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Commonwealth Ave Bridge needs weeding and a good cleanup!

By MissMoniker - 24 February 2010 22

I’ve lived in Canberra all my life and have noticed a gradual decline over some years in the processes that used to be in place to keep our fair city looking pretty as a picture. I live in South Canberra and work in Civic, so every weekday morning involves the delightfully short commute into town across Commonwealth Avenue Bridge. Has anyone else noticed the piles of crap accumulating along the inside lane edge? And the meter-high weeds growing in the gaps of the pavers in the middle of the bridge?! It looks bloody awful. My two cents worth.

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22 Responses to
Commonwealth Ave Bridge needs weeding and a good cleanup!
pug206gti 11:32 am 26 Feb 10

Much better to call it rubbish, urchin.

Meanwhile, the contractors providng the fireworks for Australia Day could have tidied up a lot more – so many cardboard shell cases are still on the bridge, and I’d hate to think just how many are in the lake now.

urchin 7:58 pm 25 Feb 10

I don’t suppose it has ever occurred to any of the people complaining to spend a couple of hours on a weekend picking up trash? I know it’s probably more fun to drive past it each day and complain about it, but just a thought.

If it really bothers you, do something about it. There were articles in the canberra times earlier this year about how the maintenance budget was being slashed.

Ryan 6:44 pm 25 Feb 10

Call Cam and Lisa, they were all over the Window Washers story this morning like stink on a monkey. Riot ACT even managed an on-air reference with that one.

la mente torbida 1:08 pm 25 Feb 10

oh my precious

grump 10:37 am 25 Feb 10

Time for them to stop masquerading as a state government and acting more like a town council

grump 10:31 am 25 Feb 10

don’t think we have a viable Parks and Gardens service at all any more that does anything as simple as regular maintenance – seems to contract out of staters such as the “sunshine coast tree lopping” when things get straggly or deperate. Try looking at suburban footpaths – no maintenance at all along walkways which are covered with mud, dead vegeation etc.

Echo the poiints in the motor accidents comments eleswhere that money spent of crappy roadside art is being diverted form basic urban services and other more meaningful services

spinact 10:10 am 25 Feb 10

related even

spinact 10:03 am 25 Feb 10

It must have gone unnoticed by the majority, but I do recall that the NCA had their budget cut with the change of Government in 2007. They lost something like 50% of their staff?

I can only assume that this decline is budget relate?

Malteser 8:55 am 25 Feb 10

Mmmmm Tim Tams.

Thumper 8:21 am 25 Feb 10

The whole place is looking tired and neglected.

probably because it is…

trevar 7:12 am 25 Feb 10

I’ve lived in Canberra for twelve years and I’ve never seen it otherwise. I’ve even seen the TIM TAMS guys lopping just the tops off the weeds in those pavers to ensure they grow bushier.

Strange thing is, I’d have thought that would be something the NCA might want to do something about.

cleo 11:16 pm 24 Feb 10


I-filed 10:09 pm 24 Feb 10

ditto Anzac Parade. Long before the current roadworks, they had stopped weeding the hebe (?) along the parade. And now there is couch grass growing down onto the gutters. A disgrace!

bd84 9:41 pm 24 Feb 10

Anyone notice that the grass and weeds beside most Canberra roads have grown about a metre in the last week or so?

It’s amazing that things grow with a lot of rain and a bit of sunshine..

miz 9:25 pm 24 Feb 10

FINALLY inner Canberrans are noticing the ‘decline’ in maintenance? 20 years after everyone else? Some parts were never even landscaped properly in the first place! ((Tuggers, for example) [Phew, I’ve got that off my chest!] . . .

However, I too have noticed a recent, even more declining decline in the NCA area – there is now a never before seen amount of long (waist high) grass in the dirt carpark behind Gabby’s food van in Barton.

I suspect it has something to do with NCA having to tighten its belt . . . but I am a bit scared there might be snakes!

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