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barney 18 September 2007 67

This morning on the way into Civic I noticed something fairly stupid, but maybe the whole thing is a fairly “trivial matter”.

Ok, so I have just pulled up to a stop on the Commonwealth avenue bridge with everybody else (once again), and I was thinking “why the hell do they have traffic lights up there”. Then, as we all got closer to the lights, they turned orange to red and I was thinking “gee, I should have gotten up earlier today”. I then looked to see why the lights had turned red and noticed 1 single person walking across the lights in a less than hurried fashion. By this stage I was frothing from the mouth and my blood pressure seemed to have sky-rocketed as I looked in the mirror and noticed I had turned crimson-red.

My question is this. Why the hell are those lights active at peak hours, and why is it that a single person can stroll across Commonwealth Avenue holding up thousands of commuters ? Would it NOT be a GOOD IDEA to build an overpass in that area, or would this stain the landscape and relegate Canberra to hell for all eternity … ?????

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67 Responses to Commonwealth Ave – Floriade Traffic Lights
cranky cranky 6:51 pm 22 Sep 07

Should be a couple of ex GMC500 bridge overpasses stored somewhere around here.

Would only require a crane to fling them into place, and (almost) problem solved. For those too frail to tackle the stairs, a shuttle bus every few minutes. All others can get the exercise.

szeretetta szeretetta 6:28 pm 22 Sep 07

I wouldn’t mind the two minute delay so much. I do mind the fact that as a result of those lights, it now takes me close to an hour to get to work, up from 35 minutes previously.

But yeah, I am just whinging 🙂

Aeek Aeek 9:40 am 22 Sep 07

The Floriade lights are there because people were crossing there before we had the lights. Do they have the Give Way to Pedestrians signs? How stupid are some drivers that they need such signs?

barney barney 7:36 pm 21 Sep 07

I’m not sure that many people thought before they started typing, with the exception of *Cameron*, and some others.

So fine then. Don’t build a bridge. Build a hole instead :'(

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:06 pm 21 Sep 07

At the time the Austrian tourist was killed the lights were not installed, and there is also some evidence that she may have been looking in the wrong direction when struck.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 hingo_VRCalaisV6 11:50 am 21 Sep 07

To be fair, the Austrian tourist shouldn’t have been crossing there anyway. If I recall, it was before the lights had even been put up. Doesn’t change the fact that the lights seem to serve their purpose during floriade. Remember there are many elderly and disabled people who visit Floriade who need this crossing. Its not permanent so who gives a toss.

Cameron Cameron 11:44 am 21 Sep 07

“Tell that to teh family of teh Austrian Pedestrian who was killed at that spot.”

I didn’t realise that incident had happened at this spot.

In any case, I’d probably suggest to them, and to the government, that placing a crossing on a 6 lane major road when there’s an underpass RIGHT THERE anyway is a bit nonsensical. Hard to get hit by an idiot driver when you’re nowhere near the road.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:13 am 21 Sep 07

Maybe stopping at these lights could be made optional for drivers during peak hour?

Whoever said running with the bulls was scary???

Danman Danman 8:46 am 21 Sep 07

The point: The lights are stupid
Tell that to teh family of teh Austrian Pedestrian who was killed at that spot.

Build an overpass and people would complain that they have to walk up stairs or ramps etc.

Leave it how it is.

It once took me 6 hours to drive to sydney because a truck fell over on the M5 and caught fire – took about 2 hours to get from narellan road to campbeltown road.

Suck it up canberans – we have it gracefully easy.

Thumper Thumper 8:09 am 21 Sep 07

Simple solution here folks.

Ban Floriade, it’s obviously upsetting the traffic flow into the city, and we can’t have that can we.

No! ban cars! and pedestrians, and Floriade!

that’ll fix the situation 🙂

Cameron Cameron 12:16 am 21 Sep 07


Again, 2 minutes was a figure plucked out of nowhere, the whole point being that even a seemingly trivial delay can have consequences.

We’re not talking about getting pushed in front of in line, we’re not talking about stopping at traffic lights. Get real about this and start discussing what, once you get past the window dressing, Barney’s original post is all about: whether or not it makes sense to inconvenience thousands of motorists so the odd pedestrian can stroll across Commonwealth Avenue in peak hour to see some flowers.

I think it entirely reasonable that the thousands of motorists could expect the handful of people arriving at Floriade during peak hour could walk around under the bridge. Or do they not have the 2 minutes to spare in order to do it?

schmerica_ schmerica_ 11:43 pm 20 Sep 07

So tell me, if they build that overpass that you think is such a good idea, will you be bitching about the roadoworks? I have a feeling you probably would.

So why don’t you be the one build a bridge and walk on over it (you should even visit Floriade when you get the other side)

I don’t know why you think your so important that TWO MINUTES is such a big delay. Two minutes is a tiny amount of time. If it truely bothers you that something so trivial slows your day down by two minutes, i’d suggest life insurance so at least someone might benefit from your passing from the time when you had a heart attack when someone pushed in front of you at the supermarket.

Aeek Aeek 10:51 pm 20 Sep 07

The temp lights on Lady Denman wouldn’t be needed if a few more drivers thought of backing off to leave a sufficient gap to cross. Then accelerate up to the speed limit (bonus!) to recover all the lost time.
Just part of the Glenoch Interchange road works.

sepi sepi 7:58 pm 20 Sep 07

Only Prez Bush (and the Chaser) don’t have to wait at red lights – get used to it.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 7:23 pm 20 Sep 07

You think the temp lights on Commonwealth Ave are bad? They’re putting *another* bloody set in on Lady Denman Drive, for….


Cameron Cameron 7:12 pm 20 Sep 07

Indeed, the 2 minutes was a figure pulled out of nowhere to illustrate that x minutes per day adds up.

Woody – I’d much rather spend two minutes participating in a whinge on RA than waiting a set of silly traffic lights.

Anyway, not my thread. After everyone jumped on the “let’s spray Barney for being an impatient git” bandwagon I pointed out that the traffic lights are silly, and that time wasted there and at the numerous other ridiculous traffic setups (both permanent and temporary) adds up and has an impact.

As Maelinar said: “The traffic lights appear to have been installed because of stupid lazy pedestrians being too docile to walk an extra 100m around the lakes edge to get to floriade – even though the whole idea of floriade is to go on a nice scenic walk.”

Wordy mcword.

Funnily enough, I never have cause to be on Commonwealth Ave during peak hour anyway. My “razor-sharp schedule” won’t allow it…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:29 pm 20 Sep 07

Right, you’ve asked for it: I’m going to buy a recumbent bicycle, push the crossing button constantly, and ride back and forth across that crossing all through peak hour tomorrow.

Don’t make any plans tomorrow morning people! 🙂

edlang edlang 4:07 pm 20 Sep 07

I think it would be good if everyone, motorists and pedestrians alike, was charged a toll for using these lights. They’re not free to set up and take down, you know!

On the subject of traffic gripes in the city, I currently hate east bound Constitution Ave between London Cct and Allara St… closing off the lane on Constitution Ave in front of the Convention Centre is a silly idea…

Maelinar Maelinar 3:21 pm 20 Sep 07

Actually, merely playing Devils Advocate here, but there is an underpass 50m away from that traffic light installation.

The traffic lights appear to have been installed because of stupid lazy pedestrians being too docile to walk an extra 100m around the lakes edge to get to floriade – even though the whole idea of floriade is to go on a nice scenic walk.

BigDave BigDave 2:32 pm 20 Sep 07

What’s all this 2 minutes stuff? Last year, I sat in traffic, which started back at the British High Commission, for 20 bloody minutes!!

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