards and I’m going to leave Australia until the federal government is usurped’ segemnt.

And then i’ll let the two of you discuss it.


Now that would have to be good television.

And I may tap into your plans for world domination Mr goldfinger, Ah, Maelinar….

Ralph Ralph 1:07 pm 01 Sep 05

At least they’ve got the Raiderettes, and that fluoro pig.

Maelinar Maelinar 12:24 pm 01 Sep 05

Maelinar’s plan of world domination begins with the acquisition of one small television station….

Channelvision smells a little of smellovision and a heap of nepotism. Is this a good summarism ?

Kerces Kerces 12:10 pm 01 Sep 05

Ok, things noticed and my impressions from the launch this morning:

John Mackay, CEO of TransACT (and ACTEWagl I’m sure) introduced the venture then quickly handed over to his brother-in-law Grahaeme Something who’s title I didn’t quite catch but I think he’s the director of the production company for Channelvision, which is quite possibly called the NRS Group. So the whole project’s in the family, it appears.

Grahaeme said there are now 60,000 households across Canberra with TransACT and that’s why this is an ideal time to launch this project (I must say, my suburb has been told our cables will be laid “soon” for the past five or six years).

He said there has not been a community tv station in Canberra for about 25 years. Apparently starting in the 60s sometime there was a station run by a George Barten based on Black Mountain, on which Grahaeme’s band appeared several times, leading to gigs for them. Of course, I’m far too young to know anythng about this, so I’ll leave it up to your memories to confirm this.

Channelvision (I forgot to find out who thought up the name…I really don’t like it) has about 20 people working on it at the moment and most are in their 20s — so, like me, don’t remember Canberra’s previous excursions into community tv.

There’s currently six hours of programs ready to go, and someone told me it would be live from noon today. According to their website, this string of programs will play in a continuous loop until new stuff gets made.

Grahaeme said, “Now we’ve got the technology in place, we’ve got the team in place, we just need the local people to help this channel grow” and something about get new content happening, which seems to say that there is room for other programs to come along and get shown, which was not very clear from all of what I saw and heard.

Then Jon Stanhope talked, giving a potted history of television and waffling about the ACT’s reputation for government support of media and production and tying it all in with ScreenACT, which we heard about yesterday.

He also clarified the business about this being an Australian first, when there’s patently been many other community tv stations. Apparently this is the first such station to be shown on pay tv.

He said the station would show a range of magazine style programs and would reflect the world-wide trend of people wanting a stronger sense of loacl identity and build closer ties with their communities.

Then we were shown a ‘presentation’ which basically was the tilte sequences of the 12 shows and then snippets from each.

A few comments.

If that’s really what the title sequences are, then they would annoy me no end.

All the presenters are pretty young things and talking very carefully. It turns out I know one of the sports presenters from uni and he told me he got involved in the project after seeing an ad in the CT for people interested in being presenters on this new tv station. I didn’t recognise anyone else among the people shown in the presentation, but my guess would be they’re mostly students of media type subjects or aspiring models. I forgot to ask if they were being paid for it, but will try and find this out.

Although it’s being presented as “all local content with all local people”, there is a travel show and the snippets shown were of a giraffe adventure in Nairobi and ice climbing with some English tourists somewhere. I’m not saying this isn’t interesting, it just didn’t seem to sit with the line they were pushing.

If you have access to TransACT, tune in to the first sportsvision broadcast for nice close-ups of the Raiderettes (two of whom were at the launch along with that stupid fluoro pig from Hogs Breath).

And finally, they only seem to have been able to afford on background set for all the presenters to use. I would have thought you would try and establish a distinct identity for each show, even if it just means buying some cheap cloth from Lincraft and taping it over the backdrop.

However it all looks rather slick and will be interesting to keep an eye on to see what happens in the future. If only I had TransACT.

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