Concerned about Canberra’s role in the future of our city? Labor has the answer!

johnboy 29 September 2012 6

You will, I am sure, rest easier knowing:

ACT Labor wants to see our region prosper and for Canberra to continue to play a key role in the future of our city and our region.

Seriously, what oxygen thieving lackwit perpetrates this kind of crime on the english language?

In what possible universe could the city of Canberra not play a key role in its own future?

Anyway the policy is:

If re-elected ACT Labor will provide $1 million to secure the long term future of the Canberra Urban and Regional Futures (CURF) which will enable further collaboration between government, research , business and community organisations across Canberra and the region.

Like every one of ACT Labor’s policies, CURF is aligned to our economic and jobs vision. It is ACT Labor’s plan to position ourselves as the undisputed economic heart of the region.

Maybe if we grow our economy it will be the economic heart of the region all on its own? Maybe if we let people spend their own money our economy would grow all on its own?

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6 Responses to Concerned about Canberra’s role in the future of our city? Labor has the answer!
shauno shauno 2:12 pm 01 Oct 12

Its another one of these money spinners for the climate change industry. It reminds me when I get back ill have to work on a climate change grant proposal while they are still handing out the millions. Federally im talking about. Actually I thought of one just now remembering back some one mentioned the silly frogs up around Gingera. I actually know where some are in a big sphagnum moss swamp up there. I could ask for half a million to write a up a quick study about them heading south. And ill stick a GPS on one of them.

Pork Hunt Pork Hunt 1:04 pm 01 Oct 12

Deref said :

p1 said :

What a CURFing Poccock of a Mully that policy is.

😀 That deserves an award.

And misspelling “Pocock” just adds value. Truly genious. Pedant heaven.

Deref Deref 12:15 pm 01 Oct 12

p1 said :

What a CURFing Poccock of a Mully that policy is.

😀 That deserves an award.

miz miz 11:17 am 01 Oct 12

“We will work to make Canberra a centre of excellence in education and research, and a regional centre for services and facilities.” They’ve had 12 years to do this and IMO, failed (eg school closures and amalgamations, still no CIT/uni in 30 yr old Tuggeranong – just a ‘Learning Ctr’ access point – and significantly poorer ‘council’ services and facilities than Queanbeyan,not to mention bulldozer DA processes). They also have a record of starting flash new policies in the inner suburbs but stopping/changing policy before these things actually get to outer suburbs (eg wetlands, Rapid bus services). Hence, inner suburbs get the services, Tuggers gets shafted.

Talk about the horns of a CURFing dilemma. I am scared of voting for Liberal because of THEIR slash and burn record, but they are looking like the only ones who actually give a damn about local issues in this area. I wish all sides would provide some assurance that they can do what they are promising without slashing and burning.

Slightly off topic, but perhaps it would be good to get Rioters’ experiences with current local members? These people are supposed to represent us, after all. It is clear to me that some MLAs are far better representatives of their voters than others, and this puts quite a different slant on who to vote for other than by party.

Eg, from my constituent point of view, my interactions with Brindabella MLAs have demonstrated the following: Mr Smyth showed himself to be an excellent, experienced local member who responded and took action promptly, went in to bat on my behalf and was great at negotiating ministerial guff/BS; Ms Bresnan was a good listener who followed up and got back to me in a timely way, and told me straight up whether the issue was something she could assist with; Ms Burch treated my concerns in a supercilious and patronising manner and appeared reluctant to assist in any way until it became evident that she had to. She also appeared to strongly rely on her (what came over as rather incompetent) office staff to ‘get rid of’ my concerns through tactics such as emailing my work supervisor to complain that I was emailing from my place of employment – which, as it happens, was not verboten.

I for one would be most interested in how other MLAs have dealt with Rioters’ concerns over the last 4 years.

p1 p1 10:08 pm 30 Sep 12

What a CURFing Poccock of a Mully that policy is.

poetix poetix 8:46 pm 30 Sep 12

I think CURF deserves instant status as a new swear word. It sounds like lots of better known four letter words all mixed into one, but as if someone changed their mind and pulled back at the last moment, and just said curse with a funny accent.

A little like smeg or feck, but government generated.

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