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Copulation in public places, your thoughts?

By johnboy - 23 March 2009 67

Following on from JoyceStanton’s outrage at a couple getting wild in the Dickson Woolies car park late on Friday night (complete with dogging), what do you think about al fresco loving in Canberra?

And should the police do more about it?

X rated public displays of affection are...

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67 Responses to
Copulation in public places, your thoughts?
Granny 4:42 pm 23 Mar 09

Love means never having to say you’re sorry ….


Clown Killer 4:33 pm 23 Mar 09

Years ago in another (undergraduate) life I may have know a young lady who might have persuaded me to assist in her mission to go the wild thing in as many public libraries as possible. The ANU libraries were easy as there are plenty of quite spots amongst the racks for a little love action. The National Library presented a challenge. As did the ACT Government library that used to be in Civic.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for any embarrassment suffered by the librarian at the ACT Government Dickson library. Sorry.

neanderthalsis 4:20 pm 23 Mar 09

I can see the next RiotAct event being the Canberra Dogging tour, forget the haunted houses, gay beats and where to find the best pizza in the ACT for under a buck fiddy, what we really want is where to best observe the unhindered copulation of the inebriated…

Where does one purchase a Columbo style raincoat these days?

midlife 4:20 pm 23 Mar 09

I never thought of Dickson Woolies being an erotic location! I thought that sort of thing was restricted to industrial areas where the kiddies are not likely to be roaming.

Granny 4:18 pm 23 Mar 09

Well, I would prefer not to get my rocks off in a public carpark, but what about a river in the moonlight or a good old Bornhoffen ad haystack or a deserted beach or a swimming pool? Or just a lazy afternoon with the sun filtering through the trees and the bees buzzing around the clover?

I mean, usually the aim would be *not* to be caught, especially by the police, but you know you can be caught at home anyway when your four year old wanders into the room unexpectedly at two in the morning.

That was part of the best bit of being young for me. Ok, we were a bit gross, but it was wild and exciting and we didn’t get caught and we really weren’t hurting anybody.

colourful sydney rac 4:14 pm 23 Mar 09

tops, love it. and nothing is funnier than coming across people invovled…

Holden Caulfield 4:11 pm 23 Mar 09

Go for it, but I would suggest there are better places for it in Canberra than Dickson Woolies.

Jivrashia 4:04 pm 23 Mar 09

“Anyone got a bucket of cold water?”

farq 4:04 pm 23 Mar 09

depends if they are fat.

AG Canberra 4:00 pm 23 Mar 09

For some people the bedroom just doesn’t float their boat….

realityskin 3:57 pm 23 Mar 09

Love it !

OzChick 3:56 pm 23 Mar 09

Can’t people just get a room? I would prefer not to witness such acts.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 3:44 pm 23 Mar 09

I guess it all comes down to one thing: What is the etiquette for high fiving a participant during the act?

Thumper 3:36 pm 23 Mar 09

It’s an outrage! An outrage I say! TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS!

*cough* what were we talking about again dear?

fnaah 3:35 pm 23 Mar 09

Fornication in public? Oh NOES!!11!ONE

Won’t someone think of the children?

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