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Commonwealth Ave – Floriade Traffic Lights

By barney - 18 September 2007 67

This morning on the way into Civic I noticed something fairly stupid, but maybe the whole thing is a fairly “trivial matter”.

Ok, so I have just pulled up to a stop on the Commonwealth avenue bridge with everybody else (once again), and I was thinking “why the hell do they have traffic lights up there”. Then, as we all got closer to the lights, they turned orange to red and I was thinking “gee, I should have gotten up earlier today”. I then looked to see why the lights had turned red and noticed 1 single person walking across the lights in a less than hurried fashion. By this stage I was frothing from the mouth and my blood pressure seemed to have sky-rocketed as I looked in the mirror and noticed I had turned crimson-red.

My question is this. Why the hell are those lights active at peak hours, and why is it that a single person can stroll across Commonwealth Avenue holding up thousands of commuters ? Would it NOT be a GOOD IDEA to build an overpass in that area, or would this stain the landscape and relegate Canberra to hell for all eternity … ?????

What’s Your opinion?

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67 Responses to
Commonwealth Ave – Floriade Traffic Lights
Pandy 10:46 pm 18 Sep 07

You have been reported to 1800 123 400

ant 10:32 pm 18 Sep 07

Or pack the shottie, and deal with pedestrians in the traditional way.

You 10:18 pm 18 Sep 07

The solution is to just leave for work earlier, therefore beating the bulk of pedestrians AND traffic.

andy 10:11 pm 18 Sep 07

i get both sides of this argument.
surely though, during peak hours, they can program them differently, to better enable flow of traffic…

TAD 10:00 pm 18 Sep 07

Calm down tiger. They are only operational for a few weeks a year during Floriade.

ant 9:54 pm 18 Sep 07

Those lights might have been put there for Floriade? An old lady got skittled as she made her way to Floriade some years back.
Canberra’s roads are failing to cope with peak hour traffic, everywhere. Hey, let’s keep building the population! We have to have more people.

Kramer 9:16 pm 18 Sep 07

I usually work in Belconnen, but had a meeting this morning on the southern (dark) side of the lake. I struggled through the extra traffic on Barry Drive due to the Glenlock road works, only to reach standstill traffic just after the tunnel at ANU. Luckily the morning proceedings started fashionably late. Even luckier that I live and work in Belconnen (99% of the time) otherwise we might see some Floriade attendees bouncing off my Subaru.

Definitely agree that the timing for the lights needs to be changed for weekdays.

sepi 9:06 pm 18 Sep 07

Yep – traffic lights should be psychic and when there’s only one person crossing the lights should yell out ‘run run’ and only last for seconds.

josh 8:37 pm 18 Sep 07

wow, if you were frothing at the mouth and going crimson red from just that, i’d really hate to think hwat’d happen to you if something even slightly bad ever actually happened to you. imagine if your “fast food” order was held up by 30s, would you go on a murderous rampage?

so yes, trivial. i fear not the most trivial thing you whinge about, though..

Sammy 8:33 pm 18 Sep 07

I’d be more concerned about the fact that the city-parking-leaches have discovered that the free parking at Floriade is very close to the city.

P? 8:33 pm 18 Sep 07

Suck it up buttercup…

Woody Mann-Caruso 8:27 pm 18 Sep 07

You need medication. Strong medication. Now.

philbert83au 8:16 pm 18 Sep 07

They’re definitely set to ‘grandma walking speed’ for the extra long time they stay red, I’ll agree.

tybreaker 8:11 pm 18 Sep 07

I agree with your opening remark.

You 7:35 pm 18 Sep 07

“Why the hell are those lights active at peak hours, and why is it that a single person can stroll across Commonwealth Avenue holding up thousands of commuters ?”

So their basically like the green cycling lanes then?

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