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Cosplay at Impact Comics collides with reclaim the night

johnboy 2 November 2008 38

[First filed: November 02, 2008 @ 01:38]

Poptop has been kind enough to send in photos from Friday night in Garema Place.

In the course of a weird night the cosplay contest collided with reclaim the night.

I leave you, dear reader, to draw your own conclusions.

(Slideshow below)

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38 Responses to Cosplay at Impact Comics collides with reclaim the night
peterh peterh 5:17 pm 03 Nov 08

Granny said :

Those windcheaters sure did last … *chuckle* … I reckon I must have had mine for about ten years at the time!

And all those fugly olympic ring looking things in the logo … *bleah*

mal lee’s “educating for the 21st century”. now there was a good slogan…

Granny Granny 5:12 pm 03 Nov 08

Those windcheaters sure did last … *chuckle* … I reckon I must have had mine for about ten years at the time!

And all those fugly olympic ring looking things in the logo … *bleah*

peterh peterh 5:03 pm 03 Nov 08

Granny said :

In the first place, I wasn’t dressed for the job. Sneakers, Copland College windcheater ….

Are you saying that I shouldn’t be able to walk alone in my own city because I am female?

no, but wearing a wind cheater called cop land wouldn’t have been good either. (when i was at copland, some american friends thought it was a police academy, especially with all the cop cars parked there)

everyone has the right to walk alone in their city. unfortunately, now that civic is so dismal and dark, anyone approaching me that i don’t know won’t get long to speak, I am off.

and the guy in the sailor moon costume – how funny is that??

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 4:04 pm 03 Nov 08

I’m just stirring for an argument from the Pro-Cos crowd…

I’ll give credit where credit is due though, Final Fantasy X was the most eye-candy packed interactive movie I’d ever seen.

poptop poptop 3:45 pm 03 Nov 08

The Sydney Anime Cons appear to involve a lot more Lycra. 8D

Jim Jones Jim Jones 3:39 pm 03 Nov 08

Skid – there are also hot ones, this usually makes up for everything.

justbands justbands 3:30 pm 03 Nov 08

Or perhaps unhappy that he hasn’t got to spend any time with the girl in that photo.

johnboy johnboy 3:25 pm 03 Nov 08

I think Skidbladnir is just jealous that he’s missed out on playing as much Final Fantasy as them.

poptop poptop 3:22 pm 03 Nov 08

I found them to genrally be a courteous and interesting bunch of [mainly] adolescent people with a slightly offbeat hobby. They didn’t exclude we mundanes, were supportive of each other and cheered wildly when the littlest Naruto took out one of the major prizes.

Infinitely preferable to drunken Emos or the generic terminally bored adolescents, IMO.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:11 pm 03 Nov 08

Back ontopic:
So, cosplayers really are just a bunch of freaks trying to justify to themselves\their billpaying parents the months of alone couchtime, the endless need to buy DVD boxed sets and posters, or just the far too many hours of Final Fantasy…

jimbocool jimbocool 3:03 pm 03 Nov 08

hah! I caught the bus twice! And the subway too – although that was a lot safer as there were lots of transit police around harassing homeless people.
But none of it as terrifying as driving in LA at peak hour, on only my second day of driving on the wrong side of the road. Now 16 lanes bumper-to-bumper is traffic and I swore if I lived thorugh it I would never complain about Canberra traffic again…and I haven’t (it’s been four years)

Jim Jones Jim Jones 3:01 pm 03 Nov 08

Everyone I know who’s been to L.A. has absolutely hated it: ‘world’s biggest parking lot’ is a phrase I’ve heard uttered more than a few times.

A lot of areas of the States sound great, but some of the stories you here don’t do much to inspire confidence. For example, a buddy of mine is quite a nice bloke – works a very responsible job and very career focused, etc. He went to work over in California and ended up in some place I can’t remember the name of. He said the ‘uniform’ for casual-wear in the area was a polo-shirt, slacks and ‘nice’ shoes, anyone wearing anything different was immediately cast with suspicion. He walked down the street wearing a metal t-shirt and jeans and people were crossing the street to avoid him.

Granny Granny 2:21 pm 03 Nov 08

It was also just after Crocodile Dundee had been released. They knew I was Australian alright. It was the best time possible to be an Australian in the US.


Granny Granny 2:19 pm 03 Nov 08

I did take the bus once. But basically I pretty much had no money for a lot of the time. It’s a long and complicated story. I could buy a slice of pizza from Chicken Delight for less than a dollar. I walked a lot. I lost a lot of weight.

jimbocool jimbocool 2:12 pm 03 Nov 08

From my experiences in the US, many people didn’t really notice the accent or if they did just assumed I was from upstate New York or some other weird place. The idea that you might be from another country is not something that most USers think.

Males walking alone get subject to abuse too, albeit a bit different – in downtown East Lansing people would drive past and yell out, “Get a horse!”. Walking alone, or in company in LA, is a bad idea – the only worse thing is taking the bus…when you get on a bus in LA it’s just like a scene in a western where the hero walks into the saloon and everything stops…

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 1:45 pm 03 Nov 08

VY’s had another sex change operation…

I’ve shaved my butt and had breasts grafted onto my back, so if I walk backwards I look like a bit angry emo lesbian. Then, by walking forward again, I magically change back into a smart-arse.

johnboy johnboy 1:42 pm 03 Nov 08
Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:39 pm 03 Nov 08

What the hell is a “mopo”????

johnboy johnboy 1:21 pm 03 Nov 08

Oh god, sexist “humour”.

Much funnier on a mopo than an open forum.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:19 pm 03 Nov 08

Women should stay at home and cook dinner for their husband – it’s much safer, except if you burn yourself on the stove. 😉

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