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David McLaughlin’s family and friends get their say

johnboy 23 September 2006 91

The Canberra Times’ Paul Malone has done a lengthy and detailed story on the final days of David “DJ” McLaughlin.

McLaughlin’s family feel they could have prevented his suicide if the police had let them talk to him. Franklty it beggars belief that the stepfather, Andy Hammond, feels “I could do anything with that kid” when you consider the abject failure of the Spence butcher to prevent his stepson going on an armed car thieving high speed rampage the night before.

The real question for mine is why police didn’t shoot DJ dead the night before after he rammed a police car and was pointing his squirrel gun at them.

What’s Your opinion?

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David McLaughlin’s family and friends get their say
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pi55ed 5:42 pm 11 Nov 06


It’s an old expression, literally it means:

The person addressed is contemptible or
worthless, a scrounger.

Sums up my opinion of the now departed David and his ilk.

el 11:42 am 10 Nov 06

Toerag = old slang, along the lines of ratbag, etc.

Danman 7:37 am 10 Nov 06

Heres a link to my question RE your above post

I would be very interested in an answer

pi55ed 9:46 pm 09 Nov 06

Boohoo little girl.

David was! a toerag crim, nothing more and nothing less.

DJs little sister 3:10 pm 04 Nov 06

wat is wrong with you people??
im DJs little sister and DJ had never done anything wrong!!
he tried to turn his life around but NO the police would not allow that!! they were always harrasing him even at his own house!!!
im sick of everyones decisions on wat my brother was but you see you didnt know him like i did!!
he wasnt a criminal in my mind and i never saw him as a criminal!! i saw him as a troubled young boy that just wanted to be normal but the police didnt allow that did they??
thank you BIG AL you obviously know wats going on here!! im 13 yrs old and i have already seen the bad side of police!! wouldnt you think his first lifeline is his mother, father, brother or sister?? yes he was a bid kid but that does not mean he meant to hurt anyone!!! he loved everyone and everything! and was soo scared of the police but NO they pushed it to far and even got his family and friends involved!!! they cut of his phone when he was talking to mum and that was the wrong thing to do!! I PERSONALY DONT CARE WHAT YOU PEOPLE THINK BUT HE WAS MY BROTHER AND THATS ALL I SAW HIM AS!!! I LOVED MY THREE OLDER BROTHERS DJ, CAMERON AND ANTHONY AND MY LITTLE SISTER MOLLY!! but you people have just broke my heart on how you never think about his family and friends!!! he wasnt lyk wat it said in the artticle he was a caring and loving person and he DIDNT AND I REPEAT DIDNT HAVE A DRUGG PROBLEM!!! I WAS WITH HIM ALL THE TIME AND I NEVER I REPEAT NEVER SAW HIM LAY 1 FINGER ON THOSE DRUGGS!!! but no im sorry im just a 13 yr old troubled girl that doesnt know the difference between right and wrong!! but still think wat you want to think but i know for sure that he was not lyk that!!! OKAI SO YOU NEED TO GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT BEFORE YOU JUDGE MY BIG BROTHER!!! and im tellin you now exactly how i feel about all this crap!!!

TAD 9:34 am 27 Sep 06

Canberra Times = wiki/Yellow journalism

Mr Evil 9:24 am 27 Sep 06

I get all my news from the Chronicle!

el 9:23 am 27 Sep 06

Personally, I think that it’s rude to accuse someone of reading the Canberra Times.

LOL. I’m nominating that for a ‘pool room’ quote up the top.

Big Al 6:26 am 27 Sep 06

Lionel, my only source was the coroners findings provided in the link – but yes it’s my opinion and I made it myself. Personally, I think that it’s rude to accuse someone of reading the Canberra Times.

Lionel_Hutz 1:20 am 27 Sep 06

Big Al,

Obviously you didn’t think to read the hyperlinks provided TAD.

Greater minds than yours investigated that matter and your comments just display a complete and total ignorance to any fact other than your own opinion gleaned from, the Canberra Times and internet media, hardly reliable sources.

Big Al 10:18 pm 26 Sep 06

Ahhhh the I’Anson case … cops too stupid to resolve a problem shoot the prick and call it a day – gotta love justice.

On isolating phones – what a load of bollocks. who the fuck are the cops to say that just because thev’ve got someone in a siege situation that person shouldn’t be crossing live to the six thirty news – its just another excuse for the shitbags to cover their incompetent arses from any real scrutiny.

Pandy 6:50 pm 26 Sep 06

You cannot argue with the likes of Rach. Proabaly does a few bad things herself.

TAD 5:08 pm 26 Sep 06

….and the isolating DJs phone thing. That’s to prevent another Mike Willisee Cangai Seige 93 situation where dickheads interfere in the negotiation putting lives at risk.

TAD 5:06 pm 26 Sep 06

Believe it or not the police negotiators are not making it up as they go along. They work to national guidelines agreed upon by each state based on a metric shitload of world experience. The cops on the ground do not have any discretion to deviate from them at all (nor would they want to).

Cordon and containment is the order of the day where the only person close enough to the gun is the dickhead holding it.

To force an arrest would possibly end up in another I’Anson case (where in 95 ACT Police forced the situation and shot the subject of the seige dead).

To let another person in aka letting Dad in to talk to dickhead could turn a bad situation even worse. The police do not know the ins and outs of the family situation and so rely on blanket guidelines to prevent: a murder, murder suicide, hostage situation etc.

To say that Dad could have defninatley resolved the situation by going in doesn’t matter. He probably could have but it’s not worth the risk and the cops on the ground would not want to deviate from guidelines agreed to at the commissioner and minister level.

VYBerlinaV8 4:42 pm 26 Sep 06

Nicely summed up.

simto 4:22 pm 26 Sep 06

Wait a second, in one post you’re saying that nobody could tell a 23 year old man what to do, then a second later you’re saying that his stepdad would definately, definately be able to save him, despite the fact that he was completely incapable of saving him in the previous 23 years of his life.

There’s rather a contradiction there, isn’t it?

Look, I understand a friend of yours died under tragic circumstances. And that’s horrible.

But it’s nobody’s fault but his own. Now, that’s a hard thing to accept. And it’s much easier to say it’s all the police’s fault. But unless you’ve got firm, concrete evidence that there was anything askance in what the police did, then we’re going to continue to think it’s his fault, not the fault of the police.

Rach 4:01 pm 26 Sep 06

I know what you’re saying but I KNOW that Andy WOULD have saved Dj if the cops would have let him go down there. He wasn’t in the right frame of mind to think things through properly and they cut his phone off he needed someone close to him to talk to and give him reassurance that everything would be ok. He was really sick too.

johnboy 3:49 pm 26 Sep 06

I think DJ is the one who should have been doing things differently Rach, like not stealing from other people, not running from the police, not pointing a shotgun at police, not killing himself.

If the police are forced to change procedure, in a way detrimental to public safety. because your criminal mate was too addled and gutless to turn himself in then I wouldn’t blame anyone for pissing on his grave.

VYBerlinaV8 3:49 pm 26 Sep 06

men, that is, not mean.

VYBerlinaV8 3:48 pm 26 Sep 06

“Dj was 23 have you tried to tell a 23 year old man what to do…

You cant”

What a load of shit. It’s called obeying the law, and it’s something that the majority of 23 year old mean manage to do. Stop making excuses! He was a crim and he made a choice – he was too much of a chicken shit to face the consequences so he bailed.


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