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Cyclist injured in Ainslie

Sammy 16 January 2007 52

A cyclist was found with serious head injuries in Campbell St, Ainslie at about 2:30pm this afternoon, and ACT Police are seeking witnesses to the accident. It is not known if a vehicle was involved, or if the cyclist fell heavily from the bicycle, all on their own.

Anyone with information about the collision is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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52 Responses to Cyclist injured in Ainslie
atoz atoz 4:58 pm 18 Jan 07

well bonfire, if you used to ride a motor bike you should have a bit of an idea what life is like for a cyclist in the world of cars.

atoz atoz 4:56 pm 18 Jan 07

Mutley, I don’t belong to pedal power. I take it that is some kind of sarcastic jibe that should be interpreted as humour. I re-took up cycling for exercise about 6 months ago. I just wanted you guys to see the ‘other side’. 6 months ago I had no idea the crap that cyclists cop in this town. That being said the majority of motorists are respectful. It’s just that small element that has the attitude “why don’t you ride on the cycle pats, this is my bloody road and I pay taxes and I ….blah blah”. These people are the same that used to grab all the other kids toys in pre school and had racists for parents.

PS – I really like this website (been a long time lurker) I will calm down once I take my medicine

bonfire bonfire 4:55 pm 18 Jan 07

if its not clear from my previosu post, the cyclist was on the wrong side of the road – pedalling towards me and we did make eye contact.

i almost created that gold painted work of art mentioned in another thread.

Chariots Chariots 4:52 pm 18 Jan 07

Great comment Snarky, well put!

I wanted to respond to the Pedal Power one as well just by asking mutley why they would be surprised by comments by cyclists about road safety when the article is about a cyclist getting injured.

I’m not a member of pedal power although I have been and might be again, it’s just a group of people with common interests, interests like not getting killed or injured on the roads. A discussion about motorists and cyclists attitudes and behaviours is completely what this article is likely to spark.

Better out in the open than sitting in vehicles with steam coming out of their ears, better that we try and understand why this aggression is out there and what impact it has on us. Even if it is just trash talk, it’s still perpetuating an attitude, and a dangerous attitude at that. And as a cyclist I accept that we also need to understand which behaviours of theirs are causing this attitude, and of those assess which are fair and reasonable and which are just dumb.

bonfire bonfire 4:46 pm 18 Jan 07

i have never collided with a cyclist in my vehicle.

in my private life i have hit precisely ONE car and that was a few months after gaining my license and at about 5 kmh.

on a motorcycle i had many idiots in cars try and kill me.

it made me a better driver.

Snarky Snarky 4:43 pm 18 Jan 07

Looks like pedal power has found their way here

Can’t speak for the others, but although I’m a member, i’m not PedalPower in any sense that you’d recognise.

Atoz has put it the best – there is ample road to share, crossings, country roads, paths and all.

I reckon 99% of the trash talk on here is just that – talk, not action. I doubt even Bonfire has many kills stamped on the side of his car. But, like Atoz and Chariots and others I really really cannot fathom the antipathy to cyclists in Canberra. Sometimes out on the roads it’s like we live in a city of 9 year olds with bad attitudes. Hell, even other car drivers know this! So what gives?

Chariots Chariots 4:40 pm 18 Jan 07

Just to clarify, i mean the riding abreast on a country road is the stupid behaviour, not their presence on the country road.

bonfire bonfire 4:38 pm 18 Jan 07

i was reflecting upon how wrong i was about the law abiding fresh air breathing recycling green syustainable cyclists and then last night as i turned the corner in the stanley steamer one of your ilk was on the wrong side of the road in the middle of the lane about 15 meters from ginninderra drive.

pedalling away in his own little world.

so i swerved to avoid him and fortunately there wasnt anything coming the other way, otherwise i would have had to brake suddenly and incur a rear ender.

im sure the cyclist would have stuck around and provided details for my insurance report.

Chariots Chariots 4:36 pm 18 Jan 07

I can’t argue for one with that Blamemonkey, there’s an arrogance there that’s a bit staggering. Sure extend the finger if you think that will make your point, but swerve at them, try to frighten them with your horn that’s the a**ehole behaviour that we’re talking about.

Atoz says quite clearly that motorists abuse cyclists ‘for no reason’. And he/she is right this mindless abuse happens, every cyclist I know has had this happen to them even when they are just travelling on, minding their own business. Ever copped abuse when you’re just cruising along in your car, following the road rules, being a model motorist. I doubt it.

atoz atoz 4:35 pm 18 Jan 07

Blamemonkey, I agree that there are cyclists that do not always use there common sense or courtesy. That being said, I do think they have a right to ride on country roads. I ride on them, not in a group mind you, but I don’t think I ever slow anyone down.

Look, all I’m saying is that there is ample road to share. If you think about it, cyclists are helping big time in suburban areas. If all those cyclists I see riding each morning in inner north canberra decided to drive one morning (each of course in their own car with no passengers as per canberra guidelines) then you find a hell of a lot more cars on the road.

God, you only have to look at parts of europe to see the positives if cars and bikes got along.

It’s just seems that here in Canberra there is such an element of hatred towards cyclists. A month ago I was on the cycle PATH next to a road in Gun’lin and was abused by the finger and vocals of a driver – man, I wasn’t even on the road. A few days later I went to move off with other traffic after a light turned green and got cut off as a car turned left. As he turned he gave the finger. I just don’t get it. I tend to think canberrans have it so easy that this is where people vent there pathetic frustrations.

mutley mutley 4:35 pm 18 Jan 07

Looks like pedal power has found their way here

Snarky Snarky 4:24 pm 18 Jan 07

Blamemonkey, how does that relate to the above discussion about pedestrian crossings, exactly?

