Confidence in Katy Gallagher?

johnboy 17 August 2010 7

The ABC reports that the somnolent Liberals are going to try to pass a no confidence motion in Deputy Chief Minister Katy Gallagher:

The ACT Opposition has targetted Ms Gallagher over the troubled Canberra hospital maternity unit and the on-again off-again deal to buy Calvary hospital.

Does anyone really see the Greens joining in on this one?

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7 Responses to Confidence in Katy Gallagher?
Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:12 pm 18 Aug 10

housebound said :

Does anyone see the Greens as ever standing up for anything not pre-aproved by Labor?

What? Mein Furhrer Stanhope gives the Greens permission to stand up???

54-11 54-11 8:39 pm 17 Aug 10

Agree with the tenor of the comments here – the Greens need to grow some balls and show to their partners that they are independent and will stand up for accountability.

C’mon Meredith and Shane – give Katy the political slapping she deserves.

housebound housebound 3:30 pm 17 Aug 10

Does anyone see the Greens as ever standing up for anything not pre-aproved by Labor?

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 1:21 pm 17 Aug 10

Unfortunately the greens are in bed with Labor and we have seen that they are unwilling to take even the slightest action on anything. I think that they’re still too bewildered at having some actual relevance.

For all those considering a Green vote in the Senate, if you want to see what happens when the Greens hold the balance of power look no further than the local circus.

Frano Frano 12:35 pm 17 Aug 10

Why would the Greens support a no-confidence motion in their “Coalition” partners?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:52 am 17 Aug 10

I wish the Greens would too.
Katy’s got the Dubya Touch, in that anything unlike the King Midas of Greek myth, everything she touches turns to shit.
Previously they just moved her on to a new Portfolio before the public had time to find out what kind of cockups she had achieved, but this time she’s held on for so long it can only be her problem.

The Greens ran for election on a platform of government accountability, and Katy has been responsible for wasting a lot of public effort for no actual gain, in what turns out to be an administratively-caused delay at her request.

gun street girl gun street girl 10:30 am 17 Aug 10

I wish they would.

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