Commuting from Goulburn to Canberra? Living in Goulburn?

evessunshine 30 September 2010 65

Hi Everyone,

Anyone living in Goulburn? What’s it like for a young family?
And do you think commuting to Canberra 4days a week manageable?

Looking forward to hearing some feedback 🙂

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65 Responses to Commuting from Goulburn to Canberra? Living in Goulburn?
Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 9:58 am 01 Oct 10

Smudge said :

We’re considering the same thing at the moment, for one simple reason. We can afford to buy a house in Goulburn, not so in Canberra. Our only hesitation is the commute, the town itself seems nice. Plenty of history, buildings with character, adequate ameneties. Seems like there’s a bit of a mini-boom in Gouburn at the moment, mostly driven by unaffordable housing in Canberra.

What about Gundaroo or a small acreage that is a bit closer to town?

I must admit Mrs C and I have been thinking of doing likewise, we’ve found a very promising parcel of land too, but the seller is pricing it enough over our budget that we have to let it go, which sucks a bit, haha.

On a good day the drive is about 35 minutes from Civic, mostly down the Federal Hwy.

Chop71 Chop71 11:35 am 01 Oct 10

House prices are just way too expensive and are not going down.
I guess you need to add time, fuel costs and running expenses on your car Vs added interest on a home loan.

Then there’s also the convienience of living in Canberra should you want a night out, ACT schools, hospitals, better roads, bike paths and festivals such as floriade.

Goulburn and Cooma atleast you would get a backyard compared with the new blocks in Canberra.
I really feel Gungahlin will be the new Thuggies of 2020.

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 11:37 am 01 Oct 10

my hubby works with a bloke who commutes from marulan everyday. that would be annoying.

I enjoy my 5 minute commute to work. the joys of working in the ‘burbs.

bring on the very fast train, then the goulburn/canberra commute would be a breeze. not holding my breath though, they’ve been talking about that since I was a kid. I took the train to sydney the other weekend, that was great… it would be even better if it was only a couple of hours instead of 4.

sepi sepi 1:30 pm 01 Oct 10

HC – inner north traffic is a joke these days. It was fine 7 years ago. it has got worse every year since. The ‘rat runs’ are slower now than northbourne was 7 years ago. Travel time is about the same whichever way you go, it is just in the rat runs you can drive steadily, but at about 20k an hour, on northbourne you stop and start all the way there. Dickson is practically gridlocked between 8.15 and 9.00.

bitzermaloney bitzermaloney 2:14 pm 01 Oct 10

KB1971 said :

??, it takes me less than that to get in from Lanyon???

Generally 3 buses & yes it takes that long… Almost quickier to walk.

bitzermaloney bitzermaloney 2:20 pm 01 Oct 10

colourful sydney racing identity said :

Whatever you are doing, you are doing it wrong.

That route only leaves at 7:09am or 7:39am. Additionally, it’s still an hour (just shy) from Coolemon Court to Civic because it does the “Tour de Creek” to get into town.

And if you have kids at school or childcare that need before & after school care it is not an option.

GBT GBT 2:25 pm 01 Oct 10

Why is it that people say that Canberrans have a “distorted” view of traffic or that we are “spoiled”? Has it occurred to you that we are not stating that traffic here is worse than cities like Sydney or that it takes longer to get around, just that comparatively travelling to Tuggeranong can be a long drive or that traffic here is worse than it used to be in Canberra, not that it is bad on worldwide scale.

It is well known that driving around Canberra takes less time than other cities but a lot of people who live here would balk, as would I, at adding an extra hour to their commute, merely because we have become accustomed to our trip to/from work taking a particular amount of time. Comparing it to other cities is irrelevant.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 4:17 pm 01 Oct 10

sepi said :

HC – inner north traffic is a joke these days. It was fine 7 years ago.

I’ve been living in the inner north for a bit over 6 years now and can’t say I’ve noticed much difference (it so happens we bought a place on my old route from Nicholls).

Perhaps (more likely) the effect of increased traffic hasn’t changed much for the pre 8am commute. My daily drive starts about 3km from the city (west of Northbourne) and goes over Comm Ave Bridge before ending up in Fyshwick.

I generally leave home between 7:50-8:00am and if I’m not on the other side of Civic within 5 minutes then I’ll be cranky, haha.

That said, on occasions when I have left for work later than usual, even just 10 minutes or so, it’s pretty clear that the traffic does get a bit back up. Especially along McCaughey Street.

If was working in Civic again, I think I’d walk.

deye deye 5:27 pm 01 Oct 10

Personally I would rather live within the inner north with a 15 minute walk than have to commute from Goulburn. By the time you add up parking, petrol, wear and tear and the length of time it takes to travel the difference in cost is not all that much.

As for living next door to ice freaks, I’ve been here nearly 6 years and haven’t seen one – unless you count those of us who are addicted to skiing 🙂

That said, some of the construction around the place does suck, the block I am in isn’t too bad, although they really need soundproofing on the wall next to the entrance stairwell. That is the only location that sound normally comes through, and you hear anything that happens within that stairwell.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 8:10 pm 01 Oct 10

deye said :

Personally I would rather live within the inner north with a 15 minute walk than have to commute from Goulburn. By the time you add up parking, petrol, wear and tear and the length of time it takes to travel the difference in cost is not all that much.

