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Climate Change to shrink like a polar ice cap

By Primal - 4 April 2012 74

office work

The ABC reports that the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency needs to downsize from 900 to about 600 staff to meet the demands of its budget.

Anyone else suddenly much happier with their job this morning?

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74 Responses to
Climate Change to shrink like a polar ice cap
Duffbowl 2:17 pm
04 Apr 12

c_c said :

Every department is trimming staff, almost no point listing them.
Certainly Vet Affairs and Health are both trimming it was announced a couple of months back.

DVA’s cut is about 100 positions nationally, which is roughly 5%.

c_c said :

You’re trimming away a lot of corporate knowledge and experience.

One novel way to address this is to document what folks do, both the formal and informal procedures. Unfortunately, that makes in roads into the little empires/dukedoms/baronies that we all know and love…

devils_advocate said :

It might also rebalance what I consider to be a very top-heavy APS, especially in the central agencies.

I recall reading in the Public Sector Informant that the 50% percentile for public servant employees had shifted from the APS6 level to an EL1. It has been steadily moving upwards for some time now, and we are ending up with more chiefs and less braves.

FioBla 2:19 pm
04 Apr 12

SnapperJack said :

no government money can be spent on climate change or anything to do with environmentalism.

No more sewers. Dubai-style.

davo101 2:25 pm
04 Apr 12

dungfungus said :

Note that this represents a 25% overnight increase in the cost of living

So I can assume numeracy is not your strong suit? More likely a 25% increase in the rate of change of the CPI.

dungfungus 2:37 pm
04 Apr 12

davo101 said :

dungfungus said :

Note that this represents a 25% overnight increase in the cost of living

So I can assume numeracy is not your strong suit? More likely a 25% increase in the rate of change of the CPI.

You are the only Rioter that has spotted the deliberate mistake !

pepmeup 2:40 pm
04 Apr 12

I know a few people who were employed by th DCC to work in assisting those with problems with the Pink Bats problems, I assume this is wrapping up and those contracts may not be renewed.

Holden Caulfield 3:17 pm
04 Apr 12

Erg0 said :

EvanJames said :

So, is CC still going to build itself a new building on DFAT’s carpark?

Last I heard (a couple of months ago), that car park will be staying put for the foreseeable future.

What happened to the Nishi building? Or is that SEWPAC moving there?

HenryBG 5:34 pm
04 Apr 12

dungfungus said :

EvanJames said :

So, is CC still going to build itself a new building on DFAT’s carpark?

This increased efficiency dividend is really cutting into the APS, look at the gov’t job ads in Saturday’s paper, they are shrivelling away to nothing. The two new entities being set up by Health to monitor and fun the new health system are recruiting on temporary contracts (and I’m told that most of those being taken are secondments from Health).

By the time Abbott’s mob get in, there’ll be precious little to cut into, but they have promised repeatedly that they’ll do exactly that. Hockey on QandA named DoHA as one area of particular attention. Sounds like he wants to privatise/outsource more of what they do. And I can’t see Climate Change surviving.

Rudd subjected the APS to a de-facto recruitment freeze, now in a short space of time they’re undergoing another such exercise. I guess Howard set the gold standard for using the APS as a general kick-dog.

Labor are already stealing the coalition’s policies 18 months out from an election. This is a new record.

It’s Defence that needs the chop: we’re starting to resemble the Burmese Military in our distribution of ranks.

Endrey 8:13 pm
04 Apr 12

dungfungus said :

PantsMan said :

housebound said :

Best RA headline this week.

Other possible headines could have included:
* Climate Change staff first to feel the low carbon economy.
* 300 Climate Change staff to try and find a ‘clean job of the future’
* ALP adopts Abbott’s climate change policy

Having had to deal with these people over the years, I cannot see what possible excuse they have for existing. They are like a prothletising religion; every critique is a rejection of their value system, so they become more paranoid, insular and deranged.

Finally and for good measure, am I going to have to fund their golden handshakes? Taxpayers have already paid $175,000 to provide them with counseling because everyone hates them.

I phoned them recently and asked them to explain what “a one-off 0.7% increase in the CPI” in practical application meant. I was told this will be the one and only price increase caused by introduction of the carbon tax in the quarter 1.7.12 – 30.9.12. For example, if the “normal” CPI is 2.8% on 30.9.12 it will become 3.5% with the carbon tax impact; thereafter it will reduce back to normal. (Note that this represents a 25% overnight increase in the cost of living) I then suggested that rather than “one -off” the increase would be constant; but I was assured it would only be “one-off”.
When I suggested that it would take at least a year for the “trickle down” effect to be taken into account I was dismissed. I then asked the person if he was aware that the CPI was an important benchmark in determining commercial lease rental increases and was this taken into account I was told that the Department of Climate Change didn’t have any input into commercial leases.
The discussion then went to the claim that the carbon tax will be “GST free” when in fact the increases in taxable supply prices to the end user will have GST added. It may be GST free when the tax is paid by the (yet unamed) 500 biggest polluters but after then it is not.
This went someway to explaining why Labor is going to deliver us a $40 billion deficit this year.