Blamemonkey Blamemonkey 4:16 pm 18 Jan 07

Atoz, what about the cyclist that ride 2+ abreast on rural roads full of blind corners and with a speed limit of 100ks? I feel I should be able to beep my horn and extend my middle finger to these people, because not only are they being inconsiderate but also dangerous.

atoz atoz 3:51 pm 18 Jan 07

Dear Bonfire, I’m afraid your views make you out to be an ignorant moron. And the whining as you put it has not come from the cycling sector but from you – the motorist -having your weekly bit*h about cyclists. For the life of me I don’t understand why canberrans (an most australians) hate cyclists. I drive and cycle. When I drive, I don’t have a problem waving a cyclist through a pedestrian crossing. Wow, that was like 1 second of my life. When I ride, i may cycle through a pedestrian crossing, but only when it’s safe.

The issue I have is that you are the type of motorists that abus me for no reason, cut me off on corners, and show absolutely no respect to other road users.

You gotta learn to respect others mate, the world is not all about you and your narrow minded views.

Chariots Chariots 3:43 pm 18 Jan 07

I share the other cyclists’ views with respect to pedestrian crossings. It’s hardly in my interests as a cyclist to zip across a pedestrian crossing on a bike without regard for the traffic. In the same way it’s not in my interest to skateboard, rollerblade or run up to and across a pedestrian crossing. Making me get off the bike and walk across holds up traffic.

As long as we’ve eyeballed each other motorist and I, and it’s clear that I’m going across, where’s the problem? Additionally all the motorist has to do to accelerate again is lightly depress a pedal and off they go, to regain momentum on a bicycle requires a great deal more energy. The one true advantage to cycling is that you can be a pedestrian and a vehicle, follow the rules for either and what’s the freaking problem?

Why so angry at cyclists Bonfire? My father used to cycle to work and the number of cyclists that actively tried to scare him and harassed him was ridiculous. Is this where your anger leads? Pointless abuse of others, possible injury to someone’s father, mother, son or daughter? And for what? What I hate is your attitude, shared by others is what drives poor behaviour towards cyclists, and who knows what happened to this poor chap with the head injury, but I for one wouldn’t rule out road rage. My thoughts are for him and his family.

el el 2:47 pm 17 Jan 07


bonfire bonfire 2:06 pm 17 Jan 07

wpb its not proactical for me to stop at red lights because im travelling at an optimum speed but i have to.

more typically selfish whining from cyclists.

Snarky Snarky 1:27 pm 17 Jan 07


1. It’s illegal

Yes it is, no argument there. But why exactly does that piss you off? Surely you’re grateful they’re out of your way faster.

3. It’s a ‘pedestrian crossing’

… meaning.. what, exactly? Cyclists are allowed on the paths and on the roads. Where would you prefer they crossed? A whole new class of “cycle crossings” where cars must stop and give way as well as all the existing pedestrian crossings? Or just leap randomly out of driveways perhaps?

2. It’s dangerous; and
4. A cyclist zipping out across a crossing leaves the driver no time to stop.

Effectively the same thing, and again, agreed – it’s suicidal for the cyclist and extremely distressing for the motorist to have to keep an eye out for them. By all means REQUIRE cyclists to stop, look left, look right, look left again – exactly as pedestrians are supposed to do. Any sane rider does this anyway.

But – and this is what I don’t like – once a cyclist has stopped what possible merit is there in walking a bike across a crossing? It slows down the cyclist and slows down the motorist. If there are pedestrians on the crossing there are already cycling rules in play re right of way of pedestrian versus cyclist (see previous discussion on RiotACT), firmly in the pedestrian’s favour so there’s no safety advantage gained here by walking a bike.

WPB WPB 1:27 pm 17 Jan 07

I’m afraid I don’t agree with the cyclist pedestrian crossing law. It’s not practical for a cyclist to walk, and for those who are in cycling shoes, not particularly safe either. While I acknowledge it is downright dangerous for a cyclist to approach a pedestrian crossing at speed and expect cars to stop, the way it works in reality (from 25 years of cycling and driving) is in most cases, cyclist slows down, checks for cars and if no cars, crosses. If there is a car, cyclist stops and either lets car go through or in most cases the car kindly waves the cyclist through.

A better law would have cyclists simply giving way to cars at pedestrian crossings.

To use an analogy, how would you feel if there was a law that you had to push your car through an intersection. You simply wouldn’t obey it would you?

The problem is that cyclists are sometimes road users and sometimes pedestrians – we all just need to be mindful of that. Our road/cycleway/footpath system is designed that way, our footpaths lead to cycleways and our cycleways lead onto roadways- that’s just the nature of things.

Thumper, you’d be surprised how easy it is to get around Canberra by bicycle. Riding to and from work can become the best part of your day and you save heaps on petrol, parking etc. and are doing great things for the community like reducing parking/traffic congestion, not adding to smog/CO2 etc. Give it a go!

And while pedestrian crossings are off topic, I will add that my observations are that Australian drivers actually pay more attention to pedestrian crossings than every other country I’ve been to. In Europe, cars don’t stop for pedestrians.

terubo terubo 1:05 pm 17 Jan 07

Yeh, bonfire, tone it down. I was going to suggest a spanking, rather than a thrashing 🙂

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