30 September 2009

Colonic irrigation in ACT

| peturbed_but_pretty
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I’ve been Googling to try to find a place that offers colonic irrigation in Canberra, but am not having any luck – does anyone know of anywhere that does it as a health treatment?



[Ed] – For a moment I thought PBP was having us on, but there aren’t any listings in Google for Canberra that I could find either.

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Capital Retro5:22 pm 10 Jan 24

I note the historical comments on keeping regular mention All-Bran which for us older folk has become an essential.

Before inflation set in, a large packet of All-Bran was about $4.50 but it rapidly increased to the current normal price of $8.00!

Last week, Coles had it on special for $4.00 so the shelves were cleared within minutes. I won’t need to buy any for a while as a result.

Now waiting for Albo to claim the credit for reducing the price of All-Bran.

Hi there,

Sorry to necro but there’s a place called Aventix that does it in Canberra. When doing colonics, its best to start with a proper clinic, as your first visit will take some time, and need a proper device…much easier than doing it at home with a take-home kit. After a colonic or two, you can do coffee enemas at home with the kits. Highly recommended.

Excuse the pun but it craps all over eating all-bran or veggies regularly, unless you have lived like a saint there WILL be years of toxins and putrified gunk stuck to your insides.

Anyone wanting to have a laugh at this topic should see Moliere’s play, The Imaginary Invalid. Cack-o-rama. It could have been written last year as much as two centuries ago.

Listening to John Hargreaves does it for me every time.

peturbed_but_pretty2:32 pm 02 Oct 09

*wipes tears from eyes* Oh, postalgeek – I thought you were going to go into some rant about this sort of thing should only be carried out by professionals, blah blah…..you really knocked me off my chair with laughter over your comment! Thanks!

grunge_hippy: I’ll check that out – thanks to you too!! 🙂

The flippant suggestions about using a hose angers me. People are so ignorant and insensitive. With water restrictions the way there should be no question of using anything other than some form of slow-release drip system.

Eating a few bits of fruit every day keeps things moving…

Hmmm… Kambah is really coming along.
Last time I frequented “The K” irrigations involved nothing more than:-

a) a tap.
b) a hose.
c) a Kambah-nian.

…yes Kambah is a pretty cool place to be these days…large blocks, centrally located, pump track world championships, bogan capital of the ACT…AND it can give you a good, old-fashioned arse-cleaning!
I love this alternative, bogan suburb of mine… 😛

Seems to be a lot of “Alternative” approaches to things out Kambah way…

grunge_hippy3:42 pm 01 Oct 09

theres a place in kambah that does it… i cant remember the name off the top of my head, but i found it by googling… private house that also does other things like pilates and rieki etc…

i’ll see if i can dig it up…

Kramer said :

Just eat a whole box of All Bran. Failing that, get your hands on that stuff they give people before a colonoscopy (will have your buttocks married to the toilet for half a day as your entire digestive system empties).

You need a script for that stuff… Unless someone knows different and can tell me where it’s available!!

I haven’t read the whole thread – but I was looking for someone a few months ago and got in contact with most places in Canberra that would do colonics. Unfortunately there is NO ONE here who does colonics. Have to travel to Sydney for it.

Gungahlin Al12:41 pm 01 Oct 09

barking toad said :

Bunnings sell hoses and tap fittings.

What else do you need?

LOL! I’m sorry but having fun with this thread would be just too easy. I’m going have to abstain…

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy12:12 pm 01 Oct 09

What a pain in the a**.

Seriously, though, get yourself into raw wheat bran and oat bran on your raw rolled oats for brekky, and drink lots of water. You’ll get a colonic tsunami.

Good old ‘detox’, its twice as effective as any other placebo label.

Here, have a medical journal. Be warned, it contains such vile heresies as science, indepenent verification, and peer-reviewed methodology!

Title: Colonic Irrigation and the Theory of Autointoxication: A Triumph of Ignorance over Science
Source: Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology. 24(4):196-198, June 1997.
Abstract: Autointoxication is an ancient theory based on the belief that intestinal waste products can poison the body and are a major contributor to many, if not all, diseases. In the 19th century, it was the ruling doctrine of medicine and led “colonic quackery” in various guises. By the turn of the century, it had received some apparent backing from science. When it became clear that the scientific rationale was wrong and colonic irrigation was not merely useless but potentially dangerous, it was exposed as quackery and subsequently went into a decline. Today we are witnessing a resurgence of colonic irrigation based on little less than the old bogus claims and the impressive power of vested interests. Even today’s experts on colonic irrigation can only provide theories and anecdotes in its support. It seems, therefore, that ignorance is celebrating a triumph over science.

Just eat a whole box of All Bran. Failing that, get your hands on that stuff they give people before a colonoscopy (will have your buttocks married to the toilet for half a day as your entire digestive system empties).

If you find your self up to it, try some of the local chemist, they have a “do it your self” kit.

peturbed_but_pretty10:07 am 01 Oct 09

barking toad – a willing assistant!?!?!? 😮

well, I guess it could have been for medical reasons, like bd84’s Dad, or some other reason I’m not getting into that could be provided at Fyshwick….but as part of a health regime/detox I am undertaking I was hoping to have a, ahem, thorough cleansing.

Thoroughly Smashed9:10 am 01 Oct 09

does anyone know of anywhere that does it as a health treatment?

Out of interest, what condition do you intend to use this method to treat?

barking toad9:33 pm 30 Sep 09

Bunnings sell hoses and tap fittings.

What else do you need?

toilet humour? lol..

My father had some colonic treatment recently, try John James hospital. I do believe the doctor that performed the procedure actually resides in Victoria.

I like the fact that you had to state “anywhere that does it as a health treatment”. Surely it can’t be done for any other reason! ;O)

There’s a joke in there about plenty of places in Fyshwick that do that sort of thing, try calling ACT Health, they seem to be across things…

I’m sure there are places in Fyshwick that’ll do it for a price.

Colonic irrigation gives me the sh*ts.

ugh. hope nothing bursts. sorry can’t help 🙂 perhaps ring around some of the cosmetic surgery places around manuka? they’re probably be most likely to offer it

peturbed_but_pretty5:26 pm 30 Sep 09

lol – cheers for trying anyway Ed!

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