I can’t believe of all the rubbish in this stream I’m addressing this, but an increase of 0.7% isn’t a 25% overnight increase in the cost of living, it’s a 25% gain on the increase to prices, which you quote as 3.5%.

Incidentally you’ll find that the wage for a job you had 5 years ago will also be numerically higher today.

If you’re going to be a hack, at least bear a flag.

Genie 9:20 pm
04 Apr 12

The Department of Resources, Energy & Tourism announced staff cuts about a month ago… 100 jobs are expected to go next financial year… roughly 1/5 of the workforce.

From ABC News ACT:
“……But ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries says he doubts the numbers will remain the same.
He says once the cuts are tallied, the figure could be as high as 12,000 job losses……”

If Gary Humphries thinks up to 12,000 jobs may be lost next financial year, where are we all meant to work ??

Ian 10:11 pm
04 Apr 12

devils_advocate said :

FioBla said :

I may be misunderstanding, but, one of the advertised advantages of the carbon tax was

>It encourages businesses across all industries
>to find the cheapest and most effective way of
>reducing carbon pollution, rather than relying on
>more costly approaches such as government
>regulation and direct action.

I guess if the tax comes into effect in July, that’s one reason the department doesn’t need to be that big any more.

And anyway, Kevin Rudd was elected promising “razor gangs” in the public sector. Or did that already happen? I wasn’t in Canberra at the time.

^This. Once the policy is determined and implemented, there should be a skeleton staff only to progress any tweaks that need to be made post-implementation. The other area of course is actual market policing (ala ASIC or the ACCC) but the policy department has little raison detre at this point.

Exactly. The dept has gotten over the big hump of devising the policy, so naturally you’d expect them to be running smaller. What is the alternative? Have the policy wonks hanging around to think up policies to keep them occupied?

yellowsnow 10:18 pm
04 Apr 12

I can’t think of a department more deserving of job cuts.

I used to work there for many years – and it really is the most inefficient, inept agency of them all. I still have nightmares about some of the things they did over the years, and the colossal amounts of public money that pretty much went down the drain over the years, including on overseas trips and overpaid consultants who told people what they wanted to hear.

The sad part is the people they’ll let go are the ordinary worker bees they need most, and the people they’ll retain are the SES executives who created / contributed to the problems, which will no doubt continue. And no doubt they’ll continue throwing money at consultants – in fact with less staff even more money will be sent their way. And still they won’t be able to sell the carbon tax, because what they really need are car salesmen not policy wonks trained in the dark arts deep within dungeons of The Treasury

The other key point is that DCCEE is one of the most top-heavy agencies around, lots more SES and EL2 level than anywhere else proportionally. Also, staff salaries are among the highest in the APS. So plenty of fat to cut. It’s just that they’re unlikely to cut in the right places

The carbon tax will actually be administered by a new regulator that’s been set up, so cutbacks to DCCEE won’t affect its implementation.

I’m more worried by the overall cuts across all agencies will have on Canberra’s economy. Australia wide, they need to make something like 2% cuts in spending, which if it happens would send Australia into recession. All to make a political point and save Wayne Swan’s pride!!

schmeah 6:54 am
05 Apr 12

Congratulations to all those posters who are rejoicing in the fact that people will lose their jobs, you all just won the A-hole of the month award.

And, frankly Departments don’t shed 30% of their workforce through natural attrition, they’ll be lucky to hit 10%.

Oh, and has anyone heard from Andrew Leigh or Gai Brodtman on this.. didn’t think so.

rosscoact 7:07 am
05 Apr 12

SnapperJack said :

Best news I’ve heard all day. The next step should be abolishing the department altogether and scrapping all the green schemes. The carbon tax should also be abolished and it should be written into the Constitution that no government money can be spent on climate change or anything to do with environmentalism.

Piers? Is that you?

Thumper 8:08 am
05 Apr 12

I heard some chick from the ACTU on the radio this morning telling everybody that Abbott’s cuts will be worse.

Of course, didn’t have a word to say about the governments own massive cuts.

The way this mob is going Abbott will have to kickstart a massive recruiting drive.

loosebrown 8:45 am
05 Apr 12

How can all departments simultaneously trim down staff through natural attrition?

Secretaries want their staff to ‘work across the portfolio’ and ‘coordinate and innovate’ when they are all independently coming up with exactly the same strategy to reduce staffing levels. Where are these people going to go?

If I was a non-ongoing contractor I’d be looking for a job outside of Canberra quick smart. There will be a ‘coordinated’ panic in June when Secrataries realise they have not lost the required staff and they will decree no contracts will be renewed.

And don’t forget – if your colleagues are looking to take VRs – their position number will simply disappear so that means MORE WORK FOR YOU.

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