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Community fire units knobbled

By Thumper 23 May 2005 15

Once again we see how arrogant the government has become over the bushfires. This time the much vaunted Community Fire Units are getting the chop. Personally I think that they are a waste of time but if you promise the community something, should not it be delivered?

I also note that the Comrade declined to comment. This one should make for some fun for Mike Jefferies on 2CC.

CT article here.

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Community fire units knobbled
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Thumper 8:12 am 25 May 05


I think that they are not good value for money. The money would be better off going to RFS and SES units who are much more highly trained, in fact, professionally trained and assessed these days.

But to start a community program with bells and whistles and media releases, and then to simply decide not to fully fund it, is reprehensible.


Thumper 8:08 am 25 May 05


As you are aware I spend some time fighting fires during the 2003 inferno. Almost got toasted by a fire ball as well. These guys huys and their trailers would have got in the way, would have bravely stood their ground, and become toast.

Not a good outcome.

However, for small grassfires around the urban fringe they could be of some help, if only to keep the fire from moving or gaining momentum.

As well, the fact that they volunteered to do this is a great plus. Now they are seeing just how much the Comrade values his volunteers.

I’m just amazed that the Comrade has treated this initiative with such contempt after whipping up good community support.

johnboy 8:40 pm 24 May 05

Either they’re good value for money, or they’re not.

Can we make a decision and move forward?

And cut some more Chief Minister’s flights of fancy (whale policy for starters) to pay for it?

Thumper 3:48 pm 24 May 05

This comment should actually go about here in the thread but some some weird reason it put it half way through and made no sense.

Anyway, I’ll try again…

Actually, I said the whole thing has been knobbled, which it has.

And yes, I don’t think they would really make much of a difference, in fact they could be a huge hinderance as anyone that has worked in an Emergency Service area would know. fact is that when you get lowly or poorly trained volunteers, in a loose organisation with no real objectives and aims, they tend to just get in the way.

During the bushfires some of our worst problems were well meaning volunteers. All they did was put everybody else’s lives at risk by not clearing out when requested.

Having said that, they are volunteers and so need to be encouraged. Stopping funding for the CFU’s is a sure way of making sure you don’t have any more volunteers.

However, I did state that if the government is going to promise something like this to the community then they should at least deliver.

Cheers LG…

LurkerGal 3:47 pm 24 May 05

What can I say RG? I’m a desperate woman….

RandomGit 3:46 pm 24 May 05

LG, and heres me thinking I tried too hard and put you off 😉

RandomGit 3:45 pm 24 May 05

Well if I wanted to argue the point seriously, and not just raise it as a front to make up acronyms that use the word fuck, I would quote these choice lines from TFA

Requirement: He said the more than 70km of urban- bushland interface along the western fringe of Canberra could not be defended by the fire brigade alone.

“And that’s through no fault of their own; they simply don’t have the resources. We need the CFUs.”

Effect of Decision: “This [decision] places the residents of the ACT at unacceptable risk … the consequences for an unprepared community, of yet another fatal fire, will be far- reaching.”

Assertion: Nineteen leaders of Community Fire Units are signatories to Dr Brice’s letter, including Lindy Dunn, leader of CFU18 in Farrer and wife of Emergency Services Authority Commissioner Peter Dunn.

Knobbled az.

Ralph 3:39 pm 24 May 05


areaman 3:31 pm 24 May 05

RandomGit, do you have anything to support your belief that they will be rendered useless by not having more of them? Heck, Thumper thinks they’re stupid in the first place so how could he think that more of them would be better?

LurkerGal 3:31 pm 24 May 05

I can’t decide who I have a bigger crush on now – Thumper or RandomG!

areaman 3:27 pm 24 May 05

It’s certainly not what your initial article described. It said This time the much vaunted Community Fire Units are getting the chop. and then went on to claim it was an undelivered promise. What they’ve actually done is paused setting up any more, sure not as good a headline, but at least it the truth.

RandomGit 3:26 pm 24 May 05

I RTFA and UMFB and decided areaman has ANFI as the remaining units are rendered usless due to scale (ie. knobbled) in the face of another real fire, which I imagine is what Thumper was getting at ITFF.

Thumper 3:23 pm 24 May 05

Actually, I said the whole thing has been knobbled, which it has.

Thumper 3:08 pm 24 May 05

Which in effect is cutting funding because they were going to roll out many many more….

areaman 1:05 pm 24 May 05

Actually if you’d RTFA you’d see that they are only cutting expansion funding, the exisiting units will continue to be funded as is.

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