Commuting from Goulburn to Canberra? Living in Goulburn?

evessunshine 30 September 2010 65

Hi Everyone,

Anyone living in Goulburn? What’s it like for a young family?
And do you think commuting to Canberra 4days a week manageable?

Looking forward to hearing some feedback 🙂

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65 Responses to Commuting from Goulburn to Canberra? Living in Goulburn?
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Spectra Spectra 11:09 am 30 Sep 10

8+ hours of commuting a week is a hell of a lot of time that you could otherwise be spending with your young family. Not to mention a hell of a lot of petrol. It’s “manageable”, obviously – people do it in other places – but sure as hell isn’t something I’d do by choice.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 11:18 am 30 Sep 10

We have a chap here that does the run from Goulburn into Canberra daily. The drive is a little over an hour and a clear run along the hwy most days.

A one hour commute (at the least) is the reality in most big capitals for those in the outer burbs, but most Canberrans have a distorted sense of distance/reality and think the drive from Tuggeranong to Civic is an arduous journey.

From what I have seen, house prices are cheaper there than here in the ACT, it has all the needed amenities for a young family and it is not too far from Sydney too.

You might consider buying a diesel engine car too to save on fuel costs.

Inappropriate Inappropriate 11:26 am 30 Sep 10

I wouldn’t see commuting as a viable long-term solution. You’ll be paying a lot in petrol + wear ‘n’ tear on the car. And if your car breaks down, you’re up for a motel stay and/or big taxi fair.

lobster lobster 12:18 pm 30 Sep 10

There was a woman at my old work who used to do it.
She ended up call ing in sick or “working from home” or arriving late most days after the first month.

Can’t say I blame her though.
Hour drive from Goulburn then another half hour or more through the morning traffic to get to work. Then the same back home afterwards.

So around 3 hours each day of your life travelling.

Or 15 hours a week. (or 12 in your case)

Might be ok if you have the option of crashing at a friends house one of the nights or something.

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 12:56 pm 30 Sep 10

neanderthalsis said :

most Canberrans have a distorted sense of distance/reality and think the drive from Tuggeranong to Civic is an arduous journey.

…except that, living in Canberra, that IS an arduous journey (and one of the reasons people live here, over Sydney or Melbourne).

Chop71 Chop71 1:15 pm 30 Sep 10

No way

toriness toriness 1:43 pm 30 Sep 10

i have friends who do it but god knows i wouldn’t. work out what you would spend in petrol plus add a bit more for the value you place on your own time that you will instead spend in commuting – and bump up your mortgage/rent allowance/budget accordingly to see whether living in canberra works still.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 1:51 pm 30 Sep 10

Is there a regular bus? Could be a good time to catch up on reading, or do some work on the laptop.

KB1971 KB1971 1:51 pm 30 Sep 10

neanderthalsis said :

but most Canberrans have a distorted sense of distance/reality and think the drive from Tuggeranong to Civic is an arduous journey.

I agree about the distorted sense of distance but I dont agree with the Tuggers example, every time I have sold something of late someone from the north side always rings up & then winges about how far it is to Tuggers.

DIDINT YOU READ THE AD???? It had the suburb written on it 😉

ConanOfCooma ConanOfCooma 1:55 pm 30 Sep 10

I do ten hours a week driving from Cooma everyday, and the only bad thing about it is the snow and coast traffic.

As mentioned above, if you are a soft capital resident, there’s a good chance you find a ten minute drive to work incredibly intolerable. I work in Tuggers, and I know people who travel from North side who do that trip in an hour and ten. I may not be closer, but I get there quicker.

What most people in the ACT fail to realise is that it costs a bullshit amount to live in the capital. Rent is ridiculous for broken Lego houses, the drug problem is through the roof, and you are so close to your neighbours you know what they had for dinner last night.

Personally speaking, I prefer my 5 bedroom brick house on 15 acres for $250 a week over $500 for 3 bedrooms in the inner north on a shitty block next to ice freaks. I might spend a litte more on fuel, but the massive savings on rent make up for it.

housebound housebound 2:14 pm 30 Sep 10

It’s worth it if you work on the northside. It’s not worth it if you work south of the lake because you will get stuck in traffic.

Other than that, it’s really good to live out of Canberra. Those country towns have more character architecturally (yay for older houses that weren’t regulation painted mission brown). It can take a while to get in with the locals, but it’s worth it once you do.

