Deb Foskey has a blog!

Thumper 3 October 2007 33

It’s really boring and mundane and sprouts a bit of quintessential leftist propaganda, but is still worth a read.

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33 Responses to Deb Foskey has a blog!
Maiy Azize Maiy Azize 3:28 pm 07 Oct 07

No Sammy, I would rather not comment on Deb’s housing history, especially since it has nothing to do with my Student Housing platform at ANUSA elections

shauno shauno 8:43 pm 06 Oct 07

Yeah haha great show that Ripping Yarns I was watching it a couple of weeks ago on cable in a hotel

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 8:38 pm 06 Oct 07

I’m seeing parallels with foskey’s yawn-fest blog, and that Ripping Yarns episode many years ago…. with the bloke who was so boring that his family ran away from home 🙂

barking toad barking toad 4:12 pm 06 Oct 07

Ya lost me maisy when you combined the words work and foskey. Then you made it worse by mentioning uploading to her website

Sammy Sammy 10:57 pm 05 Oct 07

Oh, and commiseration on the loss.

Sammy Sammy 10:54 pm 05 Oct 07

Maiy, I notice that part of your platform for election to the ANU Student Association Vice President position is ‘student housing’.

Would you care to comment on Deb’s position on taking up a valuable public housing space, and how that possibly conflicts with your personal agenda?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:07 pm 05 Oct 07

Foskey being allowed to breath should be made illegal!

shauno shauno 4:12 pm 05 Oct 07

“would have thought transmitting Deb’s deep thoughts to the masses is an equally colossal waste of time.”

lol thats great id go so far as to say it should be made illegal.

Maelinar Maelinar 3:06 pm 05 Oct 07

Maiy, BTW your parents were hippies. Sorry if this is news to you. Your name is Karmic !

Maelinar Maelinar 3:05 pm 05 Oct 07

No more pathetic than some of the other stories they run around here Maiy.

Infact, this site picks out bits of itself and ridicules itself, it’s that kind of a site.

Being your first post here, perhaps you might want to talk to Roland about what happens to first time posters on RA and their screaming agenda’s.

Ari Ari 3:03 pm 05 Oct 07

I would have thought transmitting Deb’s deep thoughts to the masses is an equally colossal waste of time.

Maiy Azize Maiy Azize 2:59 pm 05 Oct 07

This thread is pretty pathetic.
In the interests of being upfront, I work in Dr Foskey’s office, and have uploaded some of her blogs to the website.
Why would you bother to read Deb Foskey’s blog, pick out bits you don’t like and ridicule her?
Seems a colossal waste of time

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:23 am 04 Oct 07

Yes, but Pepsi are hardly Union Carbide (or whoever they are today!).

Thumper Thumper 8:38 am 04 Oct 07

Pepsi are bad evil colonial multi nationals who are raping mother earth and do other really bad stuff….

Maelinar Maelinar 8:28 am 04 Oct 07

What’s with the pepsi references ?

I like it, but I don’t understand it…

Thumper Thumper 8:02 am 04 Oct 07

I knew RA commenters would have a field day with that….

It’s pure gold isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so dripping with pure unerdulterated sanctiomoniousness.

People who voted for her maybe should read about who they voted for…

Dare I say it, in my opinion she makes Stanhope appear sane.

utah utah 1:20 am 04 Oct 07

For the Greens it was a big day, with our battery hen legislation to be debated.

Wow. That is a big day.

green_frogs_go_pop green_frogs_go_pop 8:46 pm 03 Oct 07

someone please give that woman some pepsi.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 6:53 pm 03 Oct 07

Samuel Gordon-Stewart appears rational in comparison…

Pandy Pandy 6:33 pm 03 Oct 07

bonfire u r an idiot.

Haas it not occurred to you u need her support to build your beloved light rail?
Talk about biting the hand……..

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