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Climate change scientists get hot (and bothered) over conference entertainment

By Thumper - 7 September 2006 41

The SMH is reporting (with photo) that climate change scientists, in Canberra for the 17th Australia New Zealand Climate Change Forum, were disgusted at the forum dinner where a balloon clad ladies entertained the wild boys.

One of these wild men commented that the entertainment was ‘a series of women on stage dressed in almost nothing making jokes about being ridden’

Many stormed out, possibly to Mitchell or Fyshwick, whilst allegedly ‘a woman covered in balloons started prancing around as delirious male scientists popped them with a pin,”

Oh those wild climate change boys. What has happen to our morals…..

UPDATED: AAP, via News, has more on the public fallout of this sorry incident. Professor Mike Hutchinson from the Centre for Resource and Environment Studies at the Australian National University has been named as the man responsible and will be feeling a bit sore and sorry this morning. The reliably weird Rebecca Gale (who thinks teaching burlesque is good psychotherapy) has tried to justify her perforance thusly:

“her balloon dance was only a bit of traditional satirical burlesque “bump, grind and shimmy,” with no nudity.”

I wonder what it was satirising?

What’s Your opinion?

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41 Responses to
Climate change scientists get hot (and bothered) over conference entertainment
Thumper 9:24 am 08 Sep 06

Maybe at a strippers conference they could have the dinner entainment as a bunch of leather elbowed jumper wearing climate scientists giving a lecture?

RandomGit 9:02 am 08 Sep 06

What a pack of whining pricks. Grow up, lighten up and have another fucking drink.

barking toad 8:26 am 08 Sep 06

And in today’s papers it seems that some of their funding has been withdrawn in what seems to be a kneejerk politically correct reaction.

Pull the rug because of their shrieking about the sky falling as they kneel in awe of Gore.

But fund more strippers I say.

Swaggie 7:56 am 08 Sep 06

Sounds like Mr Hutchison is the one to carry the can – why not let the professionals handle the conference and any entertainment?

Absent Diane 5:43 pm 07 Sep 06

these guys probably have a lot on their mind. Its Only one of the biggest issues we face as a race…

terubo 5:42 pm 07 Sep 06

Pin Pricks.
BTW, I agree with snahon, I don’t think I’d like to see what’s behind those balloons…

Big Al 5:17 pm 07 Sep 06

I suspect Mr Shab has nailed it (so to speak) – this smacks more of seriously inept event management than any sexist conspiracy.

I guess that’s the drop in amenity when you ban compulsorily student unionism. If the Union was still well funded all the feminists would have snuck out from the dinner early to see an exhibition on the oppression of female rabbit skinners during the depression as expressed through floral arrangements that would have been on at the Refec.

dr. faustus 4:50 pm 07 Sep 06

The woman who starred in the balloon-popping show wearing fish-nets, hotpants, a bustier and a bra was Rebecca Gale, a psychology undergraduate at ANU.

Ms Gale, who runs the burlesque dance classes in conjunction with the ANU Psychology Society, said the show’s emphasis was more on tease than nudity.

I think it’s obvious that the conference organisers were doing their bit to support the University’s struggling students.

Still, psychology departments seem to have got a lot more interesting since I was an undergraduate in the 1990s.

barking toad 4:46 pm 07 Sep 06

Heehee, nice one Ari

Most were so immersed in their doomsday thoughts of the seas rising to flood the planet in the next 10 years that the organisers thought they needed a bit of distracting titillation.

Be interesting to see if the establishments at Mitchell and Fyshwick had an inlux of houndstooth jackets with leather patches.

And wouldn’t the increased pulse rate make global warming worse what with all the puffing and panting and stuff? Bloody irresponsible I say!

snahon 4:43 pm 07 Sep 06

if the pic in the smh is to go by, I can understand why they would have left.

Ari 4:29 pm 07 Sep 06

I thought climate scientists were used to dealing with rubbery figures.

Thumper 4:26 pm 07 Sep 06

My thoughts exactly Mr Shab….

Mr_Shab 4:23 pm 07 Sep 06

Okay – it’s not exactly “offensive” (feel free to disagree with me there)…but what plonker felt like that would be a good idea for a half time show at a freakin’ science conference?

Thumper 4:06 pm 07 Sep 06

This was written with tongue firmly emplanted in cheek JB….

personally I think it was a ridiculous idea.

johnboy 4:02 pm 07 Sep 06

I’d say it”s not so much morallity as putting on entertainment that your audience is actually going to enjoy.

there seems to have been an assumption that everyone in the audience was going to be a straight male (and one who likes strippers at that, I can’t say I find them very entertaining).

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