Fuel costs will add up, though. Consider buying the most fuel efficient vehicle that can do 110 km/hour easily.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 2:19 pm 30 Sep 10

Depends where you work. Allow half an hour from Watson to your office in Civic, or 40 minutes to your office in Parkes/Barton.

If you leave at 6am, no worries. If you leave at 7, you hit traffic at its busiest.

A guy here is moving to Yass to commute. I value the extra 2 hours a day in non-commuting time to spend with the family as a greater priority.

FoMoCo FoMoCo 2:23 pm 30 Sep 10

I know it isnt Goulburn, but a guy I work with does the Cooma to Canberra trip everyday. He doesnt mind it and has been doing it for 10+ years now. It takes a little over an hour and only has to go to the airport and comes through queanbeyan so misses most of the traffic. He used to live in Sydney prior to moving to Cooma and it would take twice as long to travel half as far..

I personally think it is doable provided you dont have to fight the Canberra traffic once you get here.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 2:31 pm 30 Sep 10

I used to commute from Yass back in the day (30-40 mins). I reckon that’d be my limit.

On the plus side the commute to Goulburn should be an easy run the majority of the time which might allow you to unwind from the working day, in preparation for 4 screaming kiddies. On the negative side if you’re approaching Lake George and suddenly realise you’ve left something behind, well, that would suck! Also, if you have kids back at school in Goulburn and something happens you’re not a 20 minute drive away, etc, etc.

Yes, housing will be cheaper and, if buying an older property, quite a different aesthetic to what Canberra usually offers. But your fuel bill and car servicing costs will increase, obviously.

I also agree with neanderthalsis, a modern efficient diesel car is a very good idea – Golf, Mondeo, whatever, there’s heaps of options these days.

brendan360 brendan360 2:40 pm 30 Sep 10

Hi, for about 3 months both my partner and I were communting from canberra. The rent is cheaper but once u factor petol in, we are saving a bit more living up here. Also the time factor really takes a toll. extra time in the morning is great and the time with the family is good too. And goulburn isnt too bad for facilites but not too much to do of a weekend. guess thats ok if you just like to relax.

So yeah I personally wouldnt do it again and am glad once we moved

Buzz2600 Buzz2600 2:57 pm 30 Sep 10

I used to live on the other side of Yass and commute into Canberra for work. I worked part time to begin with (three days a week) and it was quite manageable … nice drive, time to relax before getting home each night etc.

Once I started working full time though, it was a different story, especially in winter. I started to hate the fact that I was leaving home in the dark each morning & leaving work in the dark each night. I really started questioning the logic of “enjoying” the rural lifestyle when it became all about commuting.

As others have mentioned, you also clock up the miles pretty quickly … you need to add in the cost of petrol/wear & tear on your vehicle. Finally, what is your time worth? You need to evaluate whether sitting in a car for three hours a day is worth more than spending time at home.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 3:06 pm 30 Sep 10

Growling Ferret said :

Depends where you work. Allow half an hour from Watson to your office in Civic, or 40 minutes to your office in Parkes/Barton.

30 minutes to get from Watson to Civic?! Are you walking? If you’re not then take a different route, haha. That’s madness.

evessunshine evessunshine 3:07 pm 30 Sep 10

Thanks everyone for your comments and thoughts. Braidwood has been an option as well but i think a bit too small for my liking even though its a pretty place. We used to live in the Blue Mountains and then commuted to Sydney which was much more of a mission but we like to live in place with character. Have to agree with you ConanOfCooma rent here is a joke.

arescarti42 arescarti42 3:24 pm 30 Sep 10

A former colleague of mine has a young family and used to do the commute from Goulburn to Queanbeyan and he seemed to manage alright. He owns a house in Goulburn though, and I think were this not the case he would have rented closer to work. It’s not something I’d ever consider.

A group of researchers at the University of Zurich published an interesting paper called “Stress that doesn’t pay: The Commuting Paradox” in 2004, basically they found that people with long commutes consistently reported lower subjective wellbeing and that people have a tendency to overestimate the benefits of a bigger house/lower rent and underestimate the costs of a much longer commute.

You need to make sure the benefits really do outweigh the extra stress, lost time and increased car costs.

p1 p1 3:41 pm 30 Sep 10

I “commute” from from Belco to Woden, and frankly, that is too far.

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