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Comment or Objection on house extension

By dinkyPhuong - 25 March 2010 34

I have received a public notification letter from ACTPLA about my neighbours house extension.  The proposed extension roof is a colorbond roof, so its appearance would not be consistent with the existing tile roof.   Even though the colorbond roof is mostly screened by parapet walls, and cannot be seen from my property and its not a heritage area.  Would this colorbond roof compromise our neighbourhood characteristics?  

Is it a fairly and reasonably issue to submit an objection to the proposed development?

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Comment or Objection on house extension
altkey 7:25 am 26 Mar 10

Sorry, I don’t think it is reasonable or fair to contest this. It might be a different story if your neighbours were planning an extension that seriously effected your property (ie blocking a view or sunlight) but they are suggesting a colourbond roof instead of tile – not really on the highest list of things for you to be worried about. The question I would ask of you, is if you were buying your house again, and your neighbours extension with colourbond roof was already in place, would this part of the extension put you off purchasing your house. Probably not is the answer I think you will find.

This question, however, does highlight how ridiculous the planning laws in this fair city of ours are – if you cannot see it from the neighouring property and it is not in a heritage area, then why is this going to the neighbours for approval? Surely this could have been picked up at the submission stage of the planning process avoiding the need for extra paperwork and delays in the neighbours extension? Hang on a minute, that would however require ACTPLA to make proper, common sense decisions about these sorts of things, and of course uphold and consistently apply them to building works…

p1 10:13 pm 25 Mar 10

Is it a fairly and reasonably issue to submit an objection to the proposed development?

I would say yes, but at the same time be sad if the body who reviews said objections rejected it on the basis of what sounds like a stupid complaint.

Pots 10:12 pm 25 Mar 10

If you care, why don’t offer to pay the difference to make it tiled?

Clown Killer 9:52 pm 25 Mar 10

No. Keep in mind that you have legitimate rights to what happens on your lease but limited influence on what happens outside of the land you lease. Things like views, outlooks, street-scapes are fairly ambiguous. You’ll have limited ability to influence impacts on any of these. Best keep your powder dry for a real issue.

bd84 9:28 pm 25 Mar 10

“Would this colorbond roof compromise our neighbourhood characteristics?”

Given that we don’t know where you live and have never seen your neighbourhood, it would be something that you need to ask yourself?

The only possible valid reason to object (and ACTPLA to take serious consideration) would be if the colour of the roof was some outlandish extreme colour (fluro pink?). But objecting for the hell of it seems rediculous. But then we do live in a city of NIMBYs.

che 8:56 pm 25 Mar 10

lets keep the snarky comments to a minimum, it was an honest question

OpenYourMind 8:37 pm 25 Mar 10

There is nothing worse than starting a war with your neighbours. It’s a war you will never, ever win.

babyface 8:27 pm 25 Mar 10

you should ask yourself why you care about what colour your neighbours roof is

georgesgenitals 7:50 pm 25 Mar 10

Don’t be a pratt. Unless the neighbours are actually doing something that hurts you or looks terrible, let them go. Then, when you want to do something to your house one day they’ll have no reason to be pratts back and put in a frivolous objection (which is what you seem to be referring to).

Wraith 7:29 pm 25 Mar 10

Woody Mann-Caruso said :


Definitely +1

Sammy 7:15 pm 25 Mar 10

If it doesn’t impact on you, then pull your head in.

el 7:13 pm 25 Mar 10


Thumper 6:52 pm 25 Mar 10

you answered your own question as soon as you said that it’s not a heritage area and you can’t see it.

Eby 6:37 pm 25 Mar 10

No I don’t believe it is reasonable. I think it would be quite petty and rude to put in an objection.

It’s different if they’re doing renovations that will actually impact upon your house, e.g. obstruct a view. But just painting the roof? Just let them go ahead and do what they want.

Woody Mann-Caruso 6:29 pm 25 Mar 10


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