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Clea Rose Killer on the Run

By neanderthalsis - 11 June 2009 55

The Canberra times is reporting that one of our finest young reprobates is on the run after absconding from his fathers house whilst on Humanitarian Leave.

From the Times:

    The youth who hit and killed pedestrian Clea Rose in Civic four years ago while driving a stolen car is once again on the run from the law after absconding while on humanitarian bail from prison. The now 18-year-old has been at large for nearly two weeks after a Supreme Court judge released him from the Alexander Maconochie Centre into the care of his father to visit the youth’s grandfather who was said to be seriously ill in Calvary Hospital.

He climbed out of the window of his fathers house and did a runner apparently.

We don’t know his name, we don’t know what he looks like, so us folk of the general public can’t help the police with this one.

What’s Your opinion?

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55 Responses to
Clea Rose Killer on the Run
Die Lefty Scum 12:33 pm 11 Jun 09

Three strikes doesn’t work and only fills up prisons with petty offenders serving life sentences. Its popular with renegade politicians who like to win cheap votes with pathetically simplistic “get tough on crime” campaigns. If we want to blindly follow other countries justice models then the U.S is the last place we should be emulating.

The douchebag who killed Clea Rose is galaxies away from being a petty offender. If only his name & photo could be published so that we could hunt him down to be hanged, drawn & quartered.

p1 12:19 pm 11 Jun 09

FWIW, I’m a big fan of the 3 strikes you’re out policy.

I am against the idea of three strikes and you are out, or any other sort of mandatory sentencing. However, if you get a sentence, then infringe upon it in any way (like escaping, or not turning up to periodic detention, breaking bail conditions, etc) then you should automatically default to doing the total time (plus anything new for extra offences committed) at maximum security.

peterh 12:13 pm 11 Jun 09

the guy that did the runner, or the justice, Die lefty Scum?

Die Lefty Scum 12:08 pm 11 Jun 09

That guy needs to hurry up and die.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 11:58 am 11 Jun 09

Surely with all these second(?) chances and considerations he must be fully rehabilitated by now.

There comes a time when gaol is no longer about rehabilitation; it is about putting a barrier between chronic offenders and the rest of society. I’d say this guy is getting pretty close to that point.

FWIW, I’m a big fan of the 3 strikes you’re out policy.

Mike Crowther 11:26 am 11 Jun 09

This isn’t new. Last year old mate Higgins released a convicted armed robber to visit his dying grandfather. (Only in that instance his junkie girlfriend was the ‘responsible person’entrusted to bring him back.) He did a runner and was picked up across the border after committing further offences and creating more traumatised victims. Higgins was apparently swayed by the argument that as the crim was Aboriginal he needed to carry out his ‘sorry time’ away from those nasty screws. (Turns out the bloke is actually Macedonian but that’s probably beside the point now). Anyway, in NSW crooks in such situations can go under armed escort to funerals, hospitals and compassionate home visits with an escape only once in a blue moon. (and, even rarer, the occasional shooting).

The next Clea Rose that this thing kills will be the responsibility of who? Ah yes, not some over-lactating judge, but the police who will be chasing him. How silly of me.

abc 11:21 am 11 Jun 09

You don’t need to escape from the jail.. you just get some stupid judge to let you out to visit some sick family member you don’t give a stuff about anyway…. but then again… under ACT law, it is his human right.

Thumper 11:18 am 11 Jun 09

Is anyone really suprised given what an absolute toerag this little prick is?

Spectra 11:15 am 11 Jun 09

Anyone care for a wager on what the poor dear’s defence will be for this one? Perhaps a previously undocumented psychological condition – “Chronic Escapism” has a nice ring to it.

hetzjagd1 10:56 am 11 Jun 09

Criminals and remorse go together like oil and water, or chalk and cheese, in this city

neanderthalsis 10:42 am 11 Jun 09

If he is now 18 and has committed new crimes, surely the police can release a name and mugshot. Might speed his recapture if the public knows what he looks like.

shauno 10:38 am 11 Jun 09

Lets hope he doesn’t steal a car.

The Brad 10:34 am 11 Jun 09

The not-so-artful dodger.

chewy14 10:33 am 11 Jun 09

I thought this was going to be the first escape story from our new prison.

Mr Evil 10:32 am 11 Jun 09

Well, he’s obviously well rehabilitated then………..

I think he should be given another chance, after all, he’s only had about 30 so far.

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