Death in the Cotter

johnboy 13 March 2011 6

A 42-year-old man has died as a result of a motorcycle collision early this evening (Saturday, 12 March).

About 8.45pm ACT Policing attended a Cotter camping ground off Paddys River Road in response to a report of a collision. A female passenger has been transported to The Canberra Hospital with suspected spinal injuries.

ACT Policing’s Collision, Investigation and Reconstruction Team (CIRT) are currently investigating the cause of the collision.

This is the third fatality on Canberra roads for 2011

[Courtesy ACT Policing]

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6 Responses to Death in the Cotter
p1 p1 3:16 pm 18 Mar 11

KB1971 said :

Report in the CT today indicates that he was riding a quad bike with no helmet & hit a tree, goose……

Hit a goose? Unlucky.

KB1971 KB1971 12:50 pm 18 Mar 11

Report in the CT today indicates that he was riding a quad bike with no helmet & hit a tree, goose……

bulldog600 bulldog600 12:14 pm 15 Mar 11


have to say but as a rider, how many times a kangaroo is involved in a accident without anybody ever knowing. if you dont hit it then there will be no evidence but if you try to avoid it and have a accident with no witnesses then who is to know. I suspect this is always a chance around the roads up around the cotter and corin dam road is the worst for roos. I had $7.95 shoo roos on my old cbr and it bloody worked on that road and avoided a accident with 2 roos only 5 meters apart and with 4 other bikes behind me in which they couldnt believe how lucky we all were.

oh and just to note… we were taking it easy as 2 of the others were learners

KB1971 KB1971 11:12 am 15 Mar 11

& Paddys River Road doesnt start until after the Cotter so it must have been south of the Cotter. My guess is Murrays Corner.

Im glad I am selling my CBR……

stormboy stormboy 10:19 am 15 Mar 11

Just for clarification. This unfortunate event took place at “a Cotter campground”, it was not at THE Cotter campground.

dvaey dvaey 10:52 am 13 Mar 11

I was out there yesterday afternoon and commented to my girlfriend how crazy some of the motorists were on that stretch of road. Travelling on the speed limit through the roadworks, there were often cars (or motorbikes) sitting right up behind us, waiting for a chance to pass.

However, having said that, this accident happened at the camping ground, which incidentally is closed. Im wondering if the guy simply went for a ride to the campground and failed to notice the gate was closed until he was on top of it. The entire campsite is apparently ‘temporarily closed’ however we saw maybe 20 cars and half a dozen bikes that were parked in front of the gate, enjoying the campsite.

Why bother having such a great public facility, then go and gate it off for months at a time, with no other facilities nearby? There is also very minimal signage about the closure, so it is quite probable the rider simply ran into the gate without knowing it was even there.

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