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College selection

By leesh101 4 June 2010 27

I am having some issues with the choice of a college. 

I am hoping that some fellow RiotACTers will be able to help me out with the choice between Canberra and Narrabundah College. 

I am interested in English and Law and I am your typical A grade student (and I would like to stay that way). 

Any help would be appreciated. 


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College selection
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georgesgenitals 7:48 am 06 Jun 10

Choose a school, THAT is the least stressful to get to.

(maybe I should go back to school).

georgesgenitals 7:47 am 06 Jun 10

I’d say the results that count, ultimately, is how how the individual performs relative to their own goals. As such, the motivation of the student, and desire to do well, are probably the major factors in how the student performs.

Choose a school is the least stressful to get to.

Woody Mann-Caruso 3:32 pm 05 Jun 10

Ps. on that website provided by hk0reduck Girls Grammar did quite well didn’t they? They’re a private school. Oh and Radford came second….that’s a private school…co-ed even.

So are all the private schools that came in much lower on the list. So much for your money equals results theory.

gun street girl 12:23 pm 05 Jun 10

Without doubt, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to go to Narrabundah. I can’t praise the place (and the wider college system) highly enough.

ThatGuy 11:53 am 05 Jun 10

M Rose said :

Having said that, the teachers at Bundah are fantastic, and it is an amazing environment. This is why I would say NEVER take ThatGuy’s advice and go to a private school, because the environment of discipline and religion is very stifling to the kind of independence and self-reliance you need to get through university. People are right in saying that Bundah is like a little university. They push you hard there, thats true, but if you are a good student you will relish in that environment.

Religion doesn’t really factor into it as, at a lot of the private schools, religion stops being mandatory after year 7. While years 7-10 can be quite strict, there is a big change once you hit year 11 & 12 (college).

As for discipline, well it’s the age old questions – beat it into them now and they’ll keep it or rebel against it? Don’t beat it into them and they will learn for themselves or forever be slackers?

I don’t think you should discount the private schools simply because they have an unsubstantiated stigma of being heavy handed and overly religious. They gots the money, and when you gots the money you gets the power and when you gets the power you gets the wome–oh yeah most of them are single gender schools. Some say this removes distraction.

Ps. on that website provided by hk0reduck Girls Grammar did quite well didn’t they? They’re a private school. Oh and Radford came second….that’s a private school…co-ed even.

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:13 am 05 Jun 10

What would postgrad qualifications do with the quality of the school? You would probably find that the majority of the post grad qualifications are actually for teaching qualifications performed after their main degree.

I don’t recall using the word ‘quality’. I simply said ‘differences’. Some people like their history teacher to have a B Classics with teaching as an add-on; others prefer their teachers to have focused on teaching with a B Ed. There are brilliant and awful teachers in both camps.

Kuku 9:52 am 05 Jun 10

“I would actually recommend considering one of the private colleges/high schools if you can afford it. There’s a bit more one on one support and the teachers are generally switched on enough to not let students slip through the cracks.”

Having taught at a couple of unis, my observations were that students from the ACT College system were, on the whole, able to focus, self direct and motivate themselves – they also tended not to go off the rails when confronted with the freedom that uni offers.

Disclaimer: There is no scientific basis of this, just my opinion.

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