Dangerous Bus Driving

H1NG0 14 January 2008 73

Driving down Northbourne to work this morning, I witnessed a massive brainfade involving three ACTION bus drivers.

Heading South in the the left lane, I noticed three busses ahead in my lane. I switched into the middle lane presuming one of the busses would eventually stop to pick up passengers. As the first bus in the line stopped, the bus at the end of the line (3rd bus) quickly switched into the middle lane forcing the cars in front of me to hit their brakes. The second bus in the line decided to pull out as well, forcing the 3rd bus further into the right lane narrowly missing a Toyota Echo.

The ACTION drivers who switched lanes never even thought about hitting the brakes and did this at speed. I doubt they checked their mirrors as there was simply no time. Luckily, there was just enough space in each lane so nobody got hit. The funny thing is, the bus in the right lane had to switch back over all the lanes to make a quick turn left soon after. Why couldn’t they wait the 30 or so seconds it takes for the other bus to pick up the passengers? Insanity.

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73 Responses to Dangerous Bus Driving
JC JC 5:18 am 17 Jan 08

I can think of several examples where a car could legaly enter a roundabout, not be cutting it fine and still come close to an accident. That roundabout I talk about is one, where the approach is 80km/h (it drops from 90 about 100m before hand). If we all sat and waited because someone might hit us we would never go. But in that situation it has been close.

The dumbest thing I ever saw on the roundabout was a semi enter the roundabout, with nothing in bulls roar, but being slow off the mark a car came up from William Hovell and had the hide to toot him. I was behind waiting (my turn) to enter.

And no you can give way to the left in the example I gave, but the rule is give way to anything that is already on it, regardless of left or right. Ie you should avoid hitting someone as much as they should avoid hitting you.

I will agree roundabouts are generaly safe to pull out unless someone else is already on it, except again where one leg has a high entry speed with very little traffic to slow them down.

The issue I talk about happens more at 3 way roundabouts, I can think of a few of them in the ACT. 4 way’s generally slow everyone down enough.

As for stupid roundabouts, ever driven in the UK? They are stupid, quite often they will have lights in the middle of them and to make a ‘right’ hand turn often involves changing lanes mid roundabout. With UK drivers the way they are (either stupid as or agressive beyond belief) it is pretty scary.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 8:24 am 17 Jan 08

Most scary moments I’ve seen are people turning from the wrong lane…


And it’s standard practice in Queanbeyan.

Thumper Thumper 8:38 am 17 Jan 08

A bus once parked in my backyard and used my hose to wash itself.


(With apologises to any Indian cricket that may have heard that remark)

hingo_VRCalaisV6 hingo_VRCalaisV6 9:23 am 17 Jan 08

The Woden roundabout is probably the worst I have seen anywhere in Australia. Sometimes it is almost impossible to get on when cars are doing the 80km/h around it (which is quite easy to do).

The other day I had a scary moment. I was driving my work car around it when I see a lady driving a Holden Barina straight towards me! Yes, she was driving the opposite way around the roundabout. I made a quick lane change to avoid her. Obviously freaked out, she pulled into the centre of the roundabout and had a good hard think about what the hell was going on.

Thumper Thumper 9:34 am 17 Jan 08

Roundabout at Russell offices

Enough said…

pierce pierce 9:34 am 17 Jan 08

That Woden roundabout is insane. I really don’t know how there aren’t more accidents on that thing

howdy howdy 9:47 am 17 Jan 08

oh dear, I’ve seen a few people lately try and go down the wrong way. Streets like northbourne really confuse them and they try and treat each side as two way. Saw one family turning left from the golf course, they drove across two lanes and then tried to travel the wrong way into traffic heading towards civic. What the?

JC – I think I know the Belco roundabout you speak of (slap me on the hand for not being certain of all the facts 😛 ). But I rarely go that way. Someone tried to tell me it wasn’t really a roundabout. This didn’t help me.

To be able to do anything over 60, or not have to go to third gear to handle the ’rounded’ curve of a roundabout kind of says – if you can’t slow the traffic down properly why didn’t you just put a friggin set of traffic lights in!

Being able to do 80 sounds like the silly road people just created more of a dangerous T junction.

There’s a web site somewhere where you can report dangerous intersections. Not that they really listen until someone dies…

howdy howdy 9:54 am 17 Jan 08

or loses an eye

JC JC 6:41 pm 17 Jan 08

It is a roundabout, why would someone say it isn’t? The only thing is traffic heading south bypass it, it is only used by cars going from Kingsford Smith right into Drake Brockman, William Hovell left into Drake Brockman and straight onto Kingsford Smith and of course lef from Drake Brockman into Kingsford Smith. Like I said the problem I have been speaking of usually happens at these kind of roundabouts and where there is a high speed entry with people not knowing the rules. The small roundabouts usually sort themselves out so you don’t usually get into that situation.

Agree the Russell and Woden roundabouts are shockers. I dislike the bus bypass on the Woden one, they could have included a car lane too and got a better solution. Bloody ACT road planners, bugger good roads and totally *uck the bad.

hingo hingo 7:00 pm 17 Jan 08

Yeah that bus lane is exactly what the cars need to get a decent chance at turning left. I have seen plenty of cars use it to avoid the frustration of trying to get on the roundabout. I don’t blame them.

howdy howdy 10:41 am 18 Jan 08

I think this calls for people to show ACT planners what for and take matters into their own hands – install our own speed signs, warning signs and line markings where appropriate…
: P

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:53 am 18 Jan 08

Vigilantes do TAMS’ work for it?
What is this, bizarro world?

howdy howdy 11:00 am 18 Jan 08

Yeah now I think of it you’d probably end up with a speed sign for 130, closely followed by a 60 zone and a sign telling you to look out for skiing kangaroos. And pedestrian crossings everywhere….

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