Good point, especially when you start considering the value of your time.

damien haas damien haas 9:43 am 02 Oct 10

Growling Ferret said :

30 minutes to get from Watson to Civic?! Are you walking? If you’re not then take a different route, haha. That’s madness.

From the Federal Highway servo (Watson), to getting into Civic down Northbourne, getting a carpark, then walking into the office, allow half an hour.

Unless you have underbuilding parking or you get there at 7am.

When the GDE bridge collapsed it was taking an hour from Gungahlin, dropping kids off at daycare, the wife in the city, then into the office in Barton.

Took me 8 minutes to get from Officeworks in Braddon to Northbourne one evening… I took a photo of the banked up cars, from my car in which I had turned off the engine after idling for 4 minutes quite stationary.


The commute from Goulburn to Canberra seems a lot to Canberra resident, but for someone from Melbourne or Canberra, it would seem quite reasonable. Id still recommend trying to find a person to share the driving or using a bus, or even better, living in Canberra.

Ozelite Ozelite 2:22 pm 03 Oct 10

I live in Goulburn – moved here from Sydney 2 years ago to escape the high prices and traffic. Great place to live. Lots of people commute to Canberra – AFP across the road, Centrelink three doors down – leave around 7.30, takes an hour. Both live in nice federation houses that cost less than $300K. Plenty of houses under $250K, rents less than $200 pw. Two minute’s drive to the country. Less than 2 hours to Sydney.

MrPC MrPC 7:49 am 04 Oct 10

At present there aren’t any buses. Bowmans/PBL’s service got axed. Most of the express coaches bypass Goulburn and those that don’t cost about $27 (one way).

Countrylink has a service out of Canberra around 5pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (also Sundays) for about $10, but that means getting to Kingston first.

The hassle involved in using either option seems greater than the hassle of driving a mere 55 minutes up the road.

I’m thinking of moving there next year, once I have a deposit saved up. I like listening to 666 AM, and commuting from Queanbeyan means I only ever hear at most one full interview while in the car. An hour or so commuting means a lot more opportunity to listen to engaging radio dialogue.

vg vg 9:58 am 04 Oct 10

“Personally speaking, I prefer my 5 bedroom brick house on 15 acres for $250 a week over $500 for 3 bedrooms in the inner north on a shitty block next to ice freaks. I might spend a litte more on fuel, but the massive savings on rent make up for it.”

No ice freaks near me, and you live in a shit-hole. I’ll take inner north thanks

farnarkler farnarkler 1:29 pm 04 Oct 10

Most Canberrans don’t know what it’s like to have a real journey to work. In any major city if you can get from home to work within an hour you’re doing well.

Those in charge in Goulburn should be advertising for people to move there, extolling the affordability of housing, etc.

sepi sepi 4:18 pm 04 Oct 10

Wouldn’t it be better to actually plan for the future so that people within 10 km of the city don’t have to spend as long on the roads as people coming from interstate?

damien haas damien haas 5:15 pm 04 Oct 10

sepi said :

Wouldn’t it be better to actually plan for the future so that people within 10 km of the city don’t have to spend as long on the roads as people coming from interstate?

Absolutely. That is why I try to involve myself in the policy process. Governments are nothing more than groups of individuals responding to ideas/pressure from other individuals.

Id recommend everyone directly engage their elected reps on these matters. Write a letter, arrange a meeting. Tell them what you want. Tell them you want better transport policy, you want better designed roads, you want better public transport options.

If this was Melbourne or Sydney, d you think a city like Goulburn and a city like Canberra would have such poor public transport options between them ? Its a curse of cross-border insomnia. Canberra and Queanbeyan signed some form of cross-border public transport agreement over a year ago. I’d love yo know how this has evolved from good intentions to a deliverable policy outcome.

deejay deejay 12:58 pm 06 Oct 10

I’ve come late to the party on this and don’t know if you’ll see it, but we live in Goulburn and commute, and we love it. People who say you won’t save much after car costs are dead wrong. There is a huge difference between a mortgage on $250K and on $450K, and it well exceeds the running costs of a small late-model car on a novated lease. Our food, clothes, cinema, and restaurants are cheaper and better quality, too.

deejay deejay 1:01 pm 06 Oct 10

I forgot to mention – there is now a 24 hour daycare in town. (I’m not sure whether the target audience is commuters, hospitality workers, or what). And the schools are excellent. I’m not a fan of public schools, but I even like the public schools we see at inter-school events.

MrPC MrPC 7:26 pm 06 Oct 10

Forget the novated lease. Sure, you save a lot over and above the cost of a new car outright, but you’d be better off driving a 15 year old Festiva or similar where three months lease payments on a new car would buy you the used car outright.

A $30 refuel in my 95 Festiva gets me Canberra to Goulburn and back twice (four single trips). Barely any of the onboard systems are computerised so repairs are few and far between, and spare parts are cheap thanks to not using pointless and proprietary technology.

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