Comrade v Doogan- Round 2

Thumper 22 August 2005 4

The Comrade, after a savaging in the press on Saturday, has come out swinging and baying for Wild Bill’s blood, suggesting that the big fella is simply playing politics with anything he has to say in relation to the inquest. (Funny that, i thought Wild Bill was a politician…)

The summary of the Stanhope tirade this morning on radio is as follows;

I did not instigate it, it was going to happen anyway. I was just a part of it. (My memory fails me on this score but it seemed a convenient way of saying its was not my fault)

It did not cost the taxpayer any money whatsoever because insurance paid for it. (Why was this money not spent on what it was supposed to spent on?)

There was no bias, even though the ACT government appointed the legal eagles and paid for them. (I didn’t quite understand this one)

Bill Stephaniak is simply playing politics. (Well, he is a politician)

There are serious concerns about something (Serious, not grave)

I can’t quite recall the circumstances. (Hmmm.. Might have heard this one before)

Either way, he made it undoubtably sure that he was in no way connected with, had any interest in, had no responsibility for, the inquest being railroaded. And he left no doubt that he’s not finished as it would appear some damage has been wrought upon Castle Stanhope.

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4 Responses to Comrade v Doogan- Round 2
Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 8:44 pm 22 Aug 05

Why is it that all the good interviews happen when I’m not listening…almost worth calling them and getting them to replay it down the phone for me. Actually, they usually replay some of the interviews early next morning…looks like I’ll be waking up early then.

Kerces Kerces 5:36 pm 22 Aug 05

Stefaniak’s put out this release today, saying that Chief Justice Higgins said Stanhope should step aside as Attorney General. Presumably this is what prompted all Stanhope’s defences this morning.


kimba kimba 12:24 pm 22 Aug 05

I heard the goose Stanhope on 2CC this morning. He says he was not responsible for the delay in the inquest but if he hadn’t agreed to fund the appeal it would not have happened. And why he is sensitive to who paid for the appeal – someone has to pay and guess who it idiots!!!!

Evictor Evictor 11:08 am 22 Aug 05

I especially loved the irony of him demanding the Chief Justice explain and prove his comments about him not understanding separation of powers doctrine.

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