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Community Alliance Party Launch Event – 7:30pm Thursday 12 June 2008

By Jonathon Reynolds 12 June 2008 30

The Community Alliance Party are having their official launch tonight at the Albert Hall.

They have put an open invitation up on their website with the event starting at 19:30 this evening (Thursday)

 Their guest speakers are:

  • Tony Powell AO – former Commissioner for the NCDC
  • Dr. Jenny Stewart – associate Professor of Public Policy at University of Canberra

Their MC is Ian MacDougall (a local musician) who will also be performing a new rendition of a classic Woody Guthrie song. 

They will also be unveiling their first batch of candidates. Megan Doherty from the Canberra Times ran a piece today

I was given the privilege of being invited to film their studio recording session of their launch song that Ian MacDougall will be performing tonight, and I will also be filming the entire launch event for the CanberraVotes web site.

[Ed. (Jazz) ABC online also have a short peice on the candidates which include RiotACT reader Norvan Vogt]

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Community Alliance Party Launch Event – 7:30pm Thursday 12 June 2008
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VicePope 12:27 am 17 Jun 08

Inspired by Tom-Tom and SmackBang, I checked out the lyrics. Priceless. I don’t think that this could have been serious, but 1 April was a while ago. McGonagall seems a fair comparison.

And why ruin a classic of folk/protest like “This Land is My Land”? Why not “I’ve Been to Paradise, but I’ve Never Been to Me”? Or, indeed, the Chicken Dance? The lyricist (and I use the term because he did) had the grace to apologise to Woody Guthrie. But apologies to humans in earshot might have been a better idea.

Smackbang 10:07 pm 16 Jun 08

Wow. There’s a certain weirdness about those lyrics that reminds me of Kurt Kennedy and his palindromic music. (Anyone here remember that?)

I wonder if CAP will announce policies to give everyone free fruit trees, encourage relatives to live close to each other and dig holes in their garden?

tom-tom 9:44 pm 16 Jun 08

have a look on their website for the song lyrics…… we have a talent to rival William Topaz McGonagle in our midst

Albo 12:41 pm 15 Jun 08

My 2c on 2 issues in this thread:
In unicameral systems like the ACT & Qld, the committee system is crucial to accountability. It’s there that MLAs can grill Ministers and public servants in detail. Unfortunately, historically the ACT crossbenches & Liberals haven’t used it well, & the media have been too lazy to pay attention to it much. The exception has been the recent coverage of Estimates over the power station. This does show that we can have a stable majority govt under Hare-Clark which can still be held to account. It’s just a pity that most of the heat has been Liberals misleading the public or the beating up of relatively minor aspects. Hopefully the local media will continue its increased focus on ACT committees after this issue subsides; our democracy would be better for it.

The trouble with CAP is that it is a weak coalition of NIMBYs, whose views on most issues (e.g. positions at CoAG meetings? Hospital funding?) are unknown, with no grasp of the larger issues facing Canberra. They have no clue as to the consequences of their positions, like banning community groups from using old school sites. If any of them got elected, they’d split from each other & their party almost immediately.

PigDog 11:33 am 14 Jun 08

I am a strong supporter of anyone who can actually become the third force in politics in this territory. But the reason that these sort of parties never work (in my view) is that they claim to be normal parties, but really are single issue parties dressed up to cover more topics. Following my reading of their site it would seem that they are really only interested in re-opening the closed schools. All the other points on open-government etc flow from the closing of the schools. They really need to spell out more of what their ideas are.

Which leads to Miz’ point, what is good policy? I don’t know. It is really up for the individual to decide on their own. For me, government funded happy hours with bikini girls – good public policy. For someone else, maybe not. CAP should really outline what their policies are, so that voters can decide if they will vote for them or not. While I liked the Democrats “keep the bastards honest’ approach, it didn’t really work out in the end. I’ll give them a bit of a break as they have only existed as an entity for a short time, but hopefully they can come up with some decent policy.

However, CAP strike me of one of the many, many parties that run on the more services, less tax approach. Good luck with that. Services, unless delivered on a cost-recovered basis (which means people pay), will cost the government money. How exactly is an increase in costs going to be covered with a decrease in revenue?

The candidates seem like a nice bunch of people. I could hug some of them. Would I trust them with my stamp duty? Not yet.

Headbonius 9:28 pm 13 Jun 08

I can think of some good meanings to put behind the shortened version of the Party name.

VicePope 9:04 pm 13 Jun 08

CharlieBell – Committees can work well – most of the Senate Committees do most of the time and I understand that some of the State parliament committee systems work reasonably well.

The problem with the Assembly is …. ummmm ….. talent. If you’re on the Labor side (nine of them) and you are capable of spelling your name correctly some of the time, you get to be a Minister (five of them). So, what’s left to be in Committees are the dregs of the ALP plus Foskey and Mulcahy plus the Libs. And the Libs are weaker than the ALP – Pratt, Burke and Dunne would be liabilities in a pre-school class. Smyth and Stefaniak are too busy being bitter and Zed …… well, he’s just too busy playing at being a boy Opposition Leader. It is depressingly hopeless.

If we must have the current system – and I can think of better ones – we should require that those who nominate meet some minimal standard in the area of reasoning ability. And we should look outside the major parties – but not to fantasists like the C(R)AP which stand for nothing except wanting power.

Knows Best 2:59 pm 13 Jun 08

You need a local council style of government with everyone working towards the same goals. Brisbane City Council has a budget bigger than Tasmania and manages to get things done and more. The ACT style is about petty politics and who is in government and strutting off to China and the US. Stanhope and his cronies are small time pollies with big heads with egos that extend beyond their abilities.

peterh 2:54 pm 13 Jun 08

But who can be a trusted chief minister? we’ve had so many that have been under a cloud of controversy,
what with painted stadium grass,
DUI – “but i had to have a glass of wine to steady my nerves”,
the entire bushfires saga:
– from not telling us the fires were likely to hit,
– to taking to coroner to court over her findings,
– charging the survivors GST on their re-building (court charges could have covered that one)

and lastly, the power station in macarthur.

give the job to the one person who wouldn’t do any of these things, the Pope.

tap 1:47 pm 13 Jun 08

A government with free reign to do whatever it wants, and not going power crazy? Yep, fantasy land.

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