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Civic Seating

By phototext - 30 June 2009 17

It appears that the metal bench chairs in Civic are being replaced.

The comfortable and vaguely pleasing to the eye ones are being replaced by butt ugly and very uncomfortable ones.

Does the ACT Government really have that much spare cash floating around that they need to get rid of perfectly good seating that does the job. I can think of better things to spend the money on.

Perhaps it is to encourage people to avoid sitting outside enjoying the fresh air, watching the people walk by, listen to the birds and do their duty and shop inside in the mall.

What’s Your opinion?

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Civic Seating
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Special G 10:27 am 01 Jul 09

Word on the street is that Stanhope had one of his mates tell him that the seats were uncomfortable so he put a hold on the replacement of the old seats.

Clown Killer 1:58 am 01 Jul 09

I suspect that they’re improving the amenity by making it less comfortable for the unemployed, homeless and drug addicted to wile away the hours cluttering up our open spaces. Good on them for taking the initiative.

grunta123 9:06 pm 30 Jun 09

Ahh Jon is just stimulating the economy buying, building and replacing stuff that doesn’t need to be bought, built or replaced.

bd84 9:04 pm 30 Jun 09

I don’t think the old blue ones are that comfortable to sit on in the first place and they’re normally covered in bird sht anyway.

deye 12:37 pm 30 Jun 09

so much for sitting and reading at lunch time.

V twin venom 12:28 pm 30 Jun 09

Aren’t these things part of the “Canberra Central Design” project. It’s on the TaMs website somewhere and includes street signs, seat, bins, bollards and god knows what else. Butt ugly and completely impracticle IMHO, just look at Childers St. Someone, somewhere is making a motza out of the design and construction rights no doubt.

deye 11:39 am 30 Jun 09

They are also “upgrading” the light poles by the looks of it so they look like the ones around the Canberra centre.

phototext 11:12 am 30 Jun 09

“City Traders were paying for this ‘upgrade’ of the seats”

Thus ensuring that the citizens of Civic have nowhere comfortable to sit other than at their establishments.

Taking a another look at them this morning, it appears they will be much loved by taggers and skaters.

MsCheeky 10:51 am 30 Jun 09

Yes, I posted on this a few months ago. There was an article in the CT recently about the future of Garema Place, Canberra Centre management and expansion etc, that mentioned that the City Traders were paying for this ‘upgrade’ of the seats and bins.

I work in the middle of Garema Place, and every day I walk past the eyesore they’ve created. Seats and bins have been coralled inside fencing for some months now, with the new bench seats all wrapped in plastic, and signs proclaiming the corrals are ‘construction zones’. But there is nothing being done!

A daily irritant, but not one that you can blame on the Government, apparently. Whoever is doing it, please get on with it.

phototext 10:21 am 30 Jun 09

Re this subject been posted before.

Bugger, I thought I was being all cutting edge, four corners, ACA, prize winning journalistic….. I was even going to call it seatgate. 🙂

To now quote the original poster as she said it so much better than me:

“Where am I going to sit now? Damn it. What idiot chose these without sitting on them first!”

amarooresident2 9:35 am 30 Jun 09

Old news. It’s been going on for the past few months. Isn’t part of the civ improvements being paid for by the City Traders fund or something?

grundy 9:34 am 30 Jun 09

Ahhh, this was the one I was thinking of:

grundy 9:33 am 30 Jun 09

Didn’t we have this exact article a few months or more back?

ant 9:32 am 30 Jun 09

It’s weird to see them wasting money on uneccessary things, while vital things are left underfunded. I guess it’s a feature of their budgetting system, they have to allocate X dollars to each pot, and rather than keep a sensible eye on pots that aren’t being emptied, and what they’re being emptied on, and re-allocating the money to inadequate pots, they’re all kept separate.

So life-and-death things like hospitals and ambulances are struggling, and they elsewhere are using money to pull up adequate furniture and replace it. Or put ugly eyesores up beside roads called ‘art’.

s-s-a 9:21 am 30 Jun 09


I suspect govco doesn’t want the benches comfortable enough for the homeless to sleep on them.

RandomGit 9:11 am 30 Jun 09

I’ll need photo evidence, before and after. The internets are your friend, use it.

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