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Clea Rose Killer on the Run

By neanderthalsis - 11 June 2009 55

The Canberra times is reporting that one of our finest young reprobates is on the run after absconding from his fathers house whilst on Humanitarian Leave.

From the Times:

    The youth who hit and killed pedestrian Clea Rose in Civic four years ago while driving a stolen car is once again on the run from the law after absconding while on humanitarian bail from prison. The now 18-year-old has been at large for nearly two weeks after a Supreme Court judge released him from the Alexander Maconochie Centre into the care of his father to visit the youth’s grandfather who was said to be seriously ill in Calvary Hospital.

He climbed out of the window of his fathers house and did a runner apparently.

We don’t know his name, we don’t know what he looks like, so us folk of the general public can’t help the police with this one.

What’s Your opinion?

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55 Responses to
Clea Rose Killer on the Run
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astrojax 4:08 pm 12 Jun 09

be inhumane not to…

Mr Evil 1:42 pm 12 Jun 09

They’ll probably let him out again on the weekend so he can watch the rugby at Bruce Stadium!

Skidbladnir 1:29 pm 12 Jun 09

He’s back in the pokey, sent back by Higgins.

astrojax 7:54 am 12 Jun 09

a friend’s green subaru wagon [ycb 04c] was nicked on wednesday evening, just in case anyone sees it, and it may have been this scrote. i’d charge him with it anyway when he’s caught and let him prove otherwise.

MWF 10:14 pm 11 Jun 09

I feel sad for the Rose family.

I also feel sad for the people this little turd is almost certainly terrorising tonight. With no income and no way of supporting himself he has almost certainly stolen stuff from people already. It has been two weeks. Was your car stolen two weeks ago? Was your house broken into in the last two weeks?

Someone is harbouring this criminal. If it isn’t his family/friends/associates throwing money at him, how on earth could he have survived the last two weeks.

Spideydog 10:11 pm 11 Jun 09

sepi said :

It must be so awful for his family if they are not a typical criminal type family.

I don’t actually remember many bleeding hearts wanting to go soft on this kid.

Anyway – there is some slim hope that now he is 18 they will be a bit tougher on him.

What, and send him to AMC ?? He won’t even be sent to bed without dinner !!

sepi 9:55 pm 11 Jun 09

It must be so awful for his family if they are not a typical criminal type family.

I don’t actually remember many bleeding hearts wanting to go soft on this kid.

Anyway – there is some slim hope that now he is 18 they will be a bit tougher on him.

Gin02 9:51 pm 11 Jun 09

Hasn’t this guy had enough chances! Maybe now is the time for him to do some SERIOUS time!

nyssa76 9:40 pm 11 Jun 09

I’ve one better.

Once he’s caught, sterilise and labotomise the little turd.

When he committed the crime of killing Clea Rose three years ago the bleeding hearts screamed ‘rehabilitate’.

Been there, done that and now look what’s happened.

Remorseful? I highly doubt it. He should lose his right to walk amongst the law abiding citizens of this country for the term of his natural life.

I am sick of soft sentencesand the BS ‘justice’ system in Canberra. It’s about time the judiciary woke up to themselves.

bd84 9:17 pm 11 Jun 09

one hopes when he’s running from the police this time, he does the world a favour and kills himself instead of another innocent person.

Spideydog 9:03 pm 11 Jun 09

P Taker said :

I think the decision of sentencing should be made by police, they would be both ,angry over seeing the horrible crime scene, and probably pissed off that they have to chase his ass all over again. I am sure they would issue a very suitable sentence for the crime and not be lenient.

Sentencing is rightly kept separate and independent from Police. In saying that, the sentences handed out in alot of cases is disappointing to say the least and clearly not in line with what the community expects.

A problem here is also that this very selfish person has now possibly made it harder for his fellow prisoners and also future prisoners to get leave for a seriously ill relative. Magistrates/Judges may now be less inclined to allow such leave because of selfish behaviour like his.

Die Lefty Scum said :

Three strikes doesn’t work and only fills up prisons with petty offenders serving life sentences. Its popular with renegade politicians who like to win cheap votes with pathetically simplistic “get tough on crime” campaigns.

Are you saying that people need more than three chances to sort their shit out ?? I do get your point to a certain degree, so how about this:

3 strikes for “serious offences” – suitable jail time
3 strikes for “less serious offences” – hefty community service or something to that effect
Everything else – mandatory labotomy

Ok the last one was a bit over the top, but I like the first two …..

TP 3000 7:38 pm 11 Jun 09

I didn’t actually say how this lesson would be presented. There are a number of viedo presentations that were produced in the mid 90’s

Thumper 7:38 pm 11 Jun 09

I wouldn’t be suprised if you are correct Mr WMC.

Woody Mann-Caruso 7:23 pm 11 Jun 09

“STOP! POLICE! Look out, he’s got a gun!”
“Nope, it was just a phone.”
“Never mind, mate. Here, have some counselling.”
“Thanks. Make it a pint.”

Problem solved.

Auntyem 7:20 pm 11 Jun 09

“Surely there is someone on Riot who knows who this guys is or looks like?”

Unfortunately I do. He’s the same age as my son and he played in the same sports team when they were much younger (under 9s – under 14s). He’s always been the same. He was constantly being pulled aside for bad sportsmanship and sidelined for foul play and hurting other children.

I’ve met his siblings and they are very nice, normal (if that’s the right word) people – so I never thought his upbringing was a factor relating to his outrageous behaviour. When our family heard about Clea Rose we felt physically sick (not only because our son is the same age and we know the culprit and we also have a daughter the same age/situation who could easily have been in the same place/same time scenario) but because watching this kid over the years was like watching a train smash in slow motion – he was constantly out of control and heading for nothing but disaster (unfortunately it wasn’t his own) .

He doesn’t deserve special ‘humanitarian’ treatment. He’s obviously used his grandfather’s illness as an excuse to escape and this is just another example of his self-centred, malicious personality.

As far as rehabilitation goes – forget it.

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