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City of filth. Charity bin disgrace returns

By johnboy 26 December 2012 34

charity bins

So this is what Dickson looks like this boxing day morning.

Congratulations to every lazy dirty bogan who was so keen to “give to charity” they couldn’t be arsed doing their illegal dumping at the tip.

You walk amongst us and for reasons passing understanding we’re not allowed to brand your foreheads for easy identification.

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City of filth. Charity bin disgrace returns
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JazzyJess 10:18 am 03 Jan 13

Yesterday as I was leaving the Woolies car park at Gunners I saw a carload of men pull up with a trailer full of crap in tow. Sure enough they started unloading next to the overflowing charity bins. My quick thinking passenger took a pic on her phone and hopefully the dumpers will get their fine in the mail any day now. I could not believe how brazen these people were.

Henry82 11:38 am 02 Jan 13

At least most of that stuff can be converted into “bags of rags”. Unlike tvs

geetee 1:07 am 02 Jan 13

Aubergine said :

Centralise the bins – not working so well at Cooleman Court (anyone got a photo of what that looks like today?).

lol – as I walked past that hot mess tonight I thought ‘I really should take a pic for Riot-Act – somebody is bound to be interested’

Oh well – tomorrow’s another day 😉

Aeek 10:27 pm 01 Jan 13

Ainslie was as bad as Dickson; my local had bags next to the full bin except the other bin had plenty of room, yay, so I could contribute my stuff. Never seen the feral spread there.

milkman 6:17 pm 01 Jan 13

Zan said :

A lot people have left their goods on the sides of roads in the streets for anyone to take. Some put up a sign saying free.

What, next to the charity bin?

DrKoresh 11:29 am 01 Jan 13

Venuslace said :

It’s just so inspiring to see people giving to charity as they have done n Dickson. NOT!!!

How could anyone feel good about this dump, disguised as a “charity donation”. You people who dumped their junk all over the streets and slung from here to eternity must be Very Proud of your “Donations!” I hope you all brought along the “Kiddies” for a ride to see how loving and giving Mummy & Daddy are. Maybe they will grow up just like them! These are the people who need to be rounded up and charged with littering and what ever charge the police of Dickson can muster up! These are the people who complain that the government just doesn’t do enough to help them, while they languish with beer in had and steak on the barby! I hope they have cameras to see the culprits who did this, especially at this time of the year, where we were to, ” love thy neighbors and be as a child with your children”. Round those trashy people and fine them, or arrest them. Give them all a garbage bag, maybe they can hit the bag, once it is in their rotten hand! Disgusting and shameless. It make one want to cry…….

Well that was…interesting. A few bags short of a charity-bin, are we?

Basilbrush 10:48 am 01 Jan 13

TheDancingDjinn said :

amaroovian said :

Aubergine said :

The green shed have 1 kerbside pickup per year, but they will only take stuff the size of a 2 seater couch. (i called recently to ask) Personally i think that is very little, considering that people usually dont rid that little in a whole year.

The free pick up you are referring to is for concession card holders (DVA, pensioners, etc) who find it hard to get to the tip/shed. A great service utilised very well.

Paul0075 8:05 pm 31 Dec 12

Some of it looks like people have been removing things from the bins and rummaging through it all.

Doc Dogg 6:15 pm 30 Dec 12

I climbed over the piles of broken furniture at Kippax to put a couple of bags into the charity bins a few days ago. The bins were half full, so I suspect that most of the people dumping stuff didn’t even attempt to put it in the bin.

Also, there was a bloke from TAMS sitting in his vehicle taking photos of the illegal dumping who wound down his window and thanked me for doing the right thing.

poetix 12:02 pm 29 Dec 12

There are people in developing countries with more intelligence than the spoilt bogans who dump this stuff who nevertheless have to make their living sorting through tips.

Doesn’t seem fair, somehow.

cleo 3:03 am 29 Dec 12

Looks to me like people have been through the bins, or maybe the homeless sleeping in them, I have heard of that before.

kakosi 12:03 am 29 Dec 12

Is the mess entirely from people dumping or from other people rummaging through the bags left outside the bins?

TheDancingDjinn 2:28 pm 28 Dec 12

amaroovian said :

Aubergine said :

Have regular kerbside collections maybe? You could put a special plastic bag in every letterbox twice a year; residents fill that up with old clothes and leave on the kerbside for pickup by second hand clothing resellers or charities (whoever has the initiative to get there first).

Does this happen anywhere anymore? I remember collections like this back in the 80s when I lived in outer suburban Melbourne and it worked really well. A particular charity (can’t remember who) would deliver large yellow plastic bags to every letterbox with a notice saying what day it would be collected and what could be donated. It was done so it didn’t coincide with garbage collection, and I remember walking to school with the street lined with yellow bags leaning against trees and letterboxes for one day.

Mind you, where I lived charity bins were not practical because of the large blocks and distances between shops, so perhaps it was a specific strategy for those types of areas.

The green shed have 1 kerbside pickup per year, but they will only take stuff the size of a 2 seater couch. (i called recently to ask) Personally i think that is very little, considering that people usually dont rid that little in a whole year.
Though i have to say for the photo, that’s nothing! – Kippax 2 weeks ago seen someone bring down a entire childrens bedroom set complete with wardrobe, and one of those huge old wall units for the big tv’s. That person loaded a trailer to dump it all at the shops, on a rainy day. Id imagine this stuff looks like this, because people have gone through it, which i have no issue with – but they could at least search in a tidy fashion, rather than leave this laying around.

gooterz 1:07 pm 28 Dec 12

They obviously empty the bins with a truck. Why not just organize a once every! Weeks pickup. you rock up and dump your rags on the back of the truck.

Also why do people wear so many clothes? wear it a couple of times then get new ones for no logical reason at all

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