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Dear Dep Secs, Gai Brodtmann is here to help!

By johnboy 2 August 2013 25

All our Departmental Secretaries (hey maybe even the FAS’s too) will be no doubt thrilled to hear that Member for Canberra Gai Brodtman is offering to help them figure out millions in savings:

Federal Member for Canberra, Gai Brodtmann MP, is calling on Canberra public servants to suggest non-staff measures to meet the increased efficiency dividend.

“While I am very disappointed with the increase to the efficiency dividend, and I’ve made my views plain to the Deputy Prime Minister, today I’m again asking Canberrans who have a non-staff cost saving idea to contact me on 6293 1344

“Many public servants have approached me with non-staff cost savings ideas, such as increased teleconferencing and reduced travel, and I’ve passed these suggestions on to the Treasurer and Minister for Finance.

“Despite the tight economic circumstances, Labor is committed to jobs and growth. That is the difference between us and the Liberal Party, who have already identified public sector job cuts of up to 20,000. Labor’s target has always been inefficiency, not public service jobs.”

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Dear Dep Secs, Gai Brodtmann is here to help!
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Roundhead89 10:30 am 05 Aug 13

Canberroid said :

Morgan said :

You’re assuming that the term “Efficiency Dividend” is sincere. It’s no different than a real estate agent calling a tiny house “cosy”.

I note the quaint art of bureaucratese hasn’t changed from my time in The Circus. Back then we had “Management initiated early retirement” – in other words the sack. Not to mention bureaucratic jargon being referred to as “Specialised managerial terminology”.

JessP 9:50 am 05 Aug 13

p1 said :

Antagonist said :

You could recover several thousands of hours of productivity by getting those fat, lazy public servants in Tuggeranong out of Brewbar at 10:45 am every morning, and back at their desks doing something … like their jobs!

Lets say it takes 4 minutes to walk from your desk to Brewbar, 4 mins to receive your coffee, and 4 minutes return journey. This equals one hour of lost productivity each week. And more than a full-time week for every year. Multiply that across a few hundred fatcats and you have a whole lot of lost productivity, which the taxpayer is expected to fund

Seriously, do you *need* a coffee so bad that you cannot use the kitchenettes provided in the office to make your own? Do you really *need* to cross four lanes of traffic to get your coffee during work time, instead of doing it during own lunch hour? It used to be the smoker. Now it is the coffee yuppy.

Yup. It worked for the construction, trades and defense industries. When those slackers stopped taking smoko breaks each morning productivity went up massively. Wait, what?


Laughed myself silly. May now need to go and get a coffee.

Thumper 8:43 am 05 Aug 13

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

Masquara said :

It’s amazing that the Today Tonight and A Current Affair haven’t filmed all the public servants all over Canberra taking a half-hour for espresso coffee during work hours. Rich pickings all over Canberra. What happened to picking up a take-away coffee on your way TO work?
Half the time it isn’t even take-away that they are getting! Antagonist, your timing figure is very conservative. I would say closer to half an hour a day on average, taking into account the non-take-aways and that there’s often quite a queue …

Watch those shows regularly, do we?

Such a busy body sticking your nose in everyone’s business. How about you worry about yourself.

Hang on. Let me fix that for you.

Must listen to Alan Jones

Hate media




Have I covered it?

bigfeet 7:07 am 05 Aug 13

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

Such a busy body sticking your nose in everyone’s business. How about you worry about yourself.

Isn’t that what RiotAct is all about? It would be a pretty boring site if no one stuck their nose in everyone else’s business.

Aeek 12:02 am 05 Aug 13

Getting rid of Senate Estimates would save a lot.

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