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Crikey panders to southsiders

By Kerces - 18 July 2005 28

Crikey had the following in their sealed section today :

6. Unsubstantiated tips & rumours
On Friday night there were drinks at DIMIA to farewell Bill Farmer and two other ousted senior staffers. Apparently the tears and un-PC comments were flowing. Farmer had written a poem called “Bastille Day at Belco” (DIMIA is located in the awful Canberra suburb of Belconnen), which involved him and the other two being taken to the guillotine by Amanda the executioner – very well received apparently!

So what do we think of Belco being described this way?

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Crikey panders to southsiders
simto 4:21 pm 19 Jul 05

Like Woden and Tuggernong, Belconnen’s both a Suburb and a Zone. There’s a suburb called Belconnen, and then there’s a lot of suburbs around it that a lot of people also call Belconnen.

The Zone-named suburbs are the ones with the big shops in them.

Angelique 4:03 pm 19 Jul 05

I thought that was a pretty good description, actually. Except that Belconnen is not a suburb but a, well, i don’t know. help?

GuruJ 3:52 pm 19 Jul 05

I’m with johnboy. There’s nothing wrong with Belco. True, there’s nothing very much *right* with it either, but it’s still nicer to wander around than most suburbs of Melbourne or Sydney.

Evictor 10:55 am 19 Jul 05

BelCompton you mean?

Absent Diane 10:01 am 19 Jul 05

Thumper – am willing to swap – so long as your not in north cooma

bulldog 8:40 am 19 Jul 05

I’m no fan of Belconnen, but I hate it when someone who does not appear to be a Canberra resident bags any part of the ACT out.

RandomGit 7:41 am 19 Jul 05

A concrete disaster. Get in, buy your stuff, get out. Try not to notice the scenery.

yakz 3:56 am 19 Jul 05

try not to think about it myself 🙂

North Cooma (Tuggeranong) resident

Vic Bitterman 8:51 pm 18 Jul 05

Belco’s a shit hole, everyone knows that.

johnboy 8:05 pm 18 Jul 05

Belconnen is a home to mediocrity in many ways.

But it has a very pretty lake and every amenity the urbanite could ask for.

I think awful is a pretty dreadful slander of a relatively innocent suburb myself.

Thumper 6:26 pm 18 Jul 05

AB? I meant AD…

as in the absent one, that isn’t here, or is, metaphorically, in a etherial sort of way….

Just shoot me… *g*

Thumper 6:24 pm 18 Jul 05


I’ll swap ya. Save me a fortune in petrol…


Absent Diane 4:57 pm 18 Jul 05

hellconnen – working here is hard enough 😛

Hadley 4:36 pm 18 Jul 05

I have stained my shirt with the proud tears of the North.

no wait… that’s urine.

Maelinar 3:05 pm 18 Jul 05

Return to the North vs South wars !

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