Confidence is key at FASHFEST model casting

Heather Lansdowne 6 June 2017

It’s hard, I get it. You’re in a room full of Canberra’s most attractive people, and you’re trying to stand out. You’re thinking “that girl’s got a cuter nose”, “that guy’s taller than me” or “that body is just too bootylicious”. But if you want to make it on FASHFEST’s runway, you’re gonna need to put that insecurity aside and pound the catwalk like you own it. If you ain’t got confidence, you ain’t got nothin’ baby.

It’s funny how you can have a group of the most eclectic beauties both young and old, short and tall, curvy and svelte, pale and tan, and yet it’s this singular trait that makes the difference every time. If you’re able to walk with purpose, pose with attitude, and stare down the judges long enough for the photographers to take your photo, you’re miles ahead of your competition.

Modelling is like the business world, sometimes you’ve just got to go out there with the confidence of a mediocre white man. If you act like you’re all that, people will start to believe it’s true.

Or, put another way, modelling is like the dating world. As I saw it explained so succinctly on the internet somewhere “If you a six, act like a ten. Then you a ten.”

So, if you see me skulking around taking photos of your group, don’t hide your face in your hands or pretend to be busy on your phone. Lift your chin high and stare down the barrel of my lens. That’s what what you’re here for, after all, right? To be fashun?

While many of the aspiring models at FASHFEST’s model casting on Sunday had confidence in spades, there were plenty of nervous nellies and blushing beauties in the crowd too. Many of the hopefuls are very young (the age minimum is set at 16), with all that added insecurity of puberty, high school and trying to build social status in the age of Instagram.

So what is FASHFEST doing to build the confidence of their models? Plenty, actually. With the annual event, Canberra models get a chance to try out their posing and walking skills, learn more about the fashion industry and make a few friends along the way.

All the models selected will be provided with training and have the chance to dip their toe in the fashion water and mingle with more seasoned professionals. It’s about bringing together local talent, and providing an opportunity for aspiring creatives to learn more about the industry and showcase their skills. For these models, the act of putting themselves out there and challenging themselves to try something new might be the scariest thing in world. But once they’ve done it, they might realise it’s not as scary as they thought. And maybe their comfort zone is now just that little bit bigger. What could be more confidence inspiring than that?

FASHFEST will be held from 28 to 30 September at the National Convention Centre.

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