Closing the kiddy fiddler loophole

johnboy 31 October 2013 5

The ABC has the concerning news that we’re finally ending pedo friendly legal provisions:

Under law changes introduced in 1951 and 1976, sex offences against children had to go before the courts within 12 months.

It means sex offenders who committed crimes against teenage girls between 1951 and 1985 and boys between 1976 and 1985 can not be prosecuted and brought to justice in the ACT.

Attorney-General Simon Corbell says he is introducing legislation today to close the loophole.

Shame we probably can’t find out who introduced the loopholes.

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5 Responses to Closing the kiddy fiddler loophole
poetix poetix 3:25 pm 31 Oct 13

IrishPete said :

sorry about the poor typing – I thought I had clicked Preview not Submit…


If you pay, you can edit, even after you submit, at least for a while. Then you could be known as Premium Pete.


DrKoresh DrKoresh 3:10 pm 31 Oct 13

IrishPete said :

sorry about the poor typing – I thought I had clicked Preview not Submit…


Damn! I thought I overdo the commas, but man, you take the cake! :p

IrishPete IrishPete 1:28 pm 31 Oct 13

sorry about the poor typing – I thought I had clicked Preview not Submit…


IrishPete IrishPete 1:27 pm 31 Oct 13

JB, statutes of limitations are, and were, common for various types of offences. This is just one which, viewed through the lens of what we know now, seems inappropriate.

Makign legislation retrospective is always uncomfortable, but I doubt anyone but a perpetrator will have an issue with this one.

It does not, however, seem to close the “loophole” that the penalties available for such offences back then were much less than now, and I think even some of the offence definitions were quite different. And as far as I know, you get the offence definition and the range of penalties that were available at the time you committed the offence, not now.

I have no idea what mardukasoka is talking about. BUt if theya re thinking about giving the public access to the Child Sexual Offenders Register, it would be worth looking at its effectivenes – I suspect compliance rates are very low, with offenders just moving interstate and disappearing.

The MAKO website does not contain many names, and should not be relied on for anything – most sexual offenders are known to the victim, and most of those won’t end up being publicy named because they are family members. And most perpetrators have not previously been convicted, so no-one knows they are a risk.

Far better to teach your child to be able to talk about “stuff”, and make sure you give them the opportunity to talk to you about “stuff”.


mardukasoka mardukasoka 12:29 pm 31 Oct 13

So true. You would think those writing the law would have a Photo with a gold frame. It would be great to see this behaviour gather some momentum, IE adopt a Sarahs / Megens law. Sarah was a UK girl raped by a preditor on the sex offender registry, Megan’s Law is an American girl, murdered by “Jesse Timmendequas, a sex offender who had been previously convicted of sex crimes and had lived across the street from Kanka together with two other sex offenders. He had killed Megan Kanka after luring her into his house under the pretext of showing her his new puppy.” From Wikipedia. By the by, worth noting, Sarahs law, was promoted by News of the World, now closed down. Bit sus, if you ask me.

Closer to home, MAKO is lobbying for an open sex offender registory rather than waiting for a victem of a know sex offender to have to lobby a country like Australia to have to do something, well, actually, for some people who monitor sex offenders, to make their records availble to the public.

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