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City to the Lake. A more glorious dawn awaits?

By johnboy - 26 March 2013 70

YouTube brings us the ACT Government’s new grand plan to sweep future development down to the Lake, complete with a new stadium:

City to the Lake is a transformational project being developed within The City Plan, and is integral to realising the City’s potential as we embark on our second century. The ACT Government is committed to full community consultation and we will be conducting a range of consultation activities in coming months.

City to the Lake is about sharing our vision for what Canberra, in its second century, could be. This fly-through brings those possibilities to life.

There is, it seems, a whole website devoted to the cause:

    — The National Museum of Australia will be better connected to the City by a new interpretive boardwalk fronted by a potential new lakeside national attraction.

    — A new aquatic centre and pleasure beach on the waterfront allows the everyday activity of the City to connect with the Lake.

    — Ferries and water taxis can deliver people to the City at a new ferry terminal.

    — The new waterfront will offer restaurants, cafes and places for people to meet, promenade or simply sit and relax.

    — Continuous public access is provided where cyclists and pedestrians can both experience the waterfront safely on generous, separated paths.

    — The City streets will extend to West Basin to provide easy access for pedestrians and vehicles and clear views of the Lake.

    — Stormwater will be captured and treated through a series of water gardens before entering the lake. This cleansed and filtered water can be used to top up the aquatic centre facilities and the beach pool. This will ensure that the Lake water quality is enhanced and protected.

UPDATE: Chief Minister Gallagher’s media release is now available:

ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher today announced two projects that have the potential to transform the city centre and guide future development in the heart of Canberra.

At the National Museum of Australia, the Chief Minister was joined by Minister for Economic Development Andrew Barr and Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development Simon Corbell to announce the two projects: ‘The City Plan’ and ‘City to the Lake’ projects.

“As we celebrate our first 100 years, and look towards our next century, it is appropriate to talk about the role of our City centre, and how it can become a more dynamic, vibrant and sustainable place.

“The City Plan will provide a blueprint for future infrastructure development, land release and incentives for redevelopment right across the city. It will guide our decision making on what facilities and infrastructure are needed, where these should be located, and what should be the appropriate mix of land use,” the Chief Minister said.

The City to Lake project was also unveiled. This project will extend the city towards the lake, and finally link the two areas. It encompasses an area stretching from West Basin to Anzac Parade, and may include:

• A rectangular sports stadium;
• A new convention centre;
• Cultural facilities;
• An aquatic facility and urban beach; and
• Making Parkes Way a split-level boulevard to seamlessly link West Basin and Civic.

UPDATE 26/03/13 13:22: The Liberals Jeremy Hanson agrees the plans look pretty but questions if they can be achieved:

“Although many of the concepts look attractive, I question the Government’s ability to deliver on their promises. We all remember the grand designs for a new Government Office tower which Andrew Barr and Katy Gallagher promised to deliver, but then dropped once the hard questions were asked by the Opposition and their flawed planning was exposed.

“After the extraordinary Cotter Dam cost blow outs, the GDE, the prison and other botched infrastructure projects, Canberrans should not be fooled by glossy brochures and slick videos that are no substitute for competent infrastructure delivery.

“I will be seeking a detailed briefing from the Government on their proposal and will pay particular attention to some of the hard questions that will need to be answered, including costs, timelines, consultation, parking, disruption to existing parkland and amenities, budgetary impact, and who will be paying for this project,” concluded Mr Hanson.

stadium options

What’s Your opinion?

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70 Responses to
City to the Lake. A more glorious dawn awaits?
Sgt.Bungers 11:38 am 26 Mar 13

gooterz said :


I’ll just leave this here to fester…

“Parking is not a constitutional right in any country.” – Dr. Enrique Peñalosa.

KT67 11:24 am 26 Mar 13

Looks great, a beach and stadium with walking distance of my house would be awesome.

Holden Caulfield 11:21 am 26 Mar 13

Overall I think it looks pretty damn good. Shame it won’t happen in my lifetime.

And I wouldn’t want to be living here while they take three years to wreck/fix Parkes Way.

chewy14 11:17 am 26 Mar 13

Chop71 said :

2.15 nice pic of Sydney (bridge and opera house).

Why cram the stadium in the city when there is plenty of land (right next to the GDE for easy access and parking) at Bruce.

…the rest of this magnificent utopia will take 100+ years to build.

Bruce is a horrible location for a stadium. It’s near absolutely nothing and causes massive traffic issues whenever there’s a big game on because everyone drives.

I love going to Sydney and Melbourne to watch footy games at Stadiums that are actually close to something and have easy public transport access to get you there. A stadium in the city, well serviced by public transport would be awesome.

I agree about the long time frame for any of this to happen but surely it’s better to have some long term planning and vision rather than the hodge podge stuff that happens in most places now?

I think these kind of ideas are great.

Chop71 11:05 am 26 Mar 13

2.15 nice pic of Sydney (bridge and opera house).

Why cram the stadium in the city when there is plenty of land (right next to the GDE for easy access and parking) at Bruce.

…the rest of this magnificent utopia will take 100+ years to build.

Heavs 10:56 am 26 Mar 13

Yay for bread and circuses.

FioBla 10:42 am 26 Mar 13

We didn’t really like Acton Park(ing) I guess.

Morgan 10:30 am 26 Mar 13

This looks good.

I think that outside the section between the bridges there should be a lot more development on the lakefront. It is nice to preserve existing genuine parkland (as opposed to areas which just have nothing built on them), as well as some of the more remote areas of the lake like the bit near the Dam.

This area is perfect. If you build mixed development including residential and commercial more people will be there. Things such as the aquatic centre also bring more diverse age groups, not just hipsters like the waterfront in Kingston.

Need to consider parking for major events including floriade. Otherwise Canberrans will just park wherever they feel like (Where were the parking inspectors at Skyfire?)

bundah 10:28 am 26 Mar 13

gooterz said :


Now you really have thrown a spanner in the works!

gooterz 10:14 am 26 Mar 13

Its nice they’re planning but what do they hope to achieve? Planning for the future, where are all these jobs coming from? What is so good about being close to Queanbeyan’s main sewerage pond?

Why isn’t capitol metro(sexual) on the plans? Wasn’t in the griffin plan?

Seems more and more like the griffin plan is an excuse to go against what people actually want. Canberra isn’t Sydney if we wanted Sydney we’d move there.

Holden Caulfield 10:13 am 26 Mar 13

Surely the Canberra community will join together in a widespread and united protest to save its beloved futsal courts!

gooterz 10:10 am 26 Mar 13


mezza76 10:00 am 26 Mar 13

Looks fantastic. If it ever gets built I’ll be very impressed.

davo101 9:59 am 26 Mar 13

Oh my giddy aunt.

What are they on and where can I get some?

Bassman1977 9:49 am 26 Mar 13

When Canberra’s roadworks are have my permission to die!

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