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S4anta 20 August 2007 18

The ABC has an interesting and timely piece from the Cooma Mayor, Tony Kaltoum in regards to long standing and convieniently forgotten agreement between the Cooma-Monaro Shire and Snowy Hydro in regards to the piping of water directly to the ACT.

It seems that if one was to just guarrantee environmental flows through the Murrumbidgee, via Cooma et al and into the Googong, and Cotter Dam catchments there would be enough water for all in the area.

Another finger in an already over filled pie, a small step in securing the Canberra Region’s water and environmental future and another bone squarely pointed at the MIA’s blatant disregard for National Water Policy and the stupidity of growing rice and other water intensive crops less than an hour away from the Hay Plain.

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18 Responses to Common sense from up the hill.
Maelinar Maelinar 4:18 pm 22 Aug 07

I watch Monkey Magic, and it says Gungahlin is a place in India.

Ralph Ralph 4:06 pm 22 Aug 07

How’s this for derogatory then? You’re an arse-clown, pierce.

pierce pierce 3:50 pm 22 Aug 07

Hmm, in fact, sir rakment never mentioned anything about curry. Keep it up sr, nice to see a new voice on the boards.

pierce pierce 3:48 pm 22 Aug 07

I like curry too – does that make me Indian?

(What are peculiar way of being derogatory about someone)

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 12:55 pm 21 Aug 07

‘taint me Ralph.

I’ll thank you for not lumping me in with the hemp-clad, mother earth dry-humping hippies. I just don’t think more money and more development is always the way to happiness. Nor do I think this attitude condemns us to squatting in a ditch drinking polluted water and dying of dysentery.

Over to you, Woody.

Ralph Ralph 11:55 am 21 Aug 07

Sir curry muncher wants to condemn his people to a life of poverty, by denying them access to western living standards.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 11:35 am 21 Aug 07

To the masked man – the earth’s environment has been changing ever since the earth has been around, just as the various species have been evolving and adapting, rising and falling. This is what the complex environment some of us choose to call ‘Mother Earth’ is all about – an amzingly complex organisation of beings and forces. Humans, perhaps unfortunately, have become the dominant species, and have used the various resources that the earth has to offer for a range of purposes. What I am advocating is the sensible, sustainable use of such resources. The comment above about the amount of water being constant remains, as it is a fact. My opinion, is that we should use this to manage the resource of water to suit our needs, in accordance with a variety of principles.

The bit about kissing my willy also stands, and is directed at those jump to judgement about someone based on the car they drive. We live in a free country, and dammit I’m going to enjoy that freedom!

Ralph Ralph 8:40 pm 20 Aug 07

I think it is Woody, or Shab, posting under another moniker.

caf caf 6:38 pm 20 Aug 07

Who is that masked man?

sir rakment sir rakment 6:04 pm 20 Aug 07

It is with great mirth that I read of the willy kissing by Mother Earth of the V8 car man. I laughed very heartily because his comments were as efficient as the internal combustion engine he claims to be – which is around 30% at best. If we make additions for his grunt, he may be at best 35% efficient and in this vehicle he may find it a challenge for any Mother to kiss his appendages.
The planet is the infrastructure kind sir. Why like your inefficient car do you need to build more machines, and lengthy pipes? As I see with all due respect you feel pipes and pumps are the engine of this planet. It has worked well long before you and i came here and will not miss us one bit if our species were to disappear tomorrow! It may indeed breathe a lengthy sigh of relief.
Long may your wonderful machine prosper and longer may you relax to recognise that the finite water you claim is the limitation to your own awareness.
If you must make assertions, please direct them to me, and invite me to kiss your willy, rather than making contempt for the air you breathe, the water that keeps you alive, and the planet you happily thrive upon and play like a free children.

…and in a flash I am gone.

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 5:25 pm 20 Aug 07

ACTEW has already pumped directly from the Murrumbidgee into treatment plants this year when the flow was high enough. All it would take now is for them to purchase water from the Snowy Hydro mob (who I assume own Tantangara) and pump out the same amount from the river. Currently the water is sourced at the Cotter Pumping Station, rather than the preferred option of a weir at Angle Crossing (and then transferred into Googong).

This has been done in the past apparently. The downsides are mainly evaporation losses and theft of the water in transit by properties along the river.

Slinky the Shocker Slinky the Shocker 4:48 pm 20 Aug 07

The ‘flows from Tantangera’ option was actually the preferred option in a report by an expert panel in 2005 (or so), but somehow fell through the cracks.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 4:02 pm 20 Aug 07

Mother Earth can kiss my willy. This is about making sensible decisions about infrastructure to serve us into the future. There is a finite amount of water in the world – it is neither created nor destroyed, it simply changes location and form.

caf caf 2:55 pm 20 Aug 07

Pity you can’t write to save yourself, natch.

S4anta S4anta 2:36 pm 20 Aug 07

nice to see you can read caf. I also got the distinct impression that he sees the piping of water as a waste of time, considering that there is a perfectly good river catchment to use.

Ralph Ralph 1:20 pm 20 Aug 07

Is this a joke?

Too much vindaloo for you.

caf caf 1:19 pm 20 Aug 07

That’s an interesting way to read those comments, S4anta. The way I read it, he’s saying that out of the two options for getting extra Snowy water to the ACT (piping from Tantangara, probably to somewhere uphill of the Corin dam; and via the Murrumbidgee, then pumped uphill from there to Googong) Cooma would prefer the Murrumbidgee option, as the water would both double as environmental flows in the Murrumbidgee and would be available for Cooma’s use as it went past.

sir rakment sir rakment 1:02 pm 20 Aug 07

I come from India, where we have many many more people than here – our ancient wisdom reminds us that when the people are in drought, Mother Earth is also in drought.
It is for all of us to realise why do we privatise our public property of this planet? This water is for everyone, and yet we make permissions for a company to own it for us. Perhaps we can ask why such a thing is made private in the first place. When we realise we are all custodians of this water, we can learn to respect and value it – not in money ways or who can have it and who cannot, but in recognising that there is plenty for all of us when we work respectfully with what we really need. Let’s begin by trusting and respecting ourselves and each other, and then we will share the same respect for water, the air, and this planet. We are made of water in our bodies (70%), so why behave as if water is somehow separate to us?
Love one another and water will be loved. Argue with one another and we will argue over water. Sometimes Mother Earth says “okay if you all argue like little childrens, you can all go without – this will help you wake from your frustration” Is this not what your mother knew from her wisdom for arguing siblings? When we resolve this argument and make a true peace with each others, then our common mother will hug us and we can all have the many treats to share!
There is always enough for all of us – it is only when we behave like we have a “lack of water” that we get greedy, insolent with each other, and make silly fights
– just like little childrens.

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