Children getting out in the sun, Katy is Koncerned

johnboy 14 January 2007 26

Katy Gallagher is disturbed that young people are following her diktats less assiduously than she would wish in the area of sun protection.

Ms Gallagher said that over the last few years there had been an alarming fall in children using protective clothing, sunscreen, hats when out in the sun in the middle of the day. Where 53% of students reported wearing a hat “usually” or “always” in 1996, only 40% reported doing so in 2005. For use of maximum protection sunscreen, the percentage has fallen from 67% in 1996 to only 40% in 2005…

Ms Gallagher said that during the remaining hot days of Canberra’s summer, all Canberrans should be aware of the damaging effect of the sun and take reasonable precautions when out and about enjoying our weather.

Government policies on how to brush your teeth, what hat to wear, surely it’s just a matter of time before we get lectured on exactly how they’d like us to wipe our bottoms?

(Policies on how to flush being already well documented)

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26 Responses to Children getting out in the sun, Katy is Koncerned
Al Al 11:03 am 16 Jan 07

Except that they’re handling YOUR food…

lateralis lateralis 8:40 am 16 Jan 07

Well let’s let Darwin take care of that for us. Have them ignore common sense safety measures and remove themselves (and the rest of their spawn) from the gene pool.

Al Al 5:00 pm 15 Jan 07

Snahon: point made – over-generalisation alert…
I’ll rephrase: never underestimate just how big is the proportion of the population who really are friggin dumb.

snahon snahon 3:34 pm 15 Jan 07

Ahh the good ol’ never underestimate the stupidity of the general public 🙂

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:54 pm 15 Jan 07

Everytime I hear Katy’s voice on the tv or radio I run outside naked to escape her horrid drone, and as a consequnce I always end up getting badly sunburnt.

Al Al 1:47 pm 15 Jan 07

“Perceived common-sense is often not too common.”

Agreed Sammy. It’s unfortunate but true. In a former lifetime, our organisation (a local government) conducted an ongoing series of “healthy service of food” courses. It was truly amazing the number of food service staff from businesses throughout the shire who didn’t realise how to do it properly. For instance (and I see this one EVERY DAY here in Canberra) they don’t know why they only have a glove on one hand (glove for the food, bare hand for the money, if you happy to be one of those people contaminating my lunch). Or whay have they got gloves on both hands when they are serving on the counter and handling money – do they think it’s to protect there own hands from germs???
JB in politics you are often told to not underestimate the intelligence of the electorate. But the reality is more often that you shouldn’t OVERestimate their intelligence.
…RiotACT subscribers notwithstanding… 🙂

Thumper Thumper 1:19 pm 15 Jan 07

Nanny state…

lateralis lateralis 1:13 pm 15 Jan 07

I’m not too crazy on a world where people are so empty-headed that they need politicians to think for them.
I’m not debating the seriousness of the message, just the need for it in the first place.

terubo terubo 12:59 pm 15 Jan 07

It could be worse, she could have told us not to go out at all in the middle of the day. Her reminder seems relatively mild to me.

johnboy johnboy 12:51 pm 15 Jan 07

Sometimes these things need to be bludgeoned into people.

You’re just bludgeoning them for their own good eh?

At the risk of invoking Godwin’s law, did you know your style of thinking was very popular in the 1930s?

It didn’t end well.

Sammy Sammy 12:44 pm 15 Jan 07

It’s not like sun safety is a secret. Who deosn’t know about the risks?

Who doesn’t know the risks about the link between smoking and cancer? Yet people continue to do it. Sometimes these things need to be bludgeoned into people.

Sammy Sammy 12:42 pm 15 Jan 07

Policy on how to defrost meat so one won’t get food poisoning?

Done, here.

how about reminding people to wear warm clothes in winter as it may be cold

Also done, here.

Perceived common-sense is often not too common.

simto simto 10:26 am 15 Jan 07

She’s minister for health (amongst other things). Which means, yes, she’s responsible for well being. And if she can get some noise in the media to get the goofier parents out there to remember “oh, hang on, maybe I should actually pay attention to what’s on my kid’s noggin”, then she’s saving us all money.

Again – you’re assuming that everyone’s bright, intelligent and doesn’t need reminding. Which simply isn’t the case.

lateralis lateralis 10:08 am 15 Jan 07

Why is it Katy’s job? Surely skin experts…or dare I say it..parents, should be responsible for children’s well being. It’s not like sun safety is a secret. Who deosn’t know about the risks?

simto simto 9:25 am 15 Jan 07

Most of the objections seem to be that the government shouldn’t be sending out self-evident lectures to the public like they’re all idiots.

That ignores the point that many of us have noticed – yes, an awful lot of the public actually ARE idiots. And do actually need self-evident reminders.

No, Katy isn’t rushing around forcibly shoving hats on small children. She’s issuing reminders about medical advice. Hardly a stalinist solution…

johnboy johnboy 9:05 am 15 Jan 07

How about demanding an unborn child be aborted because of the projected future drain on the health system?

Because that’s where this thinking is going.

Thumper Thumper 9:02 am 15 Jan 07

I with JB on this one.

Policy on how to defrost meat so one won’t get food poisoning? how about reminding people to wear warm clothes in winter as it may be cold?

Seriously, it’s patronising…

johnboy johnboy 8:57 am 15 Jan 07

where will it end then Sammy?

Sammy Sammy 8:50 am 15 Jan 07

I think it’s perfectly reasonable for the Government to advise how we handle ourselves in the sun. It’s the taxpayer that has to fund the cancer treatment.

miz miz 11:43 pm 14 Jan 07

Um, could fashion be perhaps vaguely influential in a teenager’s life? Like, you know, baseball caps are not as ‘in’ for teens as they were in 1996, and strappy tops (girls) and wife-basher singlets (boys) are de rigeur